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Truth Threat Vaccinates & Cancer

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Owen is joined by & Charlene Bollinger: Vaccines, and conspiracy theories.
 Charlene Bollinger, who describe what it is like to be declared part of “The Disinformation Dozen,” vaccines, and conspiracy theories.
Special Report: Vaccines Are Killing People And The Government Is Covering It Up!
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Everyone should watch The Truth About Cancer, especially if you just got a diagnosis. It's life-saving and life changing. Everything about mainstream western approach to cancer is deadly. Cancer is a billion dollar industry and money-maker, nothing more. I wouldn't be surprised after this covid year if the cancer virus is man made. Dr. Mercola and The Bollingers will all leave for Galt's Gulch soon, plans are in the making.
Most current pediatricians belong in jail! If your child isn't vaccinated they won't see the child! They say its office policy not theirs personally but they choose to work in such places! After my son was injured by the coerced Hep B vaxx the pediatrician wouldn't even see him for a follow up appointment after he nearly died 2 years after the shot and contracted a virus that almost killed him! He peeled like a snake after the only vaccine he had so I was refusing any more vaccines and that wasn't permitted by the pediatricians! Crazy thing was that doctor was obviously injured by a polio vaccine! Smh


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