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Ann Coulter

  • Monday, 21 October 2019 07:52
      Ann Coulter - Part 1 of 2 | The Eric Metaxas Radio Sho The Eric Metaxas Radio Show 26.9K subscribers Ann Coulter pulls no punches giving her thoughts on the Trump presidency so far, including building the wall, nominating Supreme Court justices, and generally…

Happy Homeland Michelle Malkin

  • Monday, 21 October 2019 06:19
  Happy Homelands - Michelle Malkin   ramzpaul 72.8K subscribers Happy Homelands is excited to have Michelle Malkin as our guest. Michelle is one of the most famous political commentators in America. Michelle will discuss her new book - Open Borders Inc.: Who's Funding America's Destruction? The…
When people call you names...   When people call you names, don't be defensive, don't explain yourself, call them out! "Anti-racist" is just a codeword for racist hate against Whites  

President Trump Rally

  • Tuesday, 15 October 2019 12:17
FULL RALLY: President Trump rally in Minneapolis, MN •Oct 11, 2019    Share   FOX 10 Phoenix   Sharing a mix of breaking news, top stories, popular culture and engaging discussions.   lee jerome 2 days ago THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MY BLACK AMERICAN BORN LIFE TIME…

Trump Against Fake News

  • Monday, 14 October 2019 22:34
  Trump Fury: The Complete Saga TheGeekzTeam 20K subscribers Trump unleashes his fire and fury upon the liberal agenda, with the help of Alex Jones and friends, they destroy the evil Hitlery Clinton and her army of fake news! This video includes part 1 and part 2