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Israel: A History, Conscription & Infiltration

We support the country of  Israel and have been wanting to write this article about Israel and the way this country is governed. The reality is, Israel is established and is not going to disappear or submit to pressure to relinquish land to Palestinians at any point in the near future.   While we support the people of Israel, we do not agree with every facet of the Israeli government.  There are many concepts that work very well in Israel and we think Western countries should consider adopting, and we will write more about Israel sometime soon.

The Establishment of a Nation and the Balfour Declaration

Use hate against Jews to create Israel

Zionism and World Wars


On 14 May 1948, the day before the expiration of the British Mandate, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency declared "the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel to be known as the State of Israel."  For further comprehensive reading online go Here

The State of Israel has its origins in an agreement made much earlier in 1917.  In 1917 the British Government was desperate for assistance and needed the help of America in order to turn the tides of World War1 against Germany.  To get this help they made an agreement with Lord Rothschild and the Zionist Federation which is known as the Balfour Declaration.  

Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration is a letter dated 2 November 1917 and was written by the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary, Arthur James Balfour, to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community.  This letter was for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.  The declaration states, the British Government will allow people of Jewish faith to establish a national home in Palestine and will support everything in their power to help them achieve it.  The exact wording of the letter can be read below:

November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

"I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty's Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet. 'His Majesty's Government' view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.  I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation."

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

Balfour Declaration

After the 2nd World War ended, Britain had concluded it could no longer manage Palestine due to escalations in tensions between Arabs and the mass increase of Jews being smuggled into the region.  They handed over the issue to the United Nations, and after considering a debate, the UN decreed that Palestine should be divided into two states - one Jewish and one Arab.  This resolution was rejected by the Arabs though the Jews accepted the decision.

British ownership over Palestine was officially terminated on May 14, 1948, and on that same day Zionist advocate, David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the creation of the State of Israel and accepted the position of Prime Minister.  A day later, both the United States and the Soviet Union acknowledged the State of Israel as an official nation.

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

This is a long and very complex issue to write about.  Instead of trying to summarize what is a very tense issue for many, we have handpicked some great videos and images that will hopefully give you an overall understanding of the conflict and history.

Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history

Israel and Palestine Explained

Different Sides to the Same Story - You Decide

An honest Israeli Jew tells the Real Truth about Israel

 Jews are not descendants of Abraham. The majority of European Jews is descendants from Ice Age Europeans in Europe who over thousands of years become Celtic, Germanic, Latin, Slave, Khazar Tribes, and over period of time some Europeans converted from gentiles to the Jewish faith. Israel is the Jewish religious homeland and Europe is the racial homeland and both European Jews and White European are the same race.

New DNA Science Research Confirms... Jews Are Not Descendants of Abraham.

Israel: The World's Most Moral Army 

Timeline of Military Action During the Conflict

 Land Ownership Over Time

 International Treaties Regarding the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

Internation Proposals to Partition Palestine

Present Day Israel

Israel is a constitutional Republic- not quite on par with the USA, but way more good than bad- a mixture of American and British systems and there are Muslim members in the Israeli Parliament. 

Army Conscription

Israeli Female Military

Since its early days as a fledgling State, the Israel Defence Force was given authority to enlist any citizen from 18 years of age.  Under their law, both men and women had to serve for a minimum period.  Men - 3 years and 2 years for women.  There are a number of reasons Israeli citizens can be exempt from service which include medical problems, religious study and criminal records to name a few.  Today, many citizens choose to stay after their initial conscription and the military becomes their career and livelihood.  

Upon evaluation, each person is given a medical profile which determines where they will serve.  The highest grade profiles are placed in one of five infantry brigades, field, and combat intelligence units or can serve as combat engineers.  Other roles include artillery, military and border police, Aman, logistics corps, adjutant Corps and more.

Women in the Army

Israel is one of the few countries that has mandatory conscription for women into their armed forces.  While it is still mandatory, there are more reasons for an exemption available to women including religious conscience, pregnancy, marriage and motherhood.

Currently, 65% of women serve in the army, 25% choose to opt out on religious groups and the remaining 10% are exempted due to marriage and family or physical/emotional reasons.

Ex-Mossad Agent

Ex-Mossad Agent Victor Ostrovsky Interview

Prevention of Infiltration Law

Pro Israel ProtestThis controversial law was originally enacted in 1954 with the express purpose to prevent the entry of Palestinian refugees and sympathizers into Israel due to fear of terrorism.

In 2013 the law was amended due to huge increases in the number of illegal immigrants ( infiltrators ) coming in from Africa.  These amendments included limitations on the amount of time an infiltrator could be detained as well as increasing the number of anti-infiltration enforcement officers.  Israel also has an ingenious scheme where they will compensate detainees if they agree to go home.

The new amendments enable the Israeli government to give jail time to migrants on temporary visas for any criminal activity regardless of its severity as a way of ensuring a zero tolerance attitude of African attitudes towards women and rape.

All detainees are put through an identification process and medical examination.  Those who file for asylum are given temporary visas allowing them to remain in detention or in the Israel community for up to 3 years.  Anyone who aids migrants via smuggling, providing shelter or giving them with weapons are also up for lengthy harsh sentences.  People from Sudan and Eritrea are under no circumstances allowed to file for asylum.  People from these nations are given options of cash and a ticket home, or to be taken to a detention center.

In 2015, 45,000 Eritrean and Sudanese refugee were sent letters informing them they had 30 days to accept one of 3 options:
•   Israel’s offer of $3,500 in cash and a one-way ticket home
•   A one-way ticket to an unnamed third country in Africa
•   Incarceration at Saharonim detention center

Only 190 asylum seekers have been granted refugee status in Israel since it signed the 1951 Convention in 1954.

Israel grapples with wave of African immigrants

Israelis Want Africans Out

Israeli Zionist Racist in Israel, Concentration Camps in Israel for African Migrants Documentary


Israel Egypt BarrierIsraeli-Egypt Barrier

The Israeli government does not force these illegal immigrants to return home, but they refuse to give them citizen rights to health benefits, voting, or education.  They are allowed to work, as the government believes this is a sensible way of ensuring that crime rates do not spike.  

Since building a barrier between the Egypt and Israel border, the number of people seeking to enter Israel illegally has significantly decreased.  The numbers are very telling with statistics citing that 9,570 citizens of various African countries entered Israel illegally in the first half of 2012, however, only 34 illegal immigrants entered in the first half of 2013 after construction of the main section of the barrier was completed

It should also be noted that a number of countries, including India and the United States, has sent officials over to Israel to review and learn about their successful barrier technology.

Israel Enacts Law Allowing Authorities to Detain Illegal Migrants for Up to 3 Years

Israel's Anti-infiltration Law Is a Disgrace

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Israel Deporting Dreamers to Africa

Some Jews promote third world invaders into Europe

Israel Directly Helping Muslims And Africans Invade Europe

Ellie SearIt was reported at the beginning of April on RT news that the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu had sent letters to half of the black population saying either go to Africa or go to jail. After a quick re-think he decided he could create more mayhem by dumping them on to white countries. He then decided that they should be sent to Canada, Italy and Germany and got the United Nations to support his "RACIST" decision. Why can't Europeans make the decision to make all unemployed blacks return to Africa? This is common sense considering the rising number of street killings and our unacceptable drug problem.

Screenshot 7law of return

Jews Have Right to Self-Determination

Only Jews Have Right to Self-Determination’—Jewish State Bill Passes First Reading in Israeli Knesset


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