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Ann Coulter Talks About Illegal's, Walls & Trump

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Ann Coulter - Part 1 of 2 | The Eric Metaxas Radio Sho

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Ann Coulter pulls no punches giving her thoughts on the Trump presidency so far, including building the wall, nominating Supreme Court justices, and generally keeping his campaign promises. (Part 2: Donate to ADF to defend religious freedom: Follow the show: Subscribe to Metaxas Super to watch all interviews commercial-free AND additional exclusive content:

I love Anne, it's sad that she has more guts than most men in the "conservative" movement....

Evangelical Christians are firebrands for Israel's borders, but have no regard for their own

Israel has a big border wall... America has no border wall

She’s right on illegals. Imagine standing in a major American grocery store chain in your state, and finding it difficult to buy the basic staples you need, because all of the packaging is in a foreign language. That happened to me in Dallas and Austin Texas this year. If you are not fluent in Spanish, you will be robbed of many extra minutes and ultimately hours of your life, turning all of the groceries on the shelves around until you get to the side of the yogurt, band-aids, or ziploc bags that are printed in English. English, the language of the United States of America. America - where illegal immigrants flooding through the Mexican border 24/7 have truckloads of kids here every year on the taxpayers backs, to make themselves rich. Did you know we give them visa giftcards for taking their children to their free dr and dental appointments? We even offer free transportation and / or reimbursement for any travel expenses incurred. Want some expensive-to-taxpayers-but free-for-you gasoline? Some $200 car seats? A $300 breast pump? Here, take some more free money! Here ya go! You don’t have to work to feed your family, or even to feed yourself! America pays illegals to not work, not learn our language and founding principles, and to pump out kids. That way they’ll keep voting for America-hating leftists, and will have plenty of cash to pay for those $60K trucks and SUVs they need to haul all of those free kids around in. (To our failing public schools, for their free breakfast, free lunch, and leftist brainwashing. Where the illegal first graders are showing their classmates porn on their iphones and free school ipads.) It doesn’t cost illegals one cent, and has cost Americans and American children everything.. Our life, liberty, and happiness. But that’s ok! “Because Dreamers” !

He gets so awkward when she says Israel because it's DANGEROUS to talk BAD about the satanic "MOB" whom are the Gangster Mafia that controls EVERYTHING. 

He gets so awkward when she says Israel.

The Wall is great but how about a militarized zone at the southern border.


"I didn't think anything could turn me against Israel" just wait until she finds out who is over represented in funding resettlement programs and open borders campaigns.

YouTube is also hiding most of Ann Coulter's appearances.

I'm so glad she's calling out the fake conservatives. Conservative inc is just as much apart of the swamp as the Dems. Drain the swamp!!

Christian Zionists may be the biggest dullards in the country. They've allowed themselves to be tricked by people who hate their guts. And to send their children to die for a people who hate them.

Trump should offer refuge status to every white South African and put them in Florida! Fight fire with fire!

you tube Joe Biden bragging about their plan to turn America non-white.

She’s absolutely right about immigration. We have about 10 years left before things become untenable. Trump may very well be the last Republican President ever, due to Texas and Florida going perma blue just like California did due to demographics.

Haven’t seen her face in interviews in a while since boomer Fox News banned her . Thanks Eric

Ann Coulter is exactly right about illegal immigration...this is our #1 problem. I raised my family in Central Valley of California (1992 - 2015). I saw it change from an American west land of opportunity to a Mexican colony and culture. The infrastructure of CA was decaying because of the state subsidies (health insurance, food, housing) given to the illegal migrant population. By the time we moved out of CA, if you weren't bilingual or had a Spanish surname, you couldn't get a job with the city, county or state. It's not about trying to keep Mexicans or any Central American or South American out of the U.S. (they are beautiful, hard working people in general), it's about keeping the U.S. safe and vetting the people who want to migrate to our country. Please everyone, wake up. ILLEGAL immigration is the biggest problem and let's keep President Trump on track with this issue and his promise to build the wall.

They speak glowingly of Israel but ignore the fact that Jews were key proponents of the immigration act of 1965.


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