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French Movements: Bloc & Generation Identitaire

New Videos updated  9 April 2017

Bloc Identitaire and Generation Identitaire, their Youth wing, is a French and European activist movement. It was jointly founded in 2003 by previous members and leaders of Unite Radical, National Republican Movement, FN and Action Francaise.

This group actively protests and is involved in various activities to help its members and the public. They fight to protect French and Europeans who are proud of their roots and of their heritage.

They are against Imperialism, whether it be American or Islamic, and is against Islam taking over Europe and the large flux of Islamic invaders entering Europe presently. They are pro-French Nationalism.Logo of the Bloc Identitaire group

The Muslim council in France has urged the government to ban this popular patriot group after it successfully occupied a mosque in protest of the Islamification of France.

Generation Identitaire Occupy MosqueThey run the Nationalist Press Agency and newspaper Novopress that has association with most of Western Europe and North America.

Their political thinking is pulled from a number of philosophical strains including regionalist decentralization, catholic social teaching, and direct democracy.

Membership is open to all Europeans and is spreading across Europe. An affiliate of the French group is already in Germany. There are many Europeans who like to follow their example. We hope to work with groups such as these and set up similar groups worldwide.

Useful Videos & Links

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Identitarian View

Bloc Identitaire Official Website

English translation:  'Block Identity Official Website' or 'Bloc Identitaire Site Officiel'

Generation Identitaire Official Website

English translation:  'Generation Identity Official Website' or 'Generation Identitaire Site Officiel'

Camp identitaire en Bretagne, en avant les Chouans!  (Identity camp in Brittany, ahead of the Chouans!)
Toujours plus nombreux, toujours plus formés, toujours plus motivés, voilà ce qui peut être dit à propos des participants du camp identitaire qui s'est achevé samedi passé (2010) 

English translation:  Always more numerous, always more trained, always more motivated, this is what can be said about the participants of the identity camp which ended last Saturday (2010)

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