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The Nationalist New Right Comprehensive Report

Trump Political Correctnes ComicThere is an increasing number of people who realize that the Globalist Elite, ( New World Order ), especially false Jewish anti-Semitic Zionist, Socialist, Communist organizations have declared war on "We the People".  They have no regards for any ethnic group including real Jews.  In the past, they campaigned to integrate the American Indians into the white community.  This is also true of Australian Aborigines, through restriction of their culture, language, and employment.  The ultimate aim was to destroy these people. 

After World War II, the Global Elite decided they would do the same to Europeans and true Jews, (whites), who would not "toe the anti-Semitic Zionist Line".  The Globalists feel they can control the world if they break down all of the different racial groups and promote Eugenics, (cross-breeding) if they maintain control of the media and the banking system.  However, they are making a grave mistake.  Once they have replaced European populations from a Christian society to a Muslim, or other society, these people will turn on them in the future.  Once the Globalists lose control of the media and banking, and their opposition has built community-based, legal organizations, Globalist power will end. 

Many of them may find themselves guilty of treason against their own people and find themselves in jail and will be put to death.  The reason the Globalists are getting away with destroying nations and homogenous populations, especially in western countries, is because the European populations have not built community-based organizations or an anti-defamation Council to take the Globalists to court for committing treason and genocide.  If these organizations had been built during the early 1950s worldwide, we may not be in the situation we now find ourselves in. 

The laws need to be stronger as a deterrent against people jumping on the "Multicultural bandwagon", and promoting open borders etc.  If the Rockefeller's, Rothschild's and other elite families had lived in China, for instance, they would have been executed long ago.  They are allowed to operate in western countries because the laws are weak.  In America, even though the Constitution allows free speech, it works like a two-edged sword and allows the elite power to destroy the country.  We need to find a balance. 

In years gone by, the community was built through Christian churches.  Unfortunately, Christian leaders failed to educate themselves and their followers about Globalist Organizations.  This lack of foresight, considering how these Globalists have gone on to rewrite the original teaching of the bible, has played a large part in destroying Christian Nations.

Christianity contributed to "dumbing down the population", and was not able to compete with the "Globalists".  It has, therefore, gone into considerable decline and the traditional community base has been considerably diminished.  False Christianity has also deserted Europeans to a large extent and focussed their efforts on third-world people bringing them into western countries.  So it could be said, that the false Christian's has committed treason against its own people.     

The Nationalist Alternative Right, now more commonly known as the 'New Right', has been building rapidly in recent times all over the western world, particularly in America.  Following is a comprehensive report was written by Russian Insider, which demonstrates the Nationalist New Right is becoming a challenge for the left-wing Global Establishment. 

The Alt-Right: A Comprehensive Overview

Aims of the Establishment

The Global Socialist Left-Wing Establishment's aims are as follows:

  1.   A Communistic world government.
  2.   No free speech for the masses.
  3.   Open borders.
  4.   All homogenous indigenous societies are to be broken down through open borders and inter-racial marriages.
  5.   All histories are to be re-written into false and misleading history.
  6.   All cultures are to be diluted or completely destroyed.
  7.   Changing the religions to one religion.
  8.   Dumbing down the masses.
  9.   "Drip-feeding" information to the uninformed public so that people cannot make informed decisions.
  10.   Abolition of the middle class.

Many people today consider themselves left or right wing, but use the Nationalist New Right wing ideas as a guide.  Many people today think in terms of, "We the People", and may swing between any position, for example, from left to right, to achieve the goals of representing ourselves against the Global Establishment which has ruled us for hundreds of years.  

Aims of the Nationalist New Right

The Nationalist New Right are opposite to Globalism New World Order.  Some of their aims and causes are listed below:

  1.   Indigenous rights are given to all people worldwide, including Europeans.
  2.   They are against homogenous populations being destroyed by multiculturalism and multi-racism.
  3.   They promote the family.
  4.   They do not promote same-sex marriages but do not condone it.
  5.   They promote increasing the birth rate and there are some who are against abortion.
  6.   They believe in European countries that the main religion should be Christianity.
  7.   They believe in having a good Constitution and a Bill of Rights.  But more people are realizing that some countries do not have this and are campaigning for it.
  8.   Many Americans believe in the Second Amendment, i.e. The Right to Bear Arms and many people in other western countries believe they should have the same rights.
  9.   They believe in Referenda Initiatives and Direct Democracy where the people have the say in running their country, based on the Swiss Canon Direct Democracy system.
  10.   They believe parents should be allowed to be involved in the education of their children.
  11.   They are pro-middle class.
  12.   There is a growing movement for people to have some say in the banking system which runs their country.  For example, the Federal Reserve Bank in the US should be run by Congress, but a small number of people say that we should not trust Governments to run banks, therefore, some people believe that banking systems should be partly run by the government and by "We the  People."
  13.   The New Right have been heavily smeared by the Left-Wing, Socialist, Globalist media and an increasing number of people believe that the media should operate under a combined Government-Canon Direct Democracy system.  This is because the media is more powerful than an army, and people should have some say in how it is run.
  14.   The New Right groups have no interest in wars and want to live in peace.  They are not interested in World Government and simply want individual nations living side by side in peace.
  15.   The New Right are very pro-Russian, especially pro-Putin.  They see Russia as the last hope for a pure European region in the world.
  16.   The New Right are not interested in the idea of dominating any racial groups.  They want people to have self-determination rights and run their own countries. 

European Movement

The European Nationalist  "New Right" is an anti-liberal intellectual and cultural movement seeking to revitalize the European Culture. The biggest difference between the European and American movements are the openness and size in America have a constitution and a bill of rights to give some protection against having free speech removed.

European New Right

Other Movements

Many people who are fighting the Globalist Establishment today are actually true Jews, and a good example of this is Michael Savage, a well-known American broadcaster, (Savage Nation), who was recently was taken off-air at New York, (tri-state area), radio station, WABC-Radio TV immediately after discussing Hillary Clinton's "mysterious health condition."  Shortly thereafter, Michael Savage and all Savage affiliates nationwide were cut off the broadcast, and they replaced the live transmission with a recording of a previous show.  Many would describe this extreme action as 'anti-Semitic' against Michael Savage.  We see this as proof of the Globalist Establishment at work, and a clear demonstration of false Jews taking action against true Jews.

Breitbart Boasts its Jewish Credentials

An Establishment Conservative’s Guide To The Alt-Right

The group ANTIFA, is a group of Elites.  The abbreviation stands for "anti-fascist".  They are mainly controlled by leftwing Bankers, Socialists, Communists, and Zionists.  Their membership has a large number of Zionist false Jews and is a far-left Socialist, Communist paramilitary organization that operates with the "unspoken blessing" of the 'so called governments' in Europe and other western countries.  Western governments rarely, or never educate their people on Socialism, Communism, and Globalism, (New World Order). 

The New Right organizes demonstrations and the Socialist Left, under the guise of ANTIFA, and will attack them, disrupting their peaceful protest rallies.  The media will then describe the New Right, who did not start the violence, as the cause of the violence when in fact it was the Left-Wing who instigate the violence.  The New Right are described as "Fascist, Nazi, Extremists" by the left-wing groups.  You will see this technique in the media regularly.  This technique is sometimes described as 'dialectical reversal'. 

A German-French Jewish Philosopher, Moses Hess, (1812 - 1875), is the creator of National Socialism/Labor Zionism for the Jewish Community.  Jewish organizations are National-Socialist in structure.  Nationalist meaning the Establishment, which runs the Jewish organizations come first, and Socialism means centrally-controlled, and very little free speech to Jewish people.  These left-wing, Neo-Nazi Socialist organizations are mainly run by the Jewish community, who many would describe as false Jews.  They do not truly represent the Jewish community.  They say they campaign for workers' rights, when actually, they are financed by the super-rich, super-elite like Leftwing Zionist,  George Soros, who finances these groups.  These groups attack whites and blacks and call them racist,  Neo-Nazis when actually it's the Globalists who are the real "Nazis and real racists".  They use groups like ANTIFA as Neo-Nazi Stormtroopers, similar to what Adolf Hitler used to stop Communist attacks on Germans in Germany. 

The Power of the Internet

The Nationalist New Right has seen huge gains through the use of the Internet.  Twenty years ago, there was little information about this online.  Nowadays, it is akin to a river, pouring information into a huge ocean.  According to the Russian Insider, there are six major websites which promote the ideology of the New Right and many smaller ones.  Besides websites, the movement uses podcasts, blogs, discussion forums, message and image boards to collect and disseminate information. 

Building a Movement

One of the problems that the Nationalist New Right have, (and other organizations), is people do not join in large numbers.  If most people who went to websites joined organizations, the situation could be turned around very quickly, but unfortunately, this is not the case.  Apathy reigns and they are happy to surf websites and maybe participate in rallies or other activities, but they will not join.   

We hear the saying "Nothing is free", but many Nationalist New Right spend their own money in the fight against the Globalists, and do so because they realize the dire situation we are in.  For instance, it is estimated that Donald Trump spent 50 million of his own money on the United States Primaries.

The Nationalist New Right has a lack of forward-planning.  A couple of examples: 

  •  The 2018 Presidential elections scheduled in Russia and this is why it is important to operate internationally so that groups can be set up in Russia, to start campaigning for politicians who represent us. 
  •  In South Africa, little to no planning was undertaken to provide the Boers with assistance. 

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