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Redice TV - The Truth About Kashmir

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  Harshit Tiwari - The Truth About Kashmir & Trump/Modi Alliance


 In India, Harshit is a student of International Corporate Law and Accountancy. He also writes columns in local publications and speaks on pro-Hindu and pro-Christian issues. We'll discuss the untold story regarding the Hindu/Muslim conflict in Kashmir but also about nationalism, mass immigration into the west and the outsourcing of American job

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Thanks for having me Lana. It was really nice talking to you. Really honored and humbled. More power to your tribe! Keep fighting!

Love Lana and Red Ice but sorry to say they dont understand the issues! Kashmir is not European anyway! Hindu Zionists are part of the Globalist agenda, unfortunately Lana is not redpilled on this. Kashmir is like Palestine and the historical record supports Pakistan. This is so similar to the crazy pro Israel sentiment amongst mainstream conservatives who support Zionism

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