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EXTREMELY GRAPHIC: Killing People Update 2.

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You realize, the world we live in, is not the world that is promoted through mainstream media. The real world shows people from different cultures and different ideas on what justice is. E.g., in Brazil, Mexico, and other countries, numerous gangs fight for tertiary and willing to kill anybody they disagree with.

The globalist wants to band guns in the United States, and this puts people at the mercy of the gangs, who are becoming established amongst the Latino population in the United States. These gangs have no problems getting guns, so by banning guns, you will only create a black market for ordinary people to buy them illegally for their protection.

The context of this website should be shown on national television because it keeps you in the world of reality and stops you going into the world of make-believe; that everything is fine. Let's end the illusion and show the real-world.


Another One: Gang member dismembered by op


A man's life is worthless, sad reality of things.

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This site is exceptionally graphic. thehoodsite

 Screenshot 2kill women

 GRAPHIC: Girl gunned down by rival gang members in Brazil

Gang members butchered by rivals in an act of vengeance for allegedly killing females of their crew

Prison yard madness leaves gang members beheaded by rivals in Brazil Another gang member gets executed by rivals in Brazil

 GRAPHIC: Rival shot dead in the slums, left gushing in the middle of the street

 Screenshot 2dead g

Woman involved in drug trafficking shot dead in Manaus, Brazil

 Screenshot 2guns guns

  Gang member questioned about his crew’s whereabouts and shot dead by rivals

 Screenshot 2women k h

 Woman stabs husband to death at a bar in Brazil

BRAZIL – A woman stabbed her husband to death at a bar in Sao Paulo. 

CCTV footage shows the woman, only known as Edjane, stab 39-year-old Genivaldo.

Edjane and Genivaldo were married for eight years before the tragedy, and had three daughters together.

Screenshot 2 in london

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man stabbed to death in Southall, London

A man was allegedly hit by a car and stabbed to death at around 4am on Monday morning in Southall, London.

22-year-old Sufi Osman was pronounced dead at 5:26 am, despite being rushed to the hospital.

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