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Thousands of people visit Stormfront Website every day from all over the world and the majority do not get involved with Neo-Nazi or the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  I was doing some journalist work and happened across a discussion thread on "Stormfront Website" discussing Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan.  The Stormfront Ladies section were having a detailed debate on how to attract more people to the White Nationalist Movement and they do not want to promote the Nazi imagine.  I particularly liked the following photographs which were added to the discussion, making a powerful statement about moving forward with a positive image for the white nationalists.

The Stormfront argument was, we look better like this:

Current german armyHistorical Image of German Army

Instead of this:

KKK Members in Uniform Swastika National Socialist Protest white national rednecks

The National Socialists have not been successful since the end of the Second World War in the United States, Australia, or Europe.  The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), while it managed to attract large numbers of members at its peak in 1924  (3-6 million), it has never been successful in building any type of large community-based organization with effective power in media and banking.  They did not build an Anti-Defamation Council to fight for European Caucasian rights. Today the Ku Klux Klan has about  5000–8000 members and the  Globalist anti-white racist media frequently promotes them as right-wing extremists.  Many people say that there is really no future for the KKK or for people who wear Nazi uniforms and perform the Sieg Heil salute (common chant at political rallies in Nazi German meaning 'hail victory'), as the majority of the public do not wish to associate with such individuals. 

It appears that the KKK are trying to rebrand itself in the public eye and this has had some success resulting in a surge in membership over the last 12 months.  The current Imperial Wizard – Frank Ancona states that "The true Ku Klux Klan is an organization that is looking out for the interests of the white race. It is a fraternal organization, and we do good works."  The KKK have now opened their membership to black, Jewish and gay people.  When an organization becomes multicultural; it stops representing Europeans.

The Majority  of European organizations and websites can not work with or promote neo-Nazi swastikas, Nazi organizations or their websites because they realized that they promote them, it would be seen as evidence that they are a Neo-Nazi group, when they are actually opposed and they realize such images stops or slows their organization or website from moving forward.  This image has hampered Europeans from developing effective organizations to defend themselves again racism. and supremacism. Every time you wear a Swastika or perform a Siege Heil salute, the anti-Semitic Zionist media jump for joy because they know the ku klux klan and  Nazis are sabotaging their own people from building peoples movement that will beable to remove the Globalist from power..

If Neo-Nazi or Ku Klux Klan members were invited to go to a European Congress that represented Europeans and turned up in Nazi uniform or KKK dress, many people who had been invited would most likely want them removed and the media would dismiss European Congress efforts entirely with headlines about "Neo-Nazi Members" or "White Supremacists." All European Caucasian groups and websites must unite in order to work together to build organizations like the Jews have built. The  Globalist will not take us seriously until we build community-based organizations.

While the Ku Klux Kian and Nazis members of these groups are most likely sincere people who want to do the right thing for their race and themselves, this continual negative publicity and image does nothing but hinder the entire movement and Europeans from moving forward.

You do not see the majority of the Jewish community walking around in uniforms as they have learned to be smart and not get involved in such activities.  Instead, they wear a nice suit or address like the average people and work together in unity with other groups without inciting strife.  They work from within and have become very successful as individuals having long term power to make change for the betterment of their own members.

The European Caucasian community is in rapid decline and soon we will not have any countries to live in as our own, we need to be smarter.  The swastika should never be used with political motivation, and it is most unfortunate that a symbol of life and eternity which was considered sacred for thousands of years has become a symbol of hatred.


The former Communist Russian leader Lenin said:

"The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves."
 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (false Jew)

Some whites groups including Neo Nazi, Conservatives groups, policial parties are financed and controlled  by  people who call themselves  (Zionist promoting Communism) who are financed by Globalist, who ensure that Europeans do not develope a community base organizations, no Anfi- Defamation Council, no training and to restrict information. The Globalists then keep control over the European Caucasians  and stop them from removing their masters. 


Zionist tried to bribe BNP in Britain and set up EDL, fake sites

Jews tried to bribe BNP to ignore Jew paper money, & attack Islam. Jews set up EDL, fake sites 

The BNP video (Jan 2013) in which Nick Griffin says the BNP was offered, and refused, a lot of money by US 'Neocons' (presumably Jews) on condition they [1] Criticized Islam only, [2] Did not criticize bank policies


Zionist infiltration & subversion of nationalist groups - epidemic


The Globalist mainstream media and School educaters are reducing the correct information and place it with fake information and many people have been mislead in the wrong direct and this shows in the following videos.

You cannot trust anyone! Always do your own research folks and come to your own conclusions! Anyone on the TV is LYING 24/7! That's what everyone should know always.


Tommy Robinson

Many think Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones (Infowars), Jared Taylor,  Milo (Jewish), Geert Wilders and many others are real heroes!  We need more people like them to fight the globalist and Muslim invasion into our Christian countries, because if we did not have them, we would not have a voice that is willing to fight for our rights.  We need them to push back against the deep state totalitarian regimes in UK, Europe EEC, United States and Australia, because if we don't, we will all lose our freedom, they speak up for We the People, when it's necessary!

Facebook, Apple, and YouTube with a coordinated attack to take down #Infowars.

If you don’t like Alex Jones, beat him with arguments and evidence, not censorship. If he’s as crazy as you say, it should be easy, right?


Meet Tommy Robinson Proud Zionist

Many people says the English Defence League was a bullshit counterfeit nationalist movement designed to incite civil strife in English cities and turn Britain into a Northern Europe version of Syria. Even the name seeks to divide us - the ENGLISH Defence League.

Tommy Robinson, A man of many names, An Actor & Shill


Alex Jones Infowars

Alex Jones has a large White European followers alover the WorldI'm not always happy with Alex because sometimes say not nice things about White Europeans  attacts White Alex jones Infowars news site

 Facebook, Apple, and YouTube with a coordinated attack to take down Alex Jones Infowars .

If you don’t like Alex Jones, beat him with arguments and evidence, not censorship. If he’s as crazy as you say, it should be easy, right?


The majority of the senior members of Britain First who openly support Zionism and the continuous support of its ethnic cleansing campaign in Israel.

Britain First is Shill'n for Israel - A Zionist Front


Jared Taylor EXPOSED

Nothing but a bunch of Zionist charlatans dragging Nationalists and Truthers into Neoconservatism.


Milo & Black Pigeon Speaks EXPOSED

The Conservative thinking  provents We The People from moving forward.

Conservative Commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change or innovation.

The holding political views that favour free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative idea.

Conservatives promote that they are working against big government, world banks, globalism and communism.

They are against collectism so they cannot build national or international unite organizations to fight globalism.

 They call invaders illegal immigrants and Nationals call illegal immigrants invaders.

The Conservative movement was conceived of, is led by, and consists mostly of neo-conservative rightwing Jews. Some neo-conservatives European Jews are Christian. Some Jews in conservative organization place Jews into top position to keep the organization under Jewish control.

Conservatives are opposition to change or innovation and will not promote and will not build European Community Based Organizations, no European Anti-Defamation Organizations to fight for white rights, no Gentile Women's Organizations, no National or World National Organizations and Congresses to help unite Europeans. Conservatives organizations in the United States are mainly whites and they rarely to never fight for white rights.

They promote nationalist polices for the country and have conservative views on immigration and promote that any race can come into the country if they are legal. Overtime the legal's become the majority population and replace the European race and culture with African and Asian customs, faiths, cultures and the European history is rewritten.

Whites have lost their countries and rights because of Conservatism and National Socialism.

Europeans must learn from Jews on how to build community based organization and all over the world.

  Jews are nation with in a Nation sharing common national and/or ethnic identity.

Frankfurt School

European Organizations for gentiles and another for Jews

   Conservatism will not win against Globalism, only Nationalism will win against Globalism and new ideas to over come the enemy. People who call themselves conservatives must move to We the People Nationalism and build organizations to represent for Gentile Europeans and  represent true Jews and  both organizations work together.


The French National Front Party changed its name to National Rally

 At the party congress on 11 March 2018, Marine Le Pen proposed renaming the party to Rassemblement national (National Rally), pending approval by a vote of party members. On 1 June 2018, she announced the renaming of the party after its approval by 80.81% of the party's adherents.

Yup, exactly what the title says i.e Marine Le Pen is just another zionist state supporting, fake nationalist ?.

 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: Marine Le Pen EXPOSED [English] | Zionism ...

The following video reals that Le Pen leader of French National Front Party has allowed Jews into top positions in the movement. Gilles-William Goldnadel (Jewish) said "I have always treated her not as an enemy but an adversary.

He is a member of the Jewish European Congress that promotes non white invasion into White countries and hate against White Europeans.

He said, "I have never treated the National Front as Nazis". I only treat neo-Nazis as Nazis". 

My comment, Many Jews calls all white Europeans Nazis.

He said "I advised her to kill the father symbolically"

He said "She started doing that since a few months later in Le Points newspaper."

Marine Le Pen said "So I'm going to take myself as as example. I am Jewish by faith."

Le Pen's National Front and the Anti-Zionist Party | commentary

France's National Front Is Dead, but Its Politics Are Alive and Well ...

To contact National Rally Party go to website


 George Soros and Zionist billionaires fund anti-Muslim and so-called Muslim defense activism a la Linda Sarsour in the US, the UK, France...

DownloadDuck | Geert Wilders EXPOSED | Islam, Zionism and Israel


Zionists Playing Islamophobia and Anti-Islamophobia Groups | Linda Sarsour | George Soros EXPOSED 


 Richard Spencer Jewish ?

'Hail Trump!': Richard Spencer Speech Excerpts

Richard Spencer's Strange Connections

When everyone realises both sides left and right on all levels are controlled. Everyone in power on all levels are there because they are owned on all levels

Jewish European Supports Richard Spencer

Jewish American Gentleman Supports Richard Spencer's Right to Speak @ MSU - Henry Herskovitz


Koch Brother compares Donald Trump to a Nazi - Stormfront


Stormfront, Jewish origins of the alt-right

The Jewish Origins of the Alternative-Right


 The following quote taken from Stormfront Website.

"A Jewish-Canadian author is in a battle of words with the Canadian Jewish Congress after alleging the organization props up neo-nazi groups to get "hate crime' legislation passed and expand the role of the countrie's Human Rights Commission".


Israel's Mossad Motto:

"By way of deception thou shall make war."

 The Globalist Zionist, Communist has cleared war on pro white Jews, European Whites, Blacks, Asians, Muslims, Christians, north native American  Indians and all other racial groups. The Globalist attack whites as racist from the mainstream controlled western media and Zionist, Socialist, Liberals,  Communist in policial parties makes laws against Europeans (whites, true Jews) and change true history to false history and promote racism, genocide  against Europeans  on TV and in schools, and they promote Muslim invasion to replace European Caucasians from their countries and to destroy Christianity. 

  What is White Genocide and who is behind it? #AltRight

The sad fact is,  one organization; the National Association for the  Advancement of Colored People  NAACP  was set up by Globalist to control blacks in the United States and keep control of them through financing them. The  NAACP   does not reveal to its members that Globalists control America and also have an influence in the NAACP.  The NAACP organization fights against another black organization: the Nation of Islam (NOI), who are revealing that the Globalists are controlling America. 

If you look around today you will see that Europeans have virtually no organizations to represent themselves and that is because of people like the KKK and the National Socialists have not removed german uniforms and still like Hitler. They are living in the past and must realize that  Hilter's war killed about 59  million European Caucasians.  They decided to promote  Hilter and National Socialism foremost instead of Europeans and as a result do not develop  Community-based organizations to represent their own people.  We are now paying the price for this, and you have to ask yourself – with a minority European population in all countries who is going to support or vote for the Klux Klux klan in the future?   Will the black Americans or Muslims support for them in the future?  Most likely not.

It is time to dismantle these images and set a new standard by wearing respectable suits instead of stereotypical outdated KKK and Nazi costumes.

 Learn from Jews who know how to build  Community Based Organizations all over the world. 

Jewish Power Structure:  Short list of Jewish run Organizations

(Many would argue that these are all run by False Jew Zionist Globalist)

 .The list below  of some Jewish organizations:

  •  Major Banks Worldwide
  •  Mainstream Media
  •  The Internet
  •  Jewish Community


  •  Committee of 300
  •  World Jewish Congress
  •  International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians    
  •  International Council of Jewish women
  •  Women's International Zionist Organization
  •  B'nai B'rith International
  •  Jewish Anti-Defamation League
  •  World Socialists Organizations
  •  Jewish National Fund

United States

  •  The Jewish Federation of North America
  •  North America Jewish Congress
  •  American Jewish Public Affairs Organization        
  •  Council on Foreign Relations                    
  •  Jewish Policy Center Organization
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • The (ACLU) American Civil liberties Union is mainly run by Jews

United Kingdom

  •  The Fabian Society
  •  Board of Deputies of British Jews
  •  Jewish Socialists' Group
  •  CST – Protecting Our Jewish Community
  •  The Association of Jewish Women’s Organizations in the United Kingdom
  •  Anglo-Jewish Association


  •  Executive Council of Australian Jews
  •  Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council
  •  Australian Jewish Community
  •  Australian Jewish Funders

Similar organizations should have been built for the European community during the last 60 years, but unfortunately, they were not.  

It is late, but we simply must get started.


Europeans need to build Community Based Organizations


Community Based Organization (CBO) Engagements Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture


The Following Video about Generation Identity organization fighting for European rights.

 Generation Identity: Europe's Youth Reconquista


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you have a website or organization and working to uniting  Europeans, you can promote our website and if you contact us we will promote your website and organization.

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