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Wikipedia Edited By Zionist

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Wikipedia the free encyclopedia founder is Jimmy Wales Jewish.

Stop Jewish Propaganda & Censorship NOW!


Wikipedia's Jewish Problem

Wikipedia's Jewish Problem

"Why won't the online encyclopedia allow the truth about the New York Times' Holocaust coverage?"

"Wikipedia is used by 68 million people a month.  Google Jerusalem, Israel, the Holocaust, jihad – the first reference to come up is Wikipedia.  Most users mistakenly think it is an encyclopedia.  Actually it is a special sort of blog, self-styled “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.”  Open an article, click on the edit tab, add or remove what you like.  Everyone in the world writes Wikipedia."



Jimmy Wales - Jew or Not Jew › profile
Mar 15, 2013 - Is Jimmy Wales Jewish? ... James Yerucham Wales (born August 17, 1962) is an American entrepreneur, best known for ...
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 Jews Editing on Wikipedia

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Many people say that Wikipedia deliberately covered up the mass murders committed by Stalin , Mao Tse, Pol Pot and all other communist leaders.  When it comes to matters of Globalist Jewish history they will cover up the facts and write bad things about white Christians and White Jews who fight against Globalism.





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