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July Is White History Month Update 4.

Screenshot 2white history month has begin

Jesse Lee Peterson joins Owen to talk about the latest in liberal insanity as they both celebrate the start of the 4th annual WHITE HISTORY MONTH!

White History Month 2021.


its ok to be a man

White History Month 2020.

Jesse Lee Peterson of joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the Democratic Party's long history of mistreatment and abuse of black people.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Civil Rights Movement Sold Blacks Over to the Democrats

Screenshot 2white show month f

Jesse Lee Peterson explain why he started #White History Month.

Celebrate White History Month With Us

Screenshot 2hits history by axex j

Celebrate White History Month!

Jesse Lee Peterson joins Owen on the War Room and explains why he created White History Month, and what is wrong with the BLM organization.

Screenshot 1white history month

Harrison has Jesse Lee Peterson on the War Room to explain why he started #whitehistorymonth, and shares his perspective on history of the black community in the USA

Happy White History Month From Jesse Lee Peterson


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