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I discovered a United States online publication called "The New Observer," and I found many articles and information from different countries, and yet representing the European point of view.

We have links to some of their articles scattered throughout our website.

The following links give some different points of view, which we need to make correct decisions within our daily lives.  Without the correct information, we only make wrong decisions.

Things They Cover:

  •  Exposing propaganda techniques
  •  Ancient History
  •  Immigration
  •  Mass Killing both Past and Present
  •  Restriction of Free Speech
  •  Ethnic Cleansing
  •  DNA and Sciences
  •  Genocidal Interracial Marriage

The New Observer is looking for people to become correspondents for their online publication and you can apply on their website.  They are privately funded and staffed.  You can also help contribute to the costs of running the publication through a donation.

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