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African Common Market Update 2.


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Common Market

The Common Market is the second Regional Integration milestone of the East African Community (EAC), which has been in force since 2010, in line with the provisions of the EAC Treaty. It follows the Customs Union, which became fully-fledged in January 2010.

To accelerate economic growth and development, it means that the EAC Partner States maintain a liberal stance towards the four Freedoms of movement for all the factors of production and two Rights between themselves. These Freedoms and Rights include:

  • Free Movement of Goods
  • Free Movement of Persons
  • Free Movement of Labour / Workers
  • Right of Establishment
  • Right of Residence
  • Free Movement of Services
  • Free Movement of Capital

Underlying the EAC Common Market are operational principles of the Community, namely:

  • Non-discrimination of nationals of other Partner States on grounds of nationality;
  • Equal treatment to nationals of other Partner States;
  • Ensure transparency in matters concerning the other Partner States; and
  • Share information for the smooth implementation of the Protocol.


Key Initiatives under the Common Market:

African Growth Opportunity Act

EAC is benefiting from AGOA, the cornerstone of U.S. economic engagement with the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

European Union Everything But Arms

Four EAC Partner States receive full duty-free and quota-free access to the EU for all their exports with the exception of arms and armaments.
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Black Slave Trade Archive Update 3.

Dennis Prager Tells The ‘Truth’ About The Slave Trade But Fails To Mention The Prominent Jewish Role In It

The Jewish “conservative”, Dennis Prager is at it again — attempting to expose the hypocrisy of the Left on the issue of slavery by pointing the finger at the evil Muslim slavers while deftly failing to admit the disproportionate role the Jews played in dominating the Trans-Atlantic slave trade — a role that was justified by the Jewish “holy” book, The Talmud, which promises that all non-Jews will be slaves of the Jews:

In light of the conversations about race sparked by the 2020 killing of George Floyd, many American schools are revising their approach and curriculum on race. Whatever their intentions, their approach too often features sources that engender contempt for America. Students are indoctrinated using texts such as the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which claims that the United States was founded to preserve and protect slavery, and Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility.

What, then, should American schools teach about race?

They should, of course, teach students about slavery and racism.

But, if truth and moral clarity are to matter, students must go beyond an American-centric focus and also learn that slavery was universal. They would therefore learn about Muslim-Arab slavery, slavery among Africans, slavery among Native Americans and Native South Americans, and slavery in Asia and India.

They would learn that it was the West, beginning with England and America, that abolished the slave trade. And they would learn that the abolitionists were overwhelmingly religious Christians, animated by the Bible and Judeo-Christian values.

They would learn that, as horrible as all slavery was, unlike, for example, the slaves under Arab-Muslim rule, most black slaves in America were allowed to have children and form families.

They would read Herbert Gutman’s The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom, 1750-1925, about which the New York Times wrote when it was published in 1976: “Gutman has performed an immense service in burying the idea that slavery destroyed the black family.” (For the record, Gutman was a professor of the left and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.)

They would learn that the tens of millions of African slaves under Islamic-Arab rule were not allowed to form families (most males were castrated). They would learn that while about 388,000 African slaves were transported to North America, about 12 million were transported to South America and the Caribbean. They would learn that far more blacks — about 3 million from Africa and the Caribbean — have come willingly to America post-slavery than came as slaves….

They would learn about white slavery, too, from one of the greatest economists of the last half-century, Thomas Sowell, who wrote: “More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.

…As regards the Arab-Muslim slave trade, students should read Ghanaian professor and minister John Azumah’s book The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa, who summarized some his findings in a later interview:

“While two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men, the proportions were reversed in the Islamic slave trade. Two women for every man were enslaved by the Muslims.

“While the mortality rate of the slaves being transported across the Atlantic was as high as 10%, the percentage of the slaves dying in transit in the trans-Saharan and East African slave market was a staggering 80 to 90%.

“While almost all the slaves shipped across the Atlantic were for agricultural work, most of the slaves destined for the Muslim Middle East were for sexual exploitation as concubines in harems and for military service.

“While many children were born to the slaves in the Americas, the millions of their descendants are citizens in Brazil and the United States today, very few descendants of the slaves who ended up in the Middle East survived.

“While most slaves who went to the Americas could . . . have families, most of the male slaves destined for the Middle East were castrated, and most of the children born to the women were killed at birth.”

They would read some of the left’s favorite “America-is-racist” books, such as the national bestseller White Fragility. But, unlike any school in America that assigns that book, they would also assign a black professor’s review of it. In the Atlantic, John McWhorter, a Columbia University professor of linguistics, wrote that White Fragility “is actually a racist tract. Despite the sincere intentions of the author, the book diminishes Black people in the name of dignifying us.” McWhorter continues, “White guilt and politesse have apparently distracted many readers from the book’s numerous obvious flaws. For one, DiAngelo’s book is replete with claims that are either plain wrong or bizarrely disconnected from reality...”

We’ve written about Prager’s kosher conservatism before — showing how he deceives White Christians into thinking that “religious” Jews like himself can share “Christian” common values — like race mixing — while defending Jewish communists as “messianic”

Here again, Prager virtue signals throughout this misleading “exposé” — appearing to promote kosher “conservative” Black writers but predictably failing to mention the most important Black historian on this subject– the late Professor Tony Martin — who worked tirelessly exposing the Jewish role in the Black slave trade.

And note how Prager deceptively and anachronistically refers to Christian abolitionists as “Judeo-Christian,” a misleading, contradictory term promoted in the 20th century to confuse Christians into falsely believing that they share the same faith as Talmudic Jews and to wage war against their “common” enemy — the “Nazi” Germans.

Like many “conservative” Jews, Prager — like many Jews on the ‘Right” — demonizes Islamic Arabs so as to distract the unwitting public from the hidden Jewish hand as the eternal “middleman” in the slave trade.

Jews in Poland, for example, aided and abetted the robust White slave trade in Europe, facilitating the transfer of White Slavic women into the hands of Arab slave traders who sold them at auction in the Ottoman Empire.

Jews in Spain also were involved in the lucrative Arab slave trade in North Africa, helping transfer White slaves across the Mediterranean up through the 17th century.

And it almost seems needless to even say at this point that Jews dominated the slave trade in the New World, in both North and South America — a role that many Jews still actively deny — because it undermines the myth of the Black-Jewish common cause.

An example of this Jewish denial is Saul Friedman’s 1998 myopic apologetic Jews And The American Slave Trade, which audaciously claims that the Jewish role was “tiny”.

While researching his self-serving book, Friedman obviously chose to ignore the following books by his fellow Jews who clearly and unequivocally admitted to the Jewish domination of the slave trade:

“Almost all the early Jewish settlers in America belonged to the wealthy classes, it was natural for [jews] to accept the institution of slavery as they found it, and to derive as much benefit from it…” “[slavery] was principally in the hands of the Jews.”
—Peter Wiernik, History of the Jews in America, Jewish Press Publishing Co., New York, 1912

“… [The Jews] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise … The slave ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains.”
—Seymour Liebman, New World Jewry, 1493-1825 , Ktav Publishing House, 1982

” All through the eighteenth century, into the early nineteenth, Jews, in the North were to own black servants; in the South, the few plantation owned by Jews were tilled with slave labor. In 1820, over 80 percent of all Jewish household in Charleston, Richmond, and Savannah owned slaves, employed as domestic servants; …40 per cent of all Jewish households in the United States owned one slave or more. There were no protests against slavery as such by Jews in the South… But very few Jews anywhere in the United States protested against chattel slavery on moral grounds.”
—Jacob Rader Marcus, United States Jewry, 1776-1985, Wayne State University Press, 1990

“Jewish entrepreneurs were engaged in the slave trade on the North American mainland, participating in the famous triangular trade.”
—Priscilla Fishman, Jews of the United States, Quadrangle – New York, 1973

“The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payments. It happens that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors, they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there was also no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers … Profits up to 300 per cent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates … If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed…[Jews] dominated the slave trade”
—Arnold Wiznitzer, Jews in Colonial Brazil, Columbia University Press, 1960

“American Jewish merchants, using their religio-commercial connections, enjoyed a competitive advantage over many non-Jews engaged in the same lucrative inter colonial trade. Since the West Indian trade was a necessity to America’s economy and since this trade was, in varying degrees, controlled by Jewish mercantile houses, America Jewry was influential in the commercial destiny of Britain’s overseas empire…and hence Jewish traders in New York had a marked advantage over others in this West India trade.”
—Stanley Feldstein, The Land That I Show You: Three Centuries of Jewish Life in America, Anchor Press, 1978

“Those who succeeded in establishing themselves under Dutch jurisdiction prospered as traders, middlemen, interpreters and brokers of slaves. The West India Company monopolized the import of slaves, but the private entrepreneurs ran the slave auctions. Among these were numerous Jews who also provided the credit that plantation masters needed until the sugar crop was brought in. Considering that the mill owners found it cheaper to replace a slave every seven years than to feed him properly, business was brisk.”
—Judith Elkin, The Jewish Presence in Latin America, Allen & Unwin Publishing, 1987

“In the first half of the seventeenth century all the great sugar plantations in Brazil were in the hands of Jews.”
—Abram Leon, The Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation, 1971

“The first Jews that Poles encountered must certainly have been traders, probably slave traders, of the type called in the 12th-century Jewish sources holekhei rusyah.”
Encyclopedia Judaica, v. 13, pp. 710

“In the tenth century the Spanish Jews often owed their [entire families] wealth to their trade in [European & African] slaves.”
—Israel Abrahams, Jewish Life In The Middle Ages (1100-1700), Forgotten Books Publishing, 2012 reprint.



Years back I found this article quite amusing published in Mark Weber’s Institute of Historical Review dealing with slavery and the group which was historically responsible for it. The article is written by Professor of Black History, Tony Martin. He explains in detail the trials and tribulations jews put him through after he learned that it was the jews who were responsible for the African slave trade. Upon this discovery, he incorporated what he had learned about jew slave trading into the classes he taught at Wellsley College in Boston, and subsequently, he learned a hell of a lot more about jews and their arrogance.

The article is even more amusing in that it is the spectre of black victims suddenly discovering they have been victimized throughout history by none other than their enablers, the arch victims, the jews. It’s quite enlightening for those who do not yet understand the degree of hatred and disdain jews have for anybody who exposes them, whoever they are. It illustrates the pettyness and trickery rank and file jews exert towards non-jews even if the information in question has already been exposed, written about, and published by the jews themselves. As you’ll read in this account, the jew will deny he ever wrote what can be found in publications said jew has himself authored, and the jewsmedia and jew controlled academia will go along with the lies to further hide the truth.

There are also a number of videos still available at youtube in which Professor Tony Martin gives the speech repeated in the article, if you don’t feel like reading it, find the video at youtube.




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Jews have been in control of the International Slave Trade since at least Roman times.

World Orders Review: Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews (Jewish Role In Enslaving Africans)



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Blacks & Jews Facts & Quotes


Protestant says

Jews have been in control of the International Slave Trade since at least Roman times, when Hebrew Slavetraders followed the Roman armies into Gaul and northern Europe. They offered the Roman soldiers ready cash for “war captives”, blondes & redheads fetching the highest prices, and dragged them back to Rome, where their long hair was shaved off to make wigs for wealthy dark-haired Romans. Male slaves were raped by women and sodomized by men. The female slaves were forced to go bare-breasted to incite the lust of their “owners”, and serve as “brood mares”, also forced to mate with male slaves to produce more blonde children for sale.

As early as the 6th century AD, Jewish Radhanite Slavetraders were dragging kidnapped Christian Slavic children to sell as sex slaves as far as China and all countries in between. Jews even established Slave Castration Centres at Venice, Verdun and Lucena in Spain, where Christian Slavic boys were castrated for sale to the Muslim world as Eunuch Harem Guards. Muslims are forbidden to castrate human males, so they paid high prices for eunuchs, and still do. The Silk Road was actually The Child Sex Slave Road, and it was not Africans, but blonde Christian children who were the most highly prized. That’s where the word “slave” comes from: “Slav”.

One historical research article even suggested that Vikings attacked Christian monasteries on Britain’s coast to kidnap young monks for castration and sale as eunuch “scribes” to the Islamic world. I don’t have all the references to hand, but google “Jewish Control of the International Slave Trade”, “Modern White Slave Trade”, “Viking slave raids on monasteries”, and “Radhanites”.



Hold On, DeSean: Jews Owned & Sold Black Slaves in Philadelphia!

The Jewish football player Julian Edelman wants to bring superstar DeSean Jackson to the Jewish Holocaust Museum, the one just across from the Department of the Treasury in Washington, D.C., where America’s money is printed. Jackson enraged the Jews, who are forever trying to avoid standing up for racial justice in America. They have become seasoned experts at inventing “anti-Semites” at the most convenient time—and that allows them to avoid participating in freedom struggles.

What better way to hide their role in creating the longstanding tensions between Blacks and the police.

As the world now knows, Israel trains and helped militarize the police forces across America, so Jews had to yet again roll-out the anti-Semitism scam to avoid true law enforcement reform.

The list of “anti-Semites” is growing longer and Blacker—DeSean Jackson, Nick Cannon, Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson, and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan! All of them, in a matter of a couple of weeks, have magically replaced the White murderers of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery as America’s most notorious racial villains.


The Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have learned that when they create an “anti-Semitism” controversy—especially a Black one—the donations pour in. Racism—a Talmudic invention—is the world’s oldest trick.

By now, Blacks must understand that Jews, being the wealthiest and most powerful subset of White people, have NOTHING to gain if there is any systemic change in America. Their sojourn in America has been the most lucrative financial arrangement Jews have EVER had in 6,000 years. And for the 400-plus years it drove the Western economy, slavery was the most profitable stock in the collective Jewish portfolio. As the Jewish Encyclopedia admits:

“[T]he cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them.”

Slavery, Jim Crow, racism, sexism, and all the assorted isms and phobias have been institutionalized in America because that’s what works best for the rich and powerful and especially the Jews.

Brother DeSean’s innocent retweet of a quote falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler has generated the latest outburst from these tricky Satans. The cure? Forcing Jackson to take a tour through the history of Jewish suffering and pain that occurred entirely among Caucasians, in another part of the Caucasian world.

But a survey of Black suffering right here in America would seem to be far more appropriate. In fact, DeSean doesn’t need to go all the way to Washington, D.C., to learn of the wretched history of American hatred and violent oppression. Philadelphia is a great place to start—and right in his own Eagles locker room.

The Jewish owner of the Eagles is Jeffrey Lurie. His money came from his grandfather, Philip Smith, who founded the General Cinema Theatres in 1935, a chain of 621 movie theaters. If you have ever been to a drive-in movie, you helped little Jeffrey buy the Philadelphia Eagles. And you helped Jewish movie moguls that controlled Hollywood to spread some of the worst anti-Black propaganda ever created.

The famous screenwriter Dalton Trumbo couldn’t have been more precise when he wrote that Hollywood Jews:

“… made tarts of the Negro’s daughters, crap shooters of his sons, obsequious Uncle Toms of his fathers, superstitious and grotesque crones of his mothers, strutting peacocks of his successful men, psalm-singing mountebanks of his priests, and Barnum & Bailey side-shows of his religion.”

That’s where Lurie’s Eagles-buying money comes from. Yet, according to some reports, Lurie fined Jackson as much as $330,000!

Jews Selling Blacks in Philadelphia

If DeSean steps out of the Eagles locker room and into the city, there is much to discover about the anti-Black pioneers of Philadelphia’s Jewish community. More than three generations before the Liberty Bell was rung in the state house steeple, Jews were already wealthy and powerful in the “City of Brotherly Love.”

For instance, Jonas Phillips was a founder of Philadelphia’s original synagogue, Mikveh Israel. In February of 1792, he placed an advertisement in the city newspaper to hunt and return his freedom-seeking “Negro Woman Slave” who “took nothing with her but the clothes she had on.”

In another public notice he was selling “A young handy NEGRO MAN, about nineteen years of age”—a human being he sold as a regular in-stock item, along with fish hooks, silks, ginger, linens, and other dry goods.

So common was slave trading among the Philadelphia Jews that two Jewish historians concluded: “The Jews who could afford them had both servants and slaves. The Quakers were the only people who as a religious denomination opposed the institution of slavery.” In fact, a large influx of Jews into the city occurred after the decline of the Jewish community of Barbados, but those settlers were not fleeing any anti-Jewish oppression. They left Barbados because of the emancipation of the slaves there! No more free Black labor and the Jews bounced, according to Peter Wiernik, “most of them going to Philadelphia.” 

Even the city’s rabbi owned African slaves! We know this because of an ad Rabbi Jacob Cohen placed describing “a short, teen-age, bound girl [who] wore a spotted jean jacket, a striped linsey petticoat, a spotted coarse shawl and a black wire-framed bonnet, when she ran away…” The rabbi offered a dollar’s reward for her capture. Run, Sister, Run!

Nathan Levy was a founder of the Jewish community of Philadelphia, considered “the city’s richest Jew.” He and his brother Isaac teamed up with David and Moses Franks in 1741 to capture and import Black slaves from Africa. In an ad they sold a “young Negro Wench.”

And speaking of Hitler, Jewish merchant Levy Andrew Levy was part of a massive trading operation based in western Pennsylvania. It was Levy who participated in the extermination plot against the Indians by providing British General Jeffrey Amherst with blankets laced with smallpox. The disease killed millions of Indigenous human beings across America. Levy’s receipt for the blankets was published in a book by Rabbi Harold Sharfman.

The lead historian at the American Jewish Historical Society, Rabbi Dr. Marc Lee Raphael, made the remarkable claim that “David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760’s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760’s and early 1770’s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.” In 1761, David Franks’s slave ship Hannah was docked on the Delaware River with a “Cargoe of Likely Negroes Just Imported Directly from Guiney” for sale. In her Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin a disgusted Harriet Beecher Stowe mentions the Jewish slave traders that set up shop in Philadelphia. She called the Jewish Davis Brothers “the great slave-dealers.”

“They are Jews [who] are always in the market, giving the highest price for slaves. During the summer and fall they buy them up at low prices, trim, shave and wash them, fatten them so that they may look sleek, and sell them to great profit.”

Jewish merchant Isaac Franks “sold slaves from time to time” and owned a young female child named “Bell.” Franks advertised in the Pennsylvania Journal on January 4, 1786: “For Sale, a likely young Negro Girl, About eight years old; has twenty years to serve. Inquire of Isaac Franks.”

The Census of 1830 provided “official” data on the slave holdings of Philadelphia Jews.
NOTE: The tally here is of household slaves and not those they bought and sold on a daily basis.

The Philadelphia Jews weren’t just trading Black human beings: they further secured their wealth by becoming key pillars in the supply chain that kept the Southern slave system in operation. Scholar Elliott Ashkenazi wrote that Southern plantation suppliers looked to the “hundreds of Jewish wholesalers” based in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore to sell all they needed to keep a stolen African people producing cotton—the most valuable crop the world had ever seen.

Further, another major source of wealth for Philadelphia Jews came from supplying arms to the colonial militias that were slaughtering the Native Americans—or as Lurie’s Jewish brother Dan Snyder in Washington would call them—redskins. Some of those Jews in the military supply trade in the HOLOCAUST of the NATIVE AMERICANS were Samuel Judah, Naphtali Hart Myers, Sampson Simson, Hayman Levy, Joseph Bueno, Simpson Levy and Nathan Levy. The “dean of Jewish historians,” Rabbi Dr. Jacob Rader Marcus, could not have been clearer about their motive:

“It was also during the French and Indian War that Jewish merchants from Philadelphia and Lancaster helped supply the army and the militia in their efforts to crush the Indians on the transallegheny western frontier. [emphasis ours].”

When the Civil War threatened to break apart the nation, Philadelphia Jews were so deeply linked to the fortunes of Southern slavery that they spoke often and ardently for the Confederacy. Jewish Texan Jacob De Cordova visited his Jewish brethren in Philadelphia in 1858 to entice Jews to settle in Texas, where “By a wise provision of our state constitution, the institution of slavery has been guaranteed.” After the war, when someone compared Blacks to Jews B’nai B’rith leader Dr. Solomon Solis-Cohenfor whom a Philadelphia school is named—blamed Blacks in America for their own lynchings.

DeSean should take Julian Edelman and Jeffrey Lurie down West Hunting Park Avenue to Simon Gratz High School. The Gratz family was closely connected with the Hays, Moses, and Franks families in their slave-shipping businesses. Michael Gratz’s wife Miriam wrote a letter to him dated June 2, 1777—one month short of the original Fourth of July holiday—that reminded: “Don’t forget your promise in getting me a negro boy or girl if to be had, as servants is very scarce. [sic]”

In a now famous 1772 letter, Bernard Gratz’s slave overseer wrote to his boss about a slave who even in chains was standing up against his Jewish oppressors. He had tried to sell Gratz’s slave “George” at auction but George protested that he would kill whoever bought him, “which deterred the people from bidding … . [H]e behaved himself in such an insolent manner I immediately sent him back to the jail with directions to the jailer to keep him at hard labor, which he refuses to do, and goes on in such an insolent manner that it is impossible to get a master for him here … . He’s now almost naked, and if not furnished soon with some clothes, I fear he’ll perish. P.S.: He’s now chained and handcuffed on account of his threats.”

No more is known of the fate of Brother George, but Blacks in Philadelphia should build a statue to that great and noble spirit! Let DeSean Jackson, Julian Edelman, and Jeffrey Lurie read that letter aloud in the Mikveh Israel synagogue on N. 4th St, where Brother George’s owner was a temple official. While there, ask the congregation about Jacob I. Cohen, who was president of that synagogue in 1810. He and his Jewish partner, Isaiah Isaacs of Richmond, enslaved Blacks they named “Tom,” “Dick,” “Spencer,” “Mieshack,” “Fanny,” “Eliza” and their children.

It is almost guaranteed that Jeffrey Lurie and Julian Edelman have no idea how deeply their people were involved in Black slavery. But are they as willing to learn about the role their ancestors played in Black suffering as DeSean Jackson and Nick Cannon are to learn of Jewish history in Europe? Are Lurie and Edelman as anxious to apologize for their people and for their ignorance? Are they willing to acknowledge just how much wealth that Jews built on the backs of Black suffering?

One of the things we do know from Jewish history is that they built their massive power across America through unity and organization: they worked in a collective manner to profit mightily from slavery and from marketing the products of Black slave labor.

At the end of this tour of Philadelphia’s Jewish slavocracy, Brother DeSean Jackson should go to Washington, D.C.—but not to the Jewish Holocaust Museum. He should go across the street to the Department of the Treasury—along with our Native American family—and demand from Jews an apology in gold.

[This unfortunate Jewish human rights history goes far beyond Philadelphia and stretches into all of the Caribbean, South America, and the slave coasts of Africa. This hidden history is well documented in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vols. 1 & 2, and the companion volume of slave-sale ads titled Jews Selling Blacks.]



Black Slavery & Jews Update 2.

Screenshot 1rumble
Rumble — Monday, May 24 2021: Join us live for an episode of The Joe Cozzo Show hosted by Joe Cozzo. Democrats are the Party of Slavery. They spread lies and use theories like the 1619 Project as propaganda. It's time Republicans stand up, fight back, and tell the truth about the history of America.
Screenshot 1no jews only m m
Screenshot 1union solders killed
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Screenshot 3jews hurt slaves
Nation of Islam Research Group

Blacks & Jews Facts & Quotes

The White & White Jew Homeland is Europe








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 All Europeans from all over the world must remember that Europe is your indigenous homeland and we must fight to protect it.  Pride for Europe

This is Europa - Our Paradise on Earth…


  This is Europa - Worth Fighting For


This is Europa - Our Home

Europeans worldwide have been conditioned not to think of themselves as Europeans, whose ancestry goes back thousands of years in Europe and the Middle East and central Asia.  This is due to the lack of understanding about their homeland.  We have, therefore, provided some films to stimulate your imagination on regions of Europe where your ancestors perhaps once lived for thousands of years.  We must realize that Europe is our indigenous homeland, and we should have indigenous rights to all of those regions where our ancestors once lived, and where many European still live today.  When you look at these films, remind yourself that your ancestors lived in these regions long before Europe developed into the modern countries we know today.

Screenshot 2slow narrowboat

Narrowboat cruising in real time from Fradley to Shugborough)

Narrowboat cruising in Britain.

What a beautiful relaxing journey, I especially love the bit at 59:43, where you sail through one of my favourite trees, a Weeping Willow, Thank you so much.


 Screenshot 1bozan

Europa Nostra - Tribute to Europe

Screenshot 1castel g

Ode to European Civilization




  Iceland in 4K Ultra HD





Aussie Pom Aussie Pom

 The Cotswolds got it's name from the Romans. A "cot" was a Roman word for sheep shed and the sheep were kept in "Cots". Wold is the word to describe rolling hills. Hence the "wolds". So Cotswolds.



  Documentary about Wildlife around the city of  Venice.

Wild Venice



The Most Surprising Facts About Austria


The Roaring Mountains - The Secrets of Nature



"A driving tour of the Black Forest in southern Germany, firstly staying at Titisee in the south, from where we visit Triberg and it's waterfalls, Waldkirch and the city of Freiburg. We then visit the nearby Lake Schluchsee, Altglashutten, Lenzkirch and Loffingen. Travelling north, we then pass through St Margen, St Peter and Haslach, before reaching our second base in the north of the Forest at Durbach. From here we visit the towns of Offenburg, Hausach, and Villingen, and the lovely villages of Gengenbach and Schiltach."

Black Forest, Germany

"A driving tour in Germany along the valleys of the Moselle and the Rhine, with a final stop in the Eifel Region. We briefly visit Luxembourg, before continuing along the Moselle Valley, stopping at Trittenheim, Bernkastel, Zeltingen, Ediger, Beilstein and Cochem."

Germany - Moselle, Rhine & Eifel


What MOSCOW RUSSIA Is Really Like

Farewell of Slavianka - Dina Garipova & Alexandrov Ensemble (2013)

12 Incredible Facts About Russia


Discovering Russia: Mandrogi

 Russian Ethnotourism Booms - In-Country Holidays, Discovering Roots


  Fortress Lovrijenac - Dubrovnik


 Screenshot 7 train go into mount


The Grey League

Switzerland From The Air

Switzerland's Jungfrau Region: Best of the Alps ZERMATT SWITZERLAND Magic Winter 2014

Taking an aerial cable car from Zermatt ZBAG-lz to Trockener Steg

SWITZERLAND:  Zermatt village [HD]




The United Nations World-Government.

Screenshot 1un b


Screenshot 10un flgbvcxz

Veronika Kazakova, political scientist: Are the UN’s days over?

Recently, a growing number of voices and opinions from various types of experts have been raised to assert that the UN is, in fact, largely obsolete and in need of a major overhaul. Recent online polls have shown that three times as many people consider the UN to be an ineffective organisation as those who see it as a kind of “last bastion of humanity”.

The essence of the claims is that the universal organisation, which was set up to resolve the political and economic issues of states, as well as to help settle territorial disputes, has recently not only failed to carry out the tasks assigned to it, but has also come under attack from a number of senior political officials.

The latest scandal erupted when Israel’s permanent representative to the UN called on the organisation’s secretary-general, António Guterres, to resign after his comments on the conflict in the Gaza Strip. These comments seemed extremely harsh. It should be noted that in the past, politicians and high-ranking officials of countries had not allowed themselves to make such direct accusations against the organisation and its executive body.

“A UN Secretary General who shows incomprehension in the face of a campaign of massacres of children, women and the elderly is not fit to lead the UN. I call on him to resign immediately”, wrote Gilad Erdan in response to UN Secretary-General António Guterres, who said that “Hamas attacks do not come from nothing, because the Palestinian people have been subjected to a suffocating occupation for 56 years”.

It should be remembered that another scandal recently broke concerning the non-issuance of visas to members of the Russian delegation to meetings of the working groups of UN committees. In September 2023, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated that not all Russian representatives had received US visas for the UN General Assembly. They included the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma and some heads of departments in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It should be pointed out that this issue of visa refusals has been systematically brought up by the United States and its allies for at least a year and a half. Since 2022, the number of such incidents has increased. Western countries have also repeatedly refused to issue visas or entry permits to Russian officials and delegations.

In my opinion, this is being done systematically and deliberately, in order to provoke a reaction from the Russian leadership and initiate the procedure for Russia’s withdrawal from the UN (which would be ideal for the West), or the gradual dissolution of the organisation due to the ‘loss of confidence’ of the players in international politics, if one can put it that way.

The actions of Israeli leaders in the case of the impeachment of the UN Secretary-General have also served to add fuel to the fire of mutual attacks.

It is worth digressing here and recalling that Israel is recognised as a state, although it is recognised by the majority, but not all, of the members of the United Nations, namely 165 of the 193 UN member states.

At least 28 countries have never recognised Israel or have withdrawn their recognition of Israel as a state in its own right. These are mainly Arab countries in Africa and the Middle East, such as Qatar, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Iran (which broke off relations in 1979), Iraq, Indonesia, Cuba (which broke off relations in 1973), Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Syria, a number of African countries and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

It is clear that Israel is not happy with this situation, and has not been for a long time. Now it has a pretext and an opportunity not only to present its old demands for world recognition, but also, if it is refused, to demand the dissolution of the UN and the creation of a new supranational institution of which Israel would be a full member, perhaps with a right of veto, like the permanent members of the UN Security Council.

Other countries in the Western collective also have their own demands of the organisation, because on the one hand, the organisation is going through a certain crisis, having virtually no leverage left over the countries at war, and on the other hand, the West no longer needs an organisation such as the UN. This is why this “project” is trying to disappear, because it is ineffective.

What’s more, this process has its obvious stakeholders. An organisation that does not have the right to exert “legitimate pressure” simply becomes useless. The world order is changing, the rules of the game are changing. The Western collective, which realises this, is trying to further undermine the existing framework of mutual coexistence in the hope of winning this confrontation.

Some analysts compare the current crisis of the organisation to the crisis in which the world order and the Society of Nations found themselves at the start of the Second World War. Officially aimed at preventing hostilities, ensuring collective security and settling disputes between countries through diplomatic negotiations, the Society of Nations failed to achieve the statutory objectives for which it had been created in 1919. In fact, the organisation ceased to exist in 1942 and, in 1946, transferred all its powers to the newly created UN.

Apparently, the United States has chosen a similar scenario today. If the UN cannot prevent wars and conflicts and, above all, if it does not allow the sole will of the United States and its partners to be carried out through it, then let’s think about creating a new organisation to replace the United Nations. The interest is clear and calculated.

But for Russia, at least for the time being, this option does not suit it at all. As a permanent member of the UN Security Council (and what’s more, of the five permanent members, at least one is our obvious ally – China), it has the unquestionable right to express its position on international issues and to veto UN Security Council resolutions that are not in its interests.

On the other hand, I see no reason to believe that the world community today would be capable of creating a better international organisation based not only on the law, but also on the principles of justice and humanity.

Вероника Козакова

Specialist in international relations, doctoral student in political science Veronika Kazakova – especially for Donbass Insider






un human rights

UN High commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk on American cluster munitions in Ukraine

What a two-faced fraud this guy is ........ he says UN has a right to argue against the use of this munition .... in actuality, UN has the right to enforce the proscription against any terrorist state that employs outlawed weaponry.

This fraud had a duty under UN Charter to identify Joseph R. Biden as a terrorist and America as a terrorist state .. he didn't. UN is a joke .. just like World Court is a joke. Welcome back to the Cold War that Reagan and Gorbachev ended .. and Daddy Bush and his psycho Neocons reignited.





Screenshot 32un to decide

Burkina Faso orders UN official to leave

 Burkina Faso's government has expelled a top UN official, Barbara Manzi, for 'discrediting the country.' Local reporter Ouezen Louis-Oulon brings us the details.


Screenshot 10un sexual

Why the UN Has a Sexual Abuse Problem | System Error


 The United Nations in New York City, in the United States.

 The majority of the world's population does not realize the United Nations, with the help of traitorous politicians working to take our right away.

We, the people, have not been asked if we want to be run by a world United Nations dictatorship, because of our western media and political parties, do not inform us in many cases what the United Nations is trying to change or has changed and how much influence they have in the running of our countries.

 The United Nations is not the first attempt by the globalists to set up a world governing body.  The idea of the UN originally stemmed from the US State Department back in 1939 and its ideas were founded from previous attempts at world government including the League of Nations which was founded not even 20 years prior.  It also based its foundations on The Concert of Europe which was an alliance of European states that maintained a balance of power within the region between the end of the Napoleonic Wars to the beginning of World War I. Both the League of Nations and The Concert of Europe failed due to large shifts within the political landscapes of the time and after World War II the world was ripe for another attempt at creating a New World Order.

The original UN Charter was ratified by 26 signatories and by the end of 1945 was signed by 51 member states. Behind the governments agreeing to the concepts and charter of this governing body are some of the world's leading elite including the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bankers, Fabian Society, Trilateral Commission, and the Zionists. The Rockefeller family donated the land that the UN head office was built on in New York City.

There is much historical evidence of the involvement of the of globalist elite, including this arrogant quote by James P. Warburg a member of an influential banking Jewish family proclaimed before the U.S. Senate on 17th February 1950:

"We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world government will be achieved by conquest or consent".

The main stream media which is owned in large by members promoting the New World Order Globalist doesn't discuss or allow the public to know the real reasons behind the United Nations.

The United Nations Universal Aims:

  • Reduce world population.
  • Remove national sovereignty.
  • Disarm the public - destroy private gun ownership.
  • One central army under the United Nations control.
  • Abolish national constitutions (including the American constitution).
  • Remove the right to free speech.
  • Reduce Birth Rate - introduce tax on those who have more than two children.
  • Abolish private property including farming and businesses.
  • Introduce universal migration ensuring full multicultural goals are met.
  • Create the UNESCO brown man.
  • Remove borders from all countries.

 Screenshot 2fear master


 You must watch this video.

G. Edward Griffin on the United Nations

The truth behind the United Nations – it’s purpose is world government.

The U.N. Deception


The United Nation Laws
As stated on the UN website:

The development of International Law is one of the primary goals of the United Nations. The Charter of the United Nations, in its Preamble, sets the objective "to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained".

Who Wrote the United Nations Charter?

Alger Hiss Mug ShotOne of the most concerning aspects about the original charter of the United Nations was that one of its primary writers was a representative of the State Department - Alger Hiss.  This is most worrying as Alger Hiss was incarcerated later on for being a Communist Spy for the USSR.  While Hiss maintained his innocence up until the day he died, there is quite significant evidence that has now been declassified proving his guilt.

His questionable background was known at the time and the ethics of using a communist spy in such important literature was brought up in a speech made to the House of Representatives on Wednesday, April 28, 1954,  the Hon. Usher L Burdick of North Dakota questioned:

"Who were the principal movers at San Francisco for this United Nations Charter? Who wrote the Charter? and who had the most to do in shaping its provisions? The answer is that the Russian Communists and Alger Hiss, a representative of State Department, were the prime movers and schemers in arranging its provisions. That is the same Alger Hiss who was convicted of perjury when he denied sending secret material to the Soviet Union representatives. Its very beginning gave the document a bad odor".

 The United Nations Founders 

May - July 1945

U.S Delegation

Secret Communists - 16

Council on Foreign Relations Members - 43

Anti-Semitic Zionist Influence of the United Nations and World Government

There has been an ongoing globalist Zionist/communist agenda of World Government, well before the creation of Israel.  The first president of Israel was not shy to discuss this idea of a world order under Jewish control and it came often frequently in various interviews that span decades.

Time Magazine Cover August 1948In a Time Magazine interview published August 1948, "The Watchman" (Time Magazine, August 16, 1948, p. 25) he stated

"Our policy must be the unity of the human race. The world is divided into two blocs. We consider that the United Nations ideal is a Jewish ideal."

He discussed it again in the 60s during the Cold War:

"All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars.  In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the scene of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prohesied by Isaiah."

- David Ben-Gurion, In His Own Words (1969) Fleet Press Corp, pg 116

Zionist leader Nahum Sokolow bragged that the League of Nations the precursor of the United Nations was also a Jewish invention:

"The League of Nations is a Jewish idea, and Jerusalem some day will become the capital of the world's peace.  We Jews throughout the world will make the League's struggle our own and will not rest until there is ultimate victory."

- Dr. Sokolow, Zionist Conference (1922) Carlsbad, California

There is no denying that the Zionists have openly embraced and admitted their involvement in a one world government in the last century.

United Nations Structure

United Nations Security Council

The Security Council is run by five permanent members - Russia, China, United States, France and United Kingdom.  The majority of these "superpowers" are very heavily influenced by globalist who have an iron grip on these nations due to their vast financial wealth which has bought them control of the political, banking and media agendas.

Each of these five permanent members is given veto rights where unless all five countries agree on an item, it isn't approved.  Alongside the five permanent members, another five countries are elected for two year seats on the Security Council though these additional five nations do not receive veto rights.

UN Security Council reform: is it time?


United Nations

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Headquarters New York City (international territory)
Principal organs of the United Nations [88]
UN General Assembly
— Deliberative assembly of all UN member states —
UN Secretariat
— Administrative organ of the UN —
International Court of Justice
— Universal court for international law —
UN General Assembly hall
Headquarters of the UN in New York City
International Court of Justice
  • May resolve non-compulsory recommendations to states or suggestions to the Security Council (UNSC);
  • Decides on the admission of new members, following proposal by the UNSC;
  • Adopts the budget;
  • Elects the non-permanent members of the UNSC; all members of ECOSOC; the UN Secretary General (following his/her proposal by the UNSC); and the fifteen judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). Each country has one vote.
  • Supports the other UN bodies administratively (for example, in the organization of conferences, the writing of reports and studies and the preparation of the budget);
  • Its chairperson – the UN Secretary General – is elected by the General Assembly for a five-year mandate and is the UN's foremost representative.
  • Decides disputes between states that recognize its jurisdiction;
  • Issues legal opinions;
  • Renders judgment by relative majority. Its fifteen judges are elected by the UN General Assembly for nine-year terms.
UN Security Council
— For international security issues —
UN Economic and Social Council
— For global economic and social affairs —
UN Trusteeship Council
— For administering trust territories (currently inactive) —
UN security council
UN Economic and Social Council
UN Trusteeship Council
  • Responsible for co-operation between states as regards economic and social matters;
  • Co-ordinates co-operation between the UN's numerous specialized agencies;
  • Has 54 members, elected by the General Assembly to serve staggered three-year mandates.
  • Was originally designed to manage colonial possessions that were former League of Nations mandates;
  • Has been inactive since 1994, when Palau, the last trust territory, attained independence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


 Screenshot 2star tv

 UN General Assembly

  128 UN member states call for USA to withdraw Jerusalem move

 A total of 128 countries, including Malaysia, on Dec 21 voted in favour of a United Nations General Assembly resolution calling for the United States to withdraw its decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. However, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley(Jewish) said America will go on and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

God bless UN and all the countries. justice will always privail. Isreal be free let your people be free give Palestinians their land. You were chosen people of God do not oppress others.

The United States of America, have been stabbed in the back. The land of Israel was given to them by God. The Arabs are illegal immigrants in the Holy Land, that belongs to king David,in the city of David..


The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization responsible for maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations, achieving international cooperation, and being a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.[2] It is the largest, most familiar, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world. The UN is headquartered on international territory in New York City; other main offices are in Geneva, Nairobi, Vienna and The Hague.

List of United Nations organizations by location

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Palace of Nations. The United Nations Office at Geneva (Switzerland) is the second most important UN centre, after the United Nations Headquarters.

While the Secretariat of the United Nations is headquartered in New York City, its many bodies, specialized agencies, and related organizations are headquartered in other parts of the world, particularly in Europe.


Other Large Offices

Food and Agriculture - Rome

World health Organization - Geneva

Seabed Authority - Jamaica

Atomic Energy Agency - Vienna

Maritime Organization - London

Plus more Agencies and Organizations in Tokyo, Bangkok, Montreal, Paris, Nairobi +++[SOLUTION] The John Birch Society: "Get US Out! of the United Nations" with John F. McManus

Brian Wilson examines the history of leadership at the World Health Organization and speculates about their ultimate goal in moderating the so-called COVID pandemic.



The United Nation World Health Organization

Screenshot 82 men un


Brian Wilson examines the history of leadership at the World Health Organization and speculates about their ultimate goal in moderating the so-called COVID pandemic.


Who's Who At The WHO?


Screenshot 1who t o

WHO Director a Member of Communist Terrorist Organization?


The International Organization for Migration (IOM)

 This Organization is moving non whites into Europe etc.

United Nations

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

The IOM, established in 1951, is the leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners. IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people. In September 2016, IOM joined the United Nations System as a related organization during the United Nations General Assembly high-level summit to address large movements of refugees and migrants.[19]

Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM)

 This Organization is moving non whites into Europe etc.



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) is an intergovernmentally negotiated agreement, prepared under the auspices of the United Nations, that describes itself as covering "all dimensions of international migration in a holistic and comprehensive manner".[3]

The compact was formally endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly on 19 December 2018.[4] As the Compact is not an international treaty, it will be non-binding under international law. The Crown Law Office of New Zealand published an opinion as guidance to the New Zealand Government, affirming the Compact will be non-binding, but will not be legally irrelevant, and "courts may be refer to the Compact and to take the Compact into account as an aid in interpreting immigration legislation".[5]
Everybody should check if your country has signed the agreement to allow people to come to your country with entirely different races and cultures. If your government has signed yes with no clauses, the United Nations could move other races and nationalities into your country, and they can move whites into black countries and blacks into white counties.

 The United States scrapped its white European policy in 1965, and Australia did the same in March 1966.


List of countries that signed the United Nations Global Compact (take in non natives).


Un Result of the United Nations General Assembly vote for the endorsement of the Global Compact on 19 December 2018.[21]

 Voted for
 Voted against
 Abstention from voting
 Did not attend

 Everybody should check if your country has signed the agreement to allow people to come to your country with entirely different races and cultures. If your government has signed yes with no clauses, the United Nations could move other races and nationalities into your country, and they can move whites into black countries and blacks into white counties.

 The United States scrapped its white European policy in 1965, and Australia did the same in March 1966.


Screenshot 2info wars

United Nations breaks its own laws by promoting the Replacement Migration into Europe

Understanding UN Population Migration Agenda


The United Nations Human Rights Council

United Nations Human Rights Council - Wikipedia

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC; French: Conseil des droits de l'homme des Nations unies, CDH) is a United Nations body whose mission is to promote and protect human rights around the world. The UNHRC has 47 members elected for staggered three-year terms on a regional group basis.
 Screenshot 2us leaving
  8:43 "The human rights council passed 5 resolutions against Israel, more than North Korea, Iran, and Syria combined." While that might show proof of a political bias against Israel, it shows more proof that ISRAEL IS THE BIGGEST HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR OF ALL TIME!!!!!!
The United Nation Human Rights Laws

Screenshot 1un police

Alex Jones breaks down how the U.N. is using their own police to enforce medical tyranny and censorship in the US and other countries around the world.

United Nations Now Officially Censoring Major Universities' Covid-19 Reporting829 views·Sep 15, 2020

 UN promote white replacement and politicians should ignore voters.

  The UN Boss “migration is not the problem but the solution”, and politicians should ignore voters.


The United Nation Laws
As stated on the UN website:

The development of International Law is one of the primary goals of the United Nations. The Charter of the United Nations, in its Preamble, sets the objective "to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained".
UN Human Rights

An introduction to the concept of human rights, and the United Nations framework to promote and protect human rights.
What is a human rights treaty body?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- Articles 1-30 -- Hear and Read the Full Text

Article 2.

Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, and religion, political or other opinion.

Comment: Under this article, different racial groups from around the world who want to have self-determination cannot have it under this law. Because non-natives move into your country, you cannot discriminate against them. Because of this law, you have to let them stay, and they receive special treatment when it comes to jobs due to playing victim mode. This is laying down the foundation of destruction for the native population. When these people continue to flood that country, they will eventually outnumber the locals and replaced them.

Article 7.

All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

Comment: Immigrants are given special protection, the police and the court system have been very lenient on them, and the local native population, the law is still harsh.

Article 10.

Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.

Comment: The media and including the human rights council have not had white people to come forth and complain about discrimination and genocide practiced against them by the politicians, media, and the United Nations.

Article 11.

 Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense.

Comment: If a woman says he raped me 30 years ago, it is presumed that guy is guilty when it is merely her word against his. Therefore he is guilty even before proven guilty.

Article 14

 Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.

Comment: Many people take advantage of article 14, as by going to other countries and claiming asylum from persecution. Still, we know many of these people burn all their papers, passports, and make up a story to get into the country. And because they have no passport or documents to show what country they came from, it's harder to return them and we have no way in knowing if they're a criminal, rapist, terrorist or murderer.

The majority of people coming into Europe are not coming from war zones. They're trying to escape poverty, and they want a better life. They're coming into the country and replacing the locals and laying down the foundation of genocide and replacement, which is against the united nation's laws



White Europeans must build organizations to present Whites and other races in the United Nation, and reveal the hate against all races.

 Genocite Whites and Other Races

Screenshot 7europeam co eec


United Nations Laws on Self Defence, Genocide, Racism, Persecution & Indigenous Rights

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"Everyone has the right to enjoy freedom from persecution."

In Western countries, Europeans are persecuted by government policies, through the media and education system. They are not allowed a referendum on the decision to allow vast numbers of third world immigrants (many people say invasion) into European countries.  If Europeans complain, they are labeled "racist", "bigots", or "extremists".

United Nations Treaty: Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide

“…acts committed with the intent to destroy in whole or in part, a national ethnic, racial or religious group…”

Governments in Western countries, media, and anti-European organizations have been campaigning to genocide the Europeans worldwide by reducing their birth rates from 2.8 down to 1.6, taking their rights away, flooding their countries with third world immigration, and promotion of interracial marriage.

United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination

" Considering that all human beings are equal before the law and are entitled to equal protection of the law against any discrimination and against any incitement to discrimination"

If European Caucasians campaigned against affirmative action, busing, their genocide and the destruction of their culture, nation, they are labeled as racist.  When    United Nations are breaking their own laws.

United Nations Indigenous Laws Declaration

"indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired. Entire country."

The majority of the world's population are indigenous to the lands they reside over.  For example, the Chinese are indigenous to China, the Black population of North Western Africa are indigenous to that region, European Caucasians are indigenous to Europe and Arab Caucasians are indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa.

The United Nations indigenous laws should give equal rights to all racial groups who are the original inhabitants who have lived in the region for thousands of years. Those people who are practicing genocide within interracial marriages are effectively betraying their own people and country.

British Democratic Party: Indigenous People Crushed

"This article concerns the subject of Indigenous People, and in particular, the Indigenous People of Britain. If you happen to be British born and bred, would you consider yourself to be an indigenous British person?"


Individual and Collective Self-Defense in Article 51 of the Charter of ...

 UN article 51 of Self Defence

Article 51. “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Aug 23, 2016
by JL Kunz - ‎1947 - ‎Cited by 293 - ‎Related articles
Apr 20, 2017 - Individual and Collective Self-Defense in Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations - Volume 41 Issue 4 - Josef L. Kunz.

 UN Intervening Domesticallly

UN Intervening Domesticallly

"Nothing in the present Charter shall authorize the United nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the jurisdiction of any state...."

UN Charter, Article 2, paragraph 7

"The United Nations should not be interfering in any state," yet, the United Nations breaks its own rules.

UN's Tentacles

Education, Population, Children, Women, Enviornment, Trade, Finance, Health, Agriculture, Labor, Military, Science, Culture, Atomic Power, Telecommunications, Aviation, Industrial Development, Narcotics, Refugees, Property Rights, etc.


United States Constitution and United Nations laws.

The following verse comes to form the United States Constitution that our rights are protected by our creator (God).

 "Men...are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

The following verse is from the United Nations, which says our rights are not Guarantee and can be taken away at any time.

" secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men..."

Screenshot 1un hate

Secretary-General of the United Nations

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The secretary-general of the United Nations (UNSG or just SG) is the head of the United Nations Secretariat, one of the six principal organs of the United Nations. The secretary-general serves as the chief administrative officer of the United Nations. The role of the United Nations Secretariat, and of the secretary-general in particular, is laid out by Chapter XV (Articles 97 to 101) of the United Nations Charter.

As of 2020, the secretary-general is António Guterres of Portugalappointed by the General Assembly on 13 October 2016.[1]

António Guterres picture below.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres, born 30 April 1949) is a Portuguese politician and diplomat who is serving as the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations. Previously, he was the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees between 2005 and 2015.[1]

Guterres was the prime minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002 and was the secretary-general of the Socialist Party from 1992 to 2002. He served as president of the Socialist International from 1999 to 2005

António Guterres, Jewish & Israel News | ...

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres requested the removal of a report accusing Israel of apartheid from the website of the UN body that published it, Reuters ...

 The following article from Jewish run Breitbart News Agancy

New UN Boss Tells Europe Migration Unstoppable, Says Politicians Should Ignore Voters


New UN Boss Tells Europe Migration Unstoppable, And Politicians Should Ignore Voters



Drew Angerer/Getty

The incoming Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) told a room of policymakers in Europe on Wednesday that “migration is not the problem but the solution”, and said politicians should ignore voters.

Speaking in Lisbon at the Vision Europe Summit, António Guterres said European nations have no right to control their borders and that they must instead take in floods of the world’s poorest people

“The idea that management of migration is a matter of national sovereignty is extremely limited. The truth is that in the meantime, the real controllers of international mobility are the smugglers and criminal organisations. It must be recognised that migration is inevitable and will not stop”, the socialist told the crowd of policymakers and researchers.

Regarding priorities for the UN, when he takes over from South Korean Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General, Guterres said he already has “several items to put on the discussion table to drive positive developments” with regards to the goal of making Europe accept more migrants.

This will take place in the form of “develop[ing] legal migration opportunities as the only way to fight against criminal networks”, he hinted.

Guterres insisted that every European Union (EU) nation must be forced to “share the burden” of mass migration.

Despite having used the word “burden” to describe giving residence to large numbers of aliens, the 67-year-old went on to declare: “We must convince [Europeans] that migration is inevitable and that it is the multiethnic societies which are multicultural and multireligious who are building wealth.”

The UN’s next head acknowledged he is “not convinced that it will be easy, given the state of [public] opinion”. Calling for politicians to put “tolerance” and “reason” at the heart of their decision making, Portugal’s former prime minister urged lawmakers to prioritise “values” over respecting voters’ wishes.

He stated: “When elected officials hesitate to choose between values and the next election, I would advise them to choose values. If they go for short term [electoral gain] they will lose both, because there will always come a time when they lose an election  At that point, it becomes very hard to recover the values that have been abandoned.”

Quoting Winston Churchill’s condemnation of then-Prime Minister of Britain Neville Chamberlain, in 1938, Guterres said: “You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war.”

Far from being linked to wealth, data from different European countries support the idea that non-European migrants are a net cost to nations’ treasuries. In the Netherlands, 65 per cent of non-European migrants who arrived during the 1990s are still living on welfare.


The research of University College London psychology professor Dr. James Thompson shows Europe is being harmed by mass migration from poorer countries, as on average the newcomers’ intellectual competence is much lower than that of natives.

Partly as a result of their culture and partly due to genetics, he notes that the difference in intelligence results in migrants having “lower status, lower wages and higher resentment at perceived differences.

“On the latter point, if the West cannot bear to mention competence differences, then differences in outcome are seen as being due solely to prejudice,” Thompson warns.


Antonio Guterres.

 Antonio Guterres is a socialist and socialism/communism is the same. According to some information it appears he to be very pro-Israel, anti-Palatinate, and anti-white, this indicates he could be Zionist, Jewish, or simply both.


U.N. is using their own police to enforce medical tyranny and censorship around the world.




United Nations UNESCO Brown Man

UNESCO Brown Man

The United Nations UNESCO wants to break down all boundaries in all countries. It is behind the multiracial, multicultural agenda in all nations, promoting third world immigration, (many people call invasions) into all first world nations and has continued to build upon the original ideas and concepts promoted by Coudenhove-Kalergi in the early 20th century. 

The UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Brown Man pictured on the right is the ultimate goal of their long-term agenda. The screenshot of this image here was taken from a book called The Ultimate World Order by Robert H Williams (1957) and is an in-depth analysis of a book called "The Jewish Utopia" by Paul Higgins (1932).  Under the image it reads:

Above is the "UNESCO Brown Man", as we may call him or it, which I photographed from page 70 of the book UNITED NATIONS: Blueprint for Peace. The author of the book says the picture is an official UN photograph.  The cutline under the picture says it "represents all of us, everyone on earth".  Obviously, this raceless, characterless "man", standing on the world, is the UNESCO ideal toward which all of us must work, the blending of all the races of mankind into one composite, raceless, nationless, homeless, characterless, faceless, brown slob - utterly lost from all heritage and completely subject to the will of the Zionist "master race" - which, while producing the propaganda to cause us to blend, quickens the tribal pride of the Jews to keep them from blending.  The statue resembles the "art" of and evidently was done by, the Jewish revolutionary Bernard Rosenthal who also did the famous or infamous trio, the Faceless Family.  "Mr and Mrs. Faceless and Little Faceless", showing parents and a child just like the above, representing the future family.

White traitor Jew Promote Race-Mixing To Genocide All Races Including Whites and Jews

“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is RACIAL TENSION. By propounding into the consciousness of the DARK races, that for centuries they have been oppressed by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will endeavor to instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the PROFESSIONS, and in the world of SPORTS and ENTERTAINMENT. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to INTER-MARRY with the Whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” AUTHOR – Israel Cohen(Zionist — Communist — Internationalist) “A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century” >Published in 1912 . On June 17, 1957, the above passage was read into the United States Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy
Promote Race-Mixing To Genocide All Races

Screenshot 1kalergi
Removing White European only policy
"In 1950, it was estimated there were no more than 20,000 non-White residents in the United Kingdom, mainly in England; almost all born overseas. Just after the end of World War II, the first groups of post-war Caribbean immigrants started to emigrate and settle in London."

In the British Isles, political parties agreed on opening their doors for non-whites into the country. The government leadership would also have to go through the process of advising the British Queen.   While the policy was pushed in motion behind the scenes, nobody seemed to object the idea in government, and the public was never asked.

This would also be true for all other white European countries, where political parties, royal families, and the elites, including the mainstream media, would have had to agree to start the great replacement program in all European countries.



United Nations Agenda 21 2030


 Screenshot 2agenda 21

The UN is the Number ONE enemy of all nations, and are the Military Arm of the Globalists.

Wardo Rants

The woman is a self proclaimed "liberal" and gets it wrong on a few points. The dogmatic automatism of "liberals" strikes. We call the US "libererals" communists, equivalent to European leftist loons.

 The Soviet empire had "state owned corporations" dear madam called "people's firms", I witnessed it and have a good comparison.


There's video footage going around online from that very same U.N. compound in Utah. A lady was filming a U.N staff, and was told that American law doesn't apply inside because it's now "International territory"

While researching the subject, I learned that in 1979, there were 173 Nations that signed an agreement for this.

But, we DO need to get those asswipes OFF our soil, and OUT of our SOVEREIGN NATION!

Maybe Trump can repeal our signing of that agreement! The UN is the Number ONE enemy of all nations, and are the Military Arm of the Globalists.


United Nations Agenda 21

Agenda 21 ObjectivesAgenda 21 is a program run by the United Nations to gain control of all land and countries under the guise of "sustainable development". It is a part of the New World Order program and universal government approach that they have been working on for a number of years.

The promotion of Agenda 21 is a way to ensure the destruction of all private property ownership, including farms, houses and business and to reduce world population.  It will remove and destroy all constitutions, restrict free speech and disarm the people.  When Agenda 21 is fully realised the United Nations will be in possession of all guns and subsequently there will be no opposition to their control.


Population Control and the Wildlands Project

 There is a scary map which shows the Wildlands Project, part of Agenda 21.  It demonstrates how fifty percent of the country, will be off-limits to humans, while the rest of the land will be highly controlled. There are little black spots on the map which show the locations of all the high rise buildings to be built.

Wildlands Map













Screenshot 2natural news

The legislation use terms such as "sustainable population" which sounds very sweet and nice but the underlying concept is much more sinister.  The actual figures coined of ultimate population is approximately 500 million which means we need to shed about 90% of our population. 



 Screenshot 2bikes


What is Agenda 21?

Agenda 21: The United Nations Diabolical Plan for the World is Explained

Agenda 21: The End of Private Property Has Begun...

Wikipedia: Agenda 21

Labors Evil Plan for Australia: Agenda 21 Genocide Plan

Agenda 2030

2030 UN Global Goals

Shadow Government Agenda 2030


Limits to Growth was right. New research shows we're nearing collapse

Smart Cities the ‘Next Best Thing to Population Control’

Agenda 2030 And The “New Economic World Order” – Coming This Year?

 UNICEF and the World Health Organisation


WHO Protest

Corruption has been claimed in both UNICEF and the U.N organization WHO, with many individual groups releasing media statements questioning their agenda and methods. One of the main concerns that has come up multiple times over the last 50 years is, the global scale planned parenthood type environment with the aim to reduce worldwide birth rates similar to the strategy of China and the one child policy. 

Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control


Rockefeller Foundation Developed Vaccines For “Mass-Scale” Fertility Reduction

Jurriaan Maessen
Thursday, August 5, 2010

In its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged funding the development of so-called “anti-fertility vaccines” and their implementation on a mass-scale. From page 51 onward we read:

“(…) several types of drugs are known to diminish male fertility, but those that have been tested have serious problems of toxicity. Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.


Tetanus Vaccines Spiked With Sterilization Chemical in Kenya

Tetanus Vaccines Spiked With Sterilization Chemical in Kenya

Originally published on Woman’s Vibe

Tetanus vaccines given to millions of young women in Kenya have been confirmed by laboratories to contain a sterilization chemical that causes miscarriages, reports the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine organization.

A whopping 2.3 million young girls and women are in the process of being given the vaccine, pushed by UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

“We sent six samples from around Kenya to laboratories in South Africa. They tested positive for the HCG antigen,” Dr. Muhame Ngare of the Mercy Medical Centre in Nairobi told LifeSiteNews. “They were all laced with HCG.”

Chemical causes a woman’s body to destroy its own fetus with vaccine-induced antibodies

HCG is a chemical developed by the World Health Organization for sterilization purposes. When injected into the body of a young woman, it causes a pregnancy to be destroyed by the body’s own antibody response to the HCG, resulting in a spontaneous abortion. Its effectiveness lasts for years, causing abortions in women up to three years after the injections.

Screenshot 1who unnn

 Battle Plan To Outlaw Vaccines Released By Famous MD


WARNING Tokyo donations - Red Cross and Unicef are more corrupt then bankers

UNICEF Exposed!

Rethinking International Organizations: Pathology and Promise


‘Philanthropist’ Bill Gates Openly Admits Support For “Death Panels” And Depopulation



U.N. Plans Global Taxes including an Internet Tax

One World United NationsThe United Nations is considering a new Internet tax targeting the largest Web content providers, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix, that could cripple their ability to reach users in developing nations.

This scheme was uncovered in a leaked 2009 Executive Board Report of the WHO's Expert Working Group on Research and Development Financing and it cited a variety of ideas involving global taxes for UN member states in order to raise vast sums of revenue:

Such a scheme could raise "tens of billions of dollars" on behalf of the United Nations' public health arm from a broad base of consumers, which would then be used to transfer drug-making research, development and manufacturing capabilities, among other things, to the developing world.

The multibillion-dollar "indirect consumer tax" is only one of a "suite of proposals" for financing the rapid transformation of the global medical industry that will go before WHO's 34-member supervisory Executive Board at its biannual meeting in Geneva.

The UN proposal represents another attempt to usurp the power of individual nations and become a one world government.  It's a direct threat to national sovereignty and places a huge amount of wealth and power in an organisation that has a staggering track record of inefficiency, mismanagement, corruption and unaccountability.

In 2012 yet again they issued a statement urging countries to  impose international taxes to raise more than $400 billion a year.  Some examples they wish member states to implement include a carbon tax, a currency transaction tax and a billionaires tax, to offset cutbacks in aid by many countries amid global economic turmoil.

Useful Links and Videos

Screenshot 2un nazies

Alex Jones: 'UN a Nazi movement'
The United Nations General Assembly has kicked off and many are wondering, do we really need the UN or other international organizations? A growing number of Americans are increasingly frustrated with international groups like the UN, IMF and World Bank. Many people are calling for the dismantling of all three organizations, including Alex Jones. He says that the United Nations is purely an evil, corrupt and wicked organization.

UN human rights Council: Five things to know



 The Globalist from United Nations, United States, Britain help communist take over some African countries. Video from The John Birch Society in 1988.

Africa and the New World Order | John F. McManus (1988)


 Review of the following video below.


 [SOLUTION] The John Birch Society: "Get US Out! of the United Nations" with John F. McManus

 The following source from above link.

  United Nation Founders

 Screenshot 11942 1945

  • 1942: A month after Pearl Harbor, formal "Declaration of the United Nations."
  • 1943: US, UK, USSR, China agree to form a World Government
  • 1944: Dumbarton Oaks Conference creates the initial draft of the UN Charter.
  • 1945: San Francisco Conference (50 Nations) produces the final UN Charter.


Screenshot 1karl kFounding of United Nations

May - July 1945
U.S. Delegation
Secret Communists - 16 including Alger Hiss
Council on Foreign Relations Members - 43

 Screenshot 1six days

only 13


United Nations Charter is a war document.

Screenshot 1wat war t

 In the United Nations member countries are referred to as states.

 Screenshot 1 karen war u

 There was NO korean War-it is still officially called a ''police action ''-nearly 60,000 White men died.

 Screenshot 1police action

Go Back Stormfront > >

Truman was a Zionist Jew. He revealed his Jewish ancestry in his autobiography. His real name was Harry Solomon Truman.

For America to declare war, the president must obtain a majority vote in the United States Congress. May of the the conflicts we had around the world after the second world war have not been called wars; they're called police actions because the United Nations.

Screenshot 1 karen war u

Korean War, Starts June 1950

  • North Korea invades South Korea.
  • UN Security Council: "All Members send forces."
  • U.S. supplies bulk of troops.
  • No declaration of war.

 Screenshot 1macarthur

United Nations Turns Blind Eye in Killing People

In the book “The Fearful Master” by G. Edward Griffin, it mentions that during the Korean war over five thousand American men, defenceless prisoners of war, were murdered by Communist forces. Most were shot in the head and dumped into mass graves. The United Nations General Assembly refused to condemn the Reds for these acts.

It was brought to the United Nation's attention in 1952 that between 14 – 20 million political murders were committed by the communist Chinese. The United Nations listened but took no action.

  Korea - The Forgotten War

 Screenshot 1seato


Screenshot 1jan


Screenshot 1vietnam

During the conflict, the United Nations introduced, rules of engagement, in the Vietnam police action, there were rules America had to follow, eg.

You couldn't attack planes on the ground.

Couldn't attack trucks, if they were parked on the side of the road

Couldn't close Haiphong harbor in North Vietnam where the ships arrived with Russian military supplies.

During the Vietnam War, Americans lost over 60 thousand troops, and hundreds of thousands were injured, this all happened because of the United Nations.

 First Iraq War - 1991

"The Gulf crisis has to do with a new world order. And that world order is only going to be enhanced if this newly activated peacekeeping function of the United Nations proves to be effective."

-President George h. W. Bush January 9, 1991

Screenshot 1many

Screenshot 13002

 Screenshot 1nato

Screenshot 13002

 Screenshot 1un t

 Screenshot 1us w

Screenshot 1nonono

The United Nations has a significant influence on power and military negotiation, yet we have not seen a decrease in the number of wars. We cannot defeat the enemy because the United Nations will not allow us. Because of the United Nations wars go longer, cost more money, and the human sacrifices are more significant.

List of wars


 "All peoples have ethnic interests and all peoples have a legitimate right to assert their interests, to construct societies that reflect their culture, and to define the borders of their kinship group."
Kevin MacDonald: A New Webzine: Introducing The Occidental Observer

1961: The United States State Department document 7277.

Gradual turn United States Military over to the United Nations

  Disarm the citizenry.

Screenshot 11966

 UN Intervening Domesticallly

UN Intervening Domesticallly

"Nothing in the present Charter shall authorize the United nations to intervene in matters which are essentially within the jurisdiction of any state...."

UN Charter, Article 2, paragraph 7

"The United Nations should not be interfering in any state," yet, the United Nations breaks its own rules.

UN's Tentacles

Education, Population, Children, Women, Enviornment, Trade, Finance, Health, Agriculture, Labor, Military, Science, Culture, Atomic Power, Telecommunications, Aviation, Industrial Development, Narcotics, Refugees, Property Rights, etc.


United States Constitution and United Nations laws.


The following verse comes to form the United States Constitution that our rights are protected by our creator (God).

 "Men...are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

The following verse is from the United Nations, which says our rights are not Guarantee and can be taken away at any time.

" secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men..."

Screenshot 1will

Editorial Reviews


Americans today can defeat the UN would-be world order without a clash of arms; Jasper recommends an educational approach. -- The New American, July 30, 2001

About the Author

For the past decade, William F. Jasper has served as a senior editor of The New American magazine, published by an affiliate of The John Birch Society. Mr. Jasper has covered firsthand many of the major UN conferences, including the 1992 "Earth Summit" in Rio de Janeiro, the 1998 Rome summit for an International Criminal Court, and the September 2000 UN Millennium Summit in new York. His previous book, Global Tyranny-Step by Step: The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (1992), has been praised as the most authoritative and detailed expose of the UN ever written.

Screenshot 1globalist

This book is the most all-encompassing study available about the United Nations and its ultimate goal: total world government. William F. Jasper documents the organization's calculated encroachment into virtually every aspect of our lives, including the economy, politics, the military, the environment, the family, and even religion.

  Customers who viewed The United Nations Exposed also viewed

The text of that Breitbart article offers hope. The facts about race keep coming out.


Far from being linked to wealth, data from different European countries support the idea that non-European migrants are a net cost to nations’ treasuries. In the Netherlands, 65 per cent of non-European migrants who arrived during the 1990s are still living on welfare.

The research of University College London psychology professor Dr. James Thompson shows Europe is being harmed by mass migration from poorer countries, as on average the newcomers’ intellectual competence is much lower than that of natives.

Partly as a result of their culture and partly due to genetics, he notes that the difference in intelligence results in migrants having “lower status, lower wages and higher resentment at perceived differences.


The-United-Nations, World Economic Forum & World-Government


Screenshot 1klaus i hate p

The-United-Nations, World Economic Forum & World-Government

  The Great Reset Is Not A Conspiracy Theory! (And no one likes you, Klaus)


How is this a conspiracy theory when good ole Klaus wrote a book titled "The Great Reset". So lame.


Sad your president is worse than Biden. ? After they demons destroy America where can people run to?


The main kind of terrorism today are the fear tactics of the Main Stream Media. Should have been handled 3.5 years ago. Potus screwed up, he didn't think it was relative, and now Twitter dumps Trumps comments. Nobody is perfect I guess, but today its the leading edge of corruption.


They want to turn us into digital beings. My only hope: They once called it agenda 21 (meaning 2021). Now it is called agenda 2030. So they are late. And i know one thing for sure: I will rather die than give into this artificial shit. Thanks for your real great work, dear Polly. Love from Germany.


We the People do NOT elect the president, according to the Constitution; the electors do. The main purpose of the "popular" vote is to condition the people for democracy, which leads to socialism. This election fraud nonsense serves the same exact purpose. The more the sheople are exposed to the idea that they vote for president, the more they will believe in and, eventually, accept a democracy over a republic.


Professor Klaus Schwab is a Jewish Zionist

Professor Klaus Schwab is a Jewish Zionist and is the president of the World Economic Forum.

28. 12. 2014 — Klaus schwab also known as "the clown of Davos' world economic forum (WEF)" ... Kissinger (notorious US war criminal and well known Zionist jew) as MENTOR who ...

Chybí: bitchute.stormfront





Abolish the United Nation

[SOLUTION] The John Birch Society: "Get US Out! of the United Nations" with John F. McManus



The United Nations is promoting non-white immigration into Europe, Australia, United States, Ireland, Africa and Asian countries. It breaks it's owns laws, it does not stop wars and it does not promote free speech.

 The world community must come together through their different nations to challenge the validity of these permanent members of the UN Security Council who have almost absolute power in changing the tides of world politics.

United States President Trump should remove US from ALL UN mandates.

Protect Your Rights:  Contact List

If you would like to protest, go through the list below, and send emails, write letters or even protest at the relevant address/es.  However, please do not send abusive or threatening correspondence.

United Nations Secretary General

Fax: +1-212.963.5012

Special Envoy to the Middle East

Fax: + 32 2 285 87 52

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Postal address
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, (OHCHR)
Palais des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland

General Inquiries   
Phone:  +41 22 917 9220
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Media Inquires/Interview Requests    
Phone:  +41 22 917 9383
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

National Institutions and Regional Mechanisms Section
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Civil Society Unit     
Phone:  +41 22 917 9656
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Donor and External Relations Section
Phone:  +41 22 917 94 38
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Form

Office of the Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 600
New York, NY 10017 USA
Phone:  1 917 367 2589
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Fight Against Genocide Archive

Screenshot 1white genocide



Fighting Against Genocide

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Europe is Committing Suicide. Or Its Leaders have decided commit Suicide.

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Soros Goal To Destroy Christian Civilization, & The White Race.

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Jewish Race Mixing Is A Catastrophe

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Chairman of Jewish National Fund Claims Race Mixing is a ‘Catastrophe’ ...

Trump  May Have Just ENDED Chain Migration

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Attacks on nonwhites in Germany

Attacks on nonwhites in Germany

   Taken from The New Observer The War for Germany Continues: 609 &ldquo...

Reducing the World Population

Reducing the World Population

"The Globalist Agenda in 10 Minutes" w/Dr. Rima Laibow & Rt Mj Gn Bert Stubbleb...

Cheating the Asylum Application System

Cheating the Asylum Application System

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Joseph Stalin & 40 Million Europeans Killed. .

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Fighting Against Genocide Archives

Fighting Against Genocide Archives

The Kalergi in his own words: "(European) man of the future will be mixed races....

Drawings From The Gulags, In The Soviet Union

Drawings From The Gulags, In The Soviet Union

      Brutal! Drawings from the Gulag. #Gulag #Bolsheviks #Che...

Muslim and African’ migrants should be returned to home

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White Children In The Communist Gulag Concentration Camps

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Children of the Gulag   SLAVIC WORLD The former Soviet Union ruled ...

Farmland (Killing Whites in South Africa)

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FARMLANDS (2018) | Official Documentary Lauren Southern    ...

Some Jews Sold & Owned White Slaves

Some Jews Sold & Owned White Slaves

 Jewish Ownership Of Slavic White Slaves In The Ottoman Empire   SLAVI...

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

Barbary Muslim Pirates Kidnapped Whites

   Barbary Slave Trade - Millions of Europeans enslaved in North Africa ...




Zionism Has Deceived And Sacraficed Jews

Screenshot 2tot

Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro explains what the goal of Zionism is.

Why did Zionists created Zionism

CMES hosted a speaking event featuring Rabbi Yakkov Shapiro. The event was held at the International Law Institute in Washington, D.C. Rabbi Shapiro is the rabbi of a congregation in Queens, New York. He is best known for his outspoken stance defending the historic Orthodox Jewish position that rejects the concept of Jewish nationalism and therefore opposes Zionism and does not recognize Israel as the Jewish State. 

He has represented this position on behalf of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community throughout the world to a remarkable variety of audiences, including those in the United States, the state of Israel and the EU in Brussels. Rabbi Shapiro is the author of three books and numerous articles dealing with Jewish philosophy and law. He is currently completing a three volume work on traditional Jewish opposition to Zionism.

 Rabbi Shapiro is the author of three books and numerous articles dealing with Jewish philosophy and law. He is currently completing a three volume work on traditional Jewish opposition to Zionism.

Has Zionism Hijacked Judaism. - Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

1899: The "Father of Zionism" Theodor Herzl proposed the 'Final Solution of the Jewish question' & proposed liquidation of Jewish wealth.
“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews.. . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. . .I have an excellent idea. . . I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth. . . The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends”.
(From his Diary, Part I, pp. 16)
Sources from a Jewish website
On November 22, 1899 Herzl submitted the Zionist plan for "the final solution of the jewish question" to Tsar Nicolas II:
The complete diaries of Theodor Herzl
  Volume 3
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: 1899: The "Father of Zionism" proposed the 'Final Solution of the Jewish question'
Other Zionist "Final Solutions of the Jewish Question":


Most Jews Don't Understand Real Zionism
From Dick Eastman
Most Jews don't realize how Zionism has deceived and sacraficed them to the collective myth and they don't realize the cost they have paid...
Not even the majority of Jews understand how underhanded Zionism is, how Jews the individuals have been used and deceived by Zionism the cult and conspiracy.
Zionism is the perfect example of the the failure of collectivist thinking -- individualism/particularist existence is sacrificed to make total mobilization of the myth a reality, the reality of attaining master race by guile, deceit, dehumanization of one's fellow man (denial of his full status as fellow human being) and murder, a tribal cult that is over three thousand years older than Hitler's Aryan vision, and against which Hitler's Aryan vision was merely an ad hoc patchwork of counter-propaganda to raise German morale for a fight against Jewish racist fanaticism bent on enslavement and degradation of all peoples not Jewish.
Senior Greek Priest Blames Jews
Metropolite of Piraeus identifies Jewish conspiracy as source of Greece's problems ?
In 1984, a American Jewish Journalist tells the true story of the Zionist-Hitler Pact and is disowned by his parents for it.
1933 - Zionists signed a deal with Hitler - The Transfer Agreement*
Jewish author, Edwin Black, writes 1984 book, The The Transfer Agreement: The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine on Hitler's deal with Zionist Jews in Germany to remove 55,000Jews with $100,000,000.00 from Germany to Palestine in 1933. From this one surmizes that the loud 1933 Jewish war of sanctions on Hitler declared from Madison Square Garden at around the same time was Zionist propaganda cover for this secret Zionist-Hitler compact to help found Israel and rid Hitler's Germans of Jews too crafty and manipulating for a nation of simple craftsmen etc. to handle (see Zundel talk linked below for more on this -- and Hitler's speech also linked.)
Hitler responds to Churchill's decision to Genocide German civilians at the beginning of World War 2 after three months of British bombing of German cities...
Two Speeches By Hitler -
"We Shall Crush The Freemasons"
Hitler Against Freemasons, International Finance, War Profiteers etc.
After the betrayal of Hitler by the Zionists - who wanted BOTH domination of Germany and the Homeland and the declaration of war on Germany by Britain and France - Hitler made this speech:
"Our Enemies Face The Entire German Folk"
National Socialism -- What Was it?
Ernst Zundel expalins why Hitler had to concentrate on race. The Jews were just to wily and manipulating of laws and media for the trusting easy going Germans to handle - so he made a deal with Zionism
Pt One
Pt Two
Screenshot 2rabbies

 Neturei Karta International

 Screenshot 2rabbi 2

Neturei Karta International

  Rabbi Dovid Feldman of Neturei Karta interviewed yesterday regarding

Much of the thinking behind the New World Order stems from the works of Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi ( Jewish), a philosopher and political activist Theodore Herzl the founder of Zionism.

 The Zionist movement first Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland in1897.  However, the history of Zionism began earlier going back to pre-Zionist initiatives in 1799.

Hertzl Quote

Protocols of Zion BookAround 1920, an anonymous book published in 1920 called the "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion," was followed up in 1922 with a publication called "World Conquest Through World Government."

These books outline the tactics used by the Globalist New World Order to fulfill their master agenda and what is most scary is how prophetic the books are nearly 100 years on.

Coudenhove-Kalergi is the other provider of much of the New World Order's philosophy and he was quite influenced by Herzl's ideas as Herzl was a close friend of his fathers.

New World Order Pledged to JewsAfter reading some of the books Kalergi wrote, Baron Louis de Rothschild and Max Warburg were inspired by his ideas and thoughts. They were in touch with Kalergi directly and assisted him with the creation of his Pan-European Movement by providing finance to get it off the ground.  Some of Kalergi's other early financiers included Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch.

Herzl's and Coudenhove-Kalergi's philosophies provide the very foundations of the New World Order agenda. These are long reaching goals some of which are only now coming to fruition nearly 100 years later.  

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals."

Click to enlarge the Newspaper Article: "NEW WORLD ORDER PLEDGED TO JEWS" article on the right was published during World War II on October 6, 1940, in the New York Times and provides commentary on a speech by Arthur Greenwood from the British War Cabinet.  It assures the American Jewish community that if the allies win the war they will ensure that Britain will give Zionist Jews a homeland in the middle east and New World Order pledged to Jews.


Quotes on the New World Order



Zionism worked with the Nazis

Lenni Brenner

More evidence that Zionists collaborated with the Nazis

"Lenni Brenner an American Marxist Trotskyist writer. In the 1960s, Brenner was a predominate civil rights activists" campaigning for black rights” against white rights and a predominate of the Vietnam War".

"Brenna was born into an Orthodox Jewish family"

More information go to Lenni Brenna from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Information source(1) in brackets he wrote a book called   '51 Documents Zionists Collaboration with the Nazis" in the UK it is a available from Bookmarks, Bloomsbury Way, London WC1.

51 Documents - Zionist  Collaboration With The Nazis

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 George Soros(Jewish) Helped Nazis During WWII: Infowars Nightly News TheAlexJonesChannel

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George Soros (Jewish) is talking about his time working for the Nazis during German occupation in Hungary during WWII. Soros was in evolved in confiscating the property of the Jews in Hungary. He explains this experience as the “happiest time” in his life.

The Role of Zionism in the Holocaust



Zionism: A Conspiracy Against Jews

June 27, 2004



by Henry Makow Ph.D

In 1935 the steamer "Tel Aviv" made its maiden voyage from Nazi Germany to Haifa with Hebrew letters on its bow and a Nazi flag fluttering from its mast. The Captain of the Zionist-owned ship was a member of the Nazi Party. A passenger described the spectacle as a "metaphysical absurdity."

Actually it made perfect sense.

The ship transported German Jews who had taken advantage of the "Haavara" program, which allowed them to exchange their money for its value in Germany products in Palestine. As a result, the fledgling Jewish colony received about 70,000 highly educated German Jews and 140 million Reichmarks worth of German industrial equipment. This laid the foundation of Israel's infrastructure.

The arrangement also boosted the Nazi economy at a time when Jews worldwide were boycotting German products. (My main source is "The Secret Contacts" by Klaus Polkehn a prominent German journalist. It is included in Olivia O'Grady's The Beasts of the Apocalyse, 2001, 421-447.)

Why retell this story of Zionist-Nazi cooperation now?

Because "Jewish" leaders have been exploiting their "lesser brethren" for a long time, and are doing so today. Ordinary Jews pay the price and this price could rise.

In my opinion, Zionism is a movement to deceive Jews into advancing the objectives of British imperialism. (See, "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism") Zionists who have built their lives on a false premise naturally will reject this view.

Specifically, Jews helped the British-Jewish elite colonize the oil-rich Middle East under the pretext of Jews needing a national home. Despite the appearance of neutrality, the British (and Americans) financed, trained and equipped the Jews. (John Coleman, Diplomacy by Deception p. 107.)

The "British" are really the London-based international banking cartel associated with names like Rothschild and Rockefeller. It doesn't answer to any government. Its goal is to colonize the world and everyone in it. Jews are a means to this end.

As seen in Iraq, Zionists (a.k.a Neocons) play a major role in the colonization of the Middle East. The important thing to remember is that Israel is the creation of this cartel; both Israel and the US are its tools.

Iraq is only a phase in the emerging New World Order, which represents a continuation of the goals of "British" imperialism. John Kerry would take up in Iraq where George Bush left off. Democracy is a charade.


In 1925, Germany's 500,000 Jews were overwhelmingly indifferent or actively hostile to Zionism. The German Zionist movement had only 9000 members.

The "Central Union of Germans of the Jewish Faith " represented most German Jews and favored active participation in German life. Its main focus was combating anti-Semitism.

Zionists, on the other hand, welcomed the Nazis' anti Semitic policies. Like the Nazis, they believed in race-based national character and destiny. Like the Nazis, they believed Jews had no future in Germany.

The Zionists did not protest Nazi persecution such as the removal of 2000 Jewish scholars and scientists from German universities in 1933. The Nazis rewarded this "restraint" by allowing the Zionists to go about their work unhindered. All other Jewish and anti fascist organizations were disbanded and their leaders imprisoned.

The Nazis required all Jews to join the Zionist-led "Reich Union" whose goal was emigration. Jews were to be converted to Zionism at any cost. The Zionists were able to publish books and newspapers critical of the Nazis so long as the audience was restricted to Jews.

The cooperation extended to political and economic spheres. Adolph Eichmann set up agricultural training camps in Austria to prepare young Jews for Kibbutz life. He visited Palestine and conferred with Zionist leaders who confessed their true expansionist goals. There was even talk of a strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and Jewish Palestine. His report is in Himmler's Archives.

[For more on Zionist-Nazi cooperation, see online Lenni Brenner "Zionism in the Age of Dictators" Also, Lenni Brenner, 51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis (2002)]

The cooperation may have extended to the Jewish Holocaust and explain why most Jews passively accepted their fate. In his book, "The Holocaust Victims Accuse" Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld claims that Zionist- led Jewish Councils ("Judenrats") collaborated with the Nazis and deceived non Zionist Jews. See my "Zionism: Compulsory Suicide for Jews."

Europe's non-Zionist Jews were worth more dead than alive to Zionists and their financial sponsors. The Holocaust provided a political and moral rationale for the establishment of the Jewish state.


In 1919, Hitler was an Intelligence Officer with the German Army assigned to spy on the tiny German Labor Party. He became its leader. Max Warburg, brother of Paul Warburg, founder of the US Federal Reserve, was the chief of German Intelligence. Both were executives of the I.G. Farben conglomerate. There is no record of when Hitler stopped working for these Illuminati figures. (See also Be Afraid: The New World Order's Fascist Pedigree )

Hitler was sponsored by the banker oligarchy, and may have been their pawn.
Certainly the Nazis received millions of dollars from New York and London. See "Hitler Didn't Want World War."

Ernst ("Putzi") Hanfstaengl was close to both the bankers and Hitler and funneled money to the Nazis during their formative years. See also Antony Sutton "Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler" Chapter Eight

But when Hitler began to print his own money, he may have alienated these sponsors. See "Rothschild Conducts Red Symphony"

The bottom line is that both Nazism and Zionism were sponsored by the same banking cartel and had complementary goals. The rise of anti Semitism in Europe served to create the State of Israel, which President Assad of Syria described as a "dagger in the heart of the Arab nations."

Think about it. Hitler could have just confiscated all the Jewish wealth. Instead he used the "Haavara Program" to help establish the State of Israel. According to Polkehn, Hitler personally guaranteed this program in the face of opposition. It lasted until the beginning of the war.

This cartel, which controls the world today, has no compunction about using Jews (or anyone) as a means to an end.


All money is created in the form of debt to the privately owned banking cartel.

Imagine if you could create money out of thin air. Imagine you have the credit cards of all the nations in your pocket.

Your first impulse is to lend money to your nominees so they can buy most of the world's real wealth for you.

Your second impulse is to establish a totalitarian system ("world government" "globalization") to prevent any nation from challenging this system or defaulting on their "debt" to you.

To make nations accept "world government," you need to weaken them by having them fight among themselves, run up huge debts for armaments (which you will sell them), kill off the cream of their manhood, and become demoralized and decadent.

You accomplish this through your ownership of politicians and the press and your control of MI-6, CIA, Mossad who carry out terror and assassinations for you. This is the real history of the last 300 years.

"World government" is really about using debt to enslave us; it is an international loan collection agency. Naturally they shroud this with talk about tolerance, human rights, fighting poverty and preventing war.

A quote from a 1924 edition of the American Banker's Association Digest sums up what is currently happening. Keep this in mind when you vote.

"When, through the process of law, the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed through the strong arm of government applied by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men who are now engaged in forming imperialism to govern the world. By dividing the voter through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. "

Now consider the words of an Illuminati defector, Svali.

"The conflict in the Middle East is only to the advantage of the Illuminists. They HATE Israel, and hope one day to see it destroyed, and are biding their time. One of the olive branches offered by the UN when it takes over is that they will prevent war in the Middle East, and this will be greeted with joy by many.
At the same time, the Illuminati covertly supply guns and funds to BOTH sides to keep the conflict fuelled. They are very duplicitous people...These people love the game of chess, and see warfare between nations as creating an order out of chaos."

In a personal email, she added:

"I have always wondered this, though, why some of the highest ranking financial families in the group (Baron Rothschild of France is one of the 13 European lords, or "kings" that run the group in Europe, and sits on the World Council) are Jewish, yet the group espouses hatred of their own race."


Ben Hecht said that reading the daily news to understand current events is like telling the time by looking at the second hand. You have to look at the decade and century hands to see what is really going on in the world.

The Rothschild-Rockefeller banking cartel is behind most political (and cultural) trends and its goal is to destroy the nation state, true democracy, religion, culture, marriage and family, in order to degrade humanity to animal status in advance of totalitarianism.

In the "war on terror," they have created a bogeyman to establish a system of repression to be used when they call in their "loans."

I was once a Zionist who believed Jews needed a homeland because of anti Semitism. I realize now that, like most of history, this view was mostly contrived. Anti Semitism is caused because many Jews serve (consciously or unconsciously) the bankers' harmful agenda. Zionism, Communism and Feminism are a few examples.

Most Jews are now totally identified with Israel, which is a tool of the Rothschilds' demented megalomania. If past is preface, this cannot end well for Jews or anyone.


See Barry Chamish on the Sabbatean Heresy

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jews against Zionism

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