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Ronald Lauder President of the World Jewish Congress

European White Nationalist need to build National Congress in each country & European World Congress to Unite all organizations & Europeans                                                               

Many people do not realize that the most powerful organizations in the world are Jewish.  They developed solid community-based structures for their foundations, and from there, developed all their other affiliate groups. 

The photo on left, shows current World Jewish Congress President, Ronald S. Lauder, attending the Solidarity Mission in Brussels in 2014.  He is largely touted as a billionaire philanthropist by mainstream media and web sources, however, if you look closely you will see there are a number of groups who oppose his decision making.

American Muslims for Jerusalem created a boycott of Estee Lauder products in 2001, and there are many other boycotts on Israeli products as a stand against Israel's ongoing expansion and agenda in the Middle East.  In 2015, Iceland voted successfully to boycott Israeli goods, however, under intense pressure from Israel, Iceland retracted this decision just a week later.

As well as presiding as President of the World Jewish Congress, Lauder is also President of the Jewish National Fund, which openly promotes Israeli occupation on Palestinian land.  This is currently illegal under international law.

Below is a map of all the different affiliates and branches that the World Jewish Congress had established back in 1953 before there were internet and ease of global communication.  They had managed to do something we have still not achieved:  They built an international community organization to promote and ensure the Jewish Diaspora were catered for around the globe.

1953 WJC Affiliate Map

The Jewish community built a nation from literally nothing, which operates as independent nations within all host countries.  It teaches Jews patriotism and loyalty to the Jewish community and Israel, first and foremost.  There are Jews of course, who are very loyal to western countries and some work with the Jewish community even though they have a great love for America, Australia, and Europe.

We have outlined a few of the biggest Jewish organizations to give you an idea of how good community groups breed success for a nation or group of individuals.

WJC LogoWorld Jewish Congress

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland of August 1936, and promotes the idea that it represents the international federation of Jewish organizations and communities.  Membership is open to Jews only, irrespective of the social, political or economic ideology of the community's host country. 

A growing number of people argue that this organization has too much power over western countries, especially considering the small percentage of the world population, Jews actually represent.  In the United Nations Economic and Social Council it has special consultative status and they also have a Research Institute based in Jerusalem, Israel, which does research on a variety of issues concerning Jews.   

Jews World Regional Congresses

WJC presents five regional congresses and are also in charge of the Israel Council of Foreign Relations and the European Jewish Parliament.  From May 2013, French Banker Baron David Rene de Rothschild was elected as chairman of the WJC Governing Board.

European Jewish Congress
Euro-Asian Jewish Congress
Latin American Jewish Congress
American Jewish Congress
Israeli Jewish Branch

During the 1960s the World Jewish Congress was involved in the United States civil rights movement were behind opening American borders to non-European immigration.  In more recent times they have been pushing the flood of immigrants into Europe which led to the 2015 Immigration Crisis. These immigrants are attacking the Jewish community and forcing Jews out of many European countries.  When the European indigenous population campaign against this invasion, they are publicly labeled by Jewish organizations as "racist, bigots, extremists, anti-Semitic and islamophobic", just for trying to defend their lands and culture.  This same group then ensures that Israel has closed borders to third world immigration and carry out everything in their power to keep Israel pure for Jews while ensuring the media gives it very little attention in order to keep most of the world in the dark about their hypocritical policies.

Many would say that Jewish organizations are too white.  You will not find many Africans or Asians in these organizations.  Many Jews have European features; blue eyes and blonde hair traits which are scientifically proven to have originated out of Europe and most definitely did not develop in the Middle East.  We have written about this before and the sad fact is these European Jews are committing genocide against their own people and the land of their ancestors - Europe.  This occurs because of a one sided point of view which has been promoted by Jewish organizations who have restricted any discussion on the subject even amongst the Jewish community, and the result of this is we now have genocide and destruction.  This 'polarization' has led to patriotic blind loyalty to the point where mainly European Jews are destroying their own people and the ancestral homelands in Europe.  They have been misled to believe that Israel is a religious homeland, but for most Jews, Europe is actually their racial homeland where they have lived for thousands of years. 

The question Jews must start asking themselves is what happens to their people when the rest of the world is under Islamic control?  Do you honestly think they will not remove Jews from power?  When the majority of the world population is Islamic and Western civilization is weak due to its continued destruction through low birth rates and open immigration, what happens then?  Muslims already have a terrible opinion of Jews and it is no secret that many Muslim groups intend to wipe Jews off the planet. 

Jewish organizations are really determined to end anti-Semitism, as they repeatedly say they will stop the third world immigration into European countries and introduce affirmative action arranging deportation of migrants from European lands.  Once this has been done they will assist us with the set up of similar immigration laws to Israel.  This will end the mutually assured destruction projected in both our cultures and instead strengthen the friendship between Europeans and Jews who are one and the same. 

ICJP logo


International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) was founded in 2002 to involve Jewish parliamentarians and lawmakers all over the world in representing the Jewish voice.  Their members come from all over the globe including the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Tunisia and Canada though many Jews say it is not representative of their needs and is actually just in place to promote third world, especially Muslim immigration into European countries.

The Parliamentarians are sponsored by the World Jewish Congress.  A newly elected Steering committee representing Jewish lawmakers from all the worlds’ continents.   At a meeting in the City of Jerusalem, Israel unanimously elected Fiamma Nirenstein, 65years, a member of the Italian Chambers of Deputies, as its head.

Nirenstein to Head Int'l Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

Part One - 'Jewish Parliamentarians'

Zionist Plans for Europe

American Jewish Congress

EJP Logo


European Jewish Parliament

The EJU established the European Jewish Parliament which comprises of 120 members and is modeled after the Israeli Knesset. it was inaugurated in February 2012 and was established to represent the concerns of the Jewish community within the European Union.  They hold their assembly in the European Parliament building and their first general assembly was run in Brussels in May 2012.

There has been much criticism of its election process and its members, who include Sacha Baron Cohen and David Beckham.  Elections are conducted over the internet, on the EJU's own website. Although the election rules limit elections to residents of European countries, the website provides no resources to verify the voter's nationality.

European Jewish parliament discusses boycott on Israeli cultural events

European Jewish Parliament Members Discuss Jewish Issues during Inauguration in Brussels in Belgium

Congress of the Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia logoCongress of the Jewish Religious Organizations and Associations in Russia (CJROAR)

CJROAR was established in February 1993 and units 100 Jewish organizations in 68 cities of Russia. This body possesses no administrative powers, but it performs the consulting, coordinating and representing of functions.

The major domain of its activities is carrying out religious seminars, preparing staff for the work in communities, introducing Jewish population to national traditions, as well as educational and publishing activity.

Administrative bodies of CJROAR are the Rabbinate and the Public Council.

International Council of Jewish WomenInternational Council for Jewish Women Logo

The International Council of Jewish Women is a non-partisan volunteer umbrella organization for 43 affiliates countries and has a collective membership of approximately 2 million women.

This organization supports volunteer projects on national and international levels in the field of the status of women and some are involved in education and training. It supports legislation to ensure women and girls have equal opportunities to the opposite sex.  Their Mission Statement is:

"to empower girls and women through economic literacy; community training; healthy relationship education; and the proliferation of women’s leadership. Our innovative programs, advocacy and philanthropic initiatives protect the fundamental rights of all girls and women to live in safe homes, thrive in healthy relationships, and realize the full potential of their personal strength."

ICFR LogpIsrael Council on Foreign Relations (ICFR)

The Israel Council on Foreign Relations was established in 1989 with emphasis on Israeli and Jewish concerns worldwide.

The Council publishes a tri-annual journal called "Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs", which has been called "one of the best publications in the field."  It focuses specifically on issues of international relations most pertinent to Israel and the Jewish people and attracts the writing of leading authorities and statesmen from Israel and abroad.

It is an autonomous body maintaining a non-partisan approach to foreign policy matters and accommodating a broad range of viewpoints.  The Council has members from the most influential spheres of Israeli society, including government and Knesset officials, university professors, and leading businessmen, bankers and lawyers. The Council functions under the World Jewish Congress.

The Thunderbold Issue #270, October 1981. AIPAC AlertAmerican Jewish Public Affairs 

The most powerful officially listed lobby on Capitol Hill is the AIPAC., ("American Israel Public Affairs Committee"), which describes itself as “America’s Pro-Israel lobby”.  It is perhaps the most dominant of the groups that lobby the United States government on behalf of Israel. AIPAC is very effective and has been admired by other lobbies who try to emulate its success.  It targets the United States Congress, administration and the President of the United States.

AIPAC membership is kept secret and has more than 100,000 members who are largely American Jews.  Their influence in Congress is its ability to raise money.

AIPAC does not get any financial support from Israel and there is no contractual relationship.  This means AIPAC is not required to register as a lobby group for Israel.

AIPAC's executive committee is comprised of 100 distinguished citizens, one-third of whom are Presidents of the major American Jewish organizations, and the other one-third of whom are important non-elected political leaders from across the United States.

AIPAC Policy conference attendance is between six and seven thousand delegates from America and other countries including Israel and U.S senators, who come to the conference to discuss and push policies which are favorable to the Jews and Israel.

The AIPAC article at right is taken from, 'The Thunderbolt' Issue # 270, October 1981, Page 2.

Useful Videos and Links

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and New York Times

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

AIPAC:  Our Mission


Chabad Lubavitch RabbisChabad-Lubavitch is one of the largest organizations in the world and is based on a Jewish movement that began approximately 250 years ago.  The movement is founded on Jewish religious philosophy and follows principles of understanding, the role of creation and the unique mission of all individuals.

The word “Chabad” is a Hebrew acronym for the three intellectual faculties of chochmah—wisdom, binah—comprehension, and da’at—knowledge.   The word “Lubavitch” is the name of the town in White Russia where the movement was based for more than a century, and in Russian, Lubavitch translates to the “city of brotherly love.

There are approximately 4,000 full-time emissary families and over 3,300 institutions within the Chabad network dedicated to the welfare of the Jewish people around the globe.  There is a resource that exposes the Chabad-Lubavitch organization for what it really is:

"The Jewish People have a big problem. This problem is an organization known as Chabad, Chabad-Lubavitch, or Lubavitch.  This website describes this Chabad Cartoon Depicting Corruption
problem, and tries to prevent additional Jews from becoming "Victims of Chabad."  What is Chabad?  Chabad is a religious cult and a criminal organization.  Why is this a problem for the Jews?  Chabad poses as an Orthodox Jewish group.  They say they are more religious, more strict in their religion, than regular Orthodox Jews.
In reality, Chabad's ideology is NOT Jewish.  In Israel, Chabad is considered by the most important Rabbis as a religion different from Judaism.  Chabad is a different religion.  Chabadism is NOT Judaism.  So, why is this bad for the Jews?  Chabad is a criminal organization.  Chabad is mostly involved in white collar criminal activities such as financial fraud, tax evasion, and money laundering."

Chabad's Terror Victims Project

Chabad Mafia

Black Americans have Black Caucus and Whites do not have White Caucus

Congressional Black Caucus Special Order Hour on 45 Years of CBC Leadership

‘This Is a Disgusting Day’: Congressional Black Caucus Reacts to Trump’s Birther Walkback





All white European groups are to come together as National Congress in each country to represent all organizations in the country and elect leaders to run congress and work with all organization.  The Congress leaders working with European organizations to make policies and start building collective community-based organizations to totally represent all Europeans Caucasians. Congress would try and developing community group to represent, and promote womens  find  and to develop good relation with other organization and ensure the vital promotion of our needs by organization  a

Community Organization and Building - 3-30-16 Lecture

The Congress has people pointed to position in Congress Council to do cere jobs cover see the 

The Congress has Security Council of permanent members who are founding members the congress to make sure that the congress is not taken over by traitors.

The following short  list;

Security Council

Women's Organizations

Sport organization

European Anti- Defamation Council

Youth Organization

Farmers Organization 

Some examples:  Congree in South Africa : The Afrikaan

National Congress which will develop policies to represent Europeans and promote affirmative action to stop false Jews and traitor gentiles from getting control of organizations.  Once this is established, the next step is to contact other racial groups within the country, including American Indians, Negroes, and Asians and to have a second separate National Congress called the 'US United Congress.'  The two new congresses combined will create an opposition strong enough to bypass the current oligarchy government (US Congress and Jewish World Congress combined) and will give the people a voice.  The Europeans will make sure their congress is independent and stays representative of Europeans but works with and in conjunction with the US United Congress.

The goal is to eventually develop a system where members of the Congress come from leaders of existing organizations, corporations, and can also be elected in each State.  Before this happens, Europeans must develop a community-based “Coveners League" which must start training all members about topics such as; who currently controls the money, media, and country.  When they have passed their examinations they can then stand for the election to national Congress.  This must be done because the people being elected to represent us must reach a certain standard in training before they can stand for election.  Politicians in Western countries have no training and do not know what they are doing on bills,  therefore they are voting for policies they do not understand.

Once the National Congress is established, start passing laws and have reinstated your constitution, they can start operating as a separate government away from the existing Oligarchy.  This Congress would have people representing the Police, Army, Etc., (European Jewish Congress).

All elected members of each nation will join affiliate organization in each country.  For example, the United States and Canada to form a Regional Congress to represent the people and interests of that region.  There are 6 Regional Congress, and these would come together to form the World European Congress representing Europeans all over the world.

The aim of the World European Congress is to work with all racial organizations and governments to stop wars, to bypass the United Nations and all other international organizations who do not represent the people.

The aims of each Congress is to adopt the constitutions of all countries so the people have a voice.  These laws are based on the United Nations Indigenous self-determination laws which apply to all people who are indigenous to the regions and some laws which can be based on our needs.  Members of Congress and the public are all welcome to put forward ideas and vote to ensure a truly democratic and representative organization.

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