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Michael Moore: Whites Vote For Trump Because They Are Afraid Of Losing Power


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Michael Moore is Jewish.

Michael Moore: “White People Are Not Good People…You Should Be Afraid of White People”

Michael Moore: Whites Vote for Trump Because They Are Afraid of Losing Power to Minorities

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said white working class voters are afraid of losing power because of America’s changing demographics, so they support President Donald Trump.

Host Chris Matthews asked, why do working class white people “stick with Trump?”

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Moore said, “Sadly, I think it is a racial thing on some level with a lot of people.”

He continued, “I think that white guys…they can see the writing on the wall. The women are coming. They arrived last November. We are now — this is the eighth September in a row where the majority of first graders in this country last month were not white.”

Matthews interjected, “Meaning Hispanic, African-American or Asian.”

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