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Say No to GMO Products!

GMO ScientistGMOs – or Genetically Modified Organisms 

Refers to the plants or animals created through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology.  In conversation, GMOs and GE foods refer to the same thing.  They are foods created by merging DNA from different species.  (Ref: David Suzuki Foundation)

"Any scientist who tells you they know that GMOs are safe and not to worry about it is either ignorant of the history of science or is deliberately lying!  Nobody knows what the long term effect will be.
- Geneticist, David Suzuki".

Sick Pigs from GMO Foods | Interview with Jeffery Smith

Alex Jones breaks down how Bayer is set to takeover Monsanto in a 62.5 billion dollar deal with the European Union's blessings for this unbelievably monstrous marriage of big money.

62.5 BILLION: Bayer To Takeover Monsanto With EU's Blessings  


Rarely do we hear the anti-Semitic Zionist/Globalists discussing the damage done by GMOs on people.  The evidence suggests the people who are promoting third-world immigration into Western countries, are campaigning for the destruction of the family through feminism, calling people "racist" or "extremist", if they are against the Establishment, are the same people who promote GMO foods and vaccines, while they, the elite, eat only organic food and have 'clean' vaccines. 

The following information has been compiled from other sources for your benefit.  We take no responsibility for the actions you take as a result of reading this information. 

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), are not classified as foods that have been produced naturally.  These foods have usually been altered to include new genetic materials and the public feels this can be of huge concern to human health. 

Monsanto is required to complete research into the health and safety of their GMO products prior to release.  These studies are completed on rats and are monitored for generally up to 90 days.  They are not required to complete long term studies or follow-up studies on their products.  They are also not required to get independent researchers to conduct the tests and studies which points to the glaring conflict of interest.   In 2012, a team of scientists took Monsanto's raw data and reanalyzed it.  Their findings were published and the results were alarming.  This study went longer than 90 days, and they continued to monitor the rates for many months.  Their findings show both GM maize NK603 and Roundup caused significant kidney and liver damage, as well as showing an increase of early development of tumors, (pictured below right), which increased the overall rate of rat mortality.

Biotechnology companies were quick to discredit the research claiming fraud, and the court case showed the original person who started the fraud allegations, was Henry Miller.  The same lobbyist who has previously tried to discredit research linking tobacco to cancer and heart disease, while being in the pocket Rats GMO experiementsof the tobacco industry.  GMOs and pesticides are his more recent foray.

The World Health Organization summarized the main issues with GM foods has the ability to provoke allergic reactions, human health, and outcrossing findings:


There is a concern that gene transfer occurs from organisms which are considered common allergenic into foods which are non-allergenic, and is leading to the increased rates of allergies being found in children all over the Western world.

Human Health

When transferring modified genes into products that are antibiotic-resistant into human cells or into their gut, the presence of micro flora suffers massive destruction to the health of people, wiping out their gut flora and reducing the immunity resistance.

Outcrossing genes 

Food safety and security is a large concern when you outcross genes from GM plants into conventional crops in the wild.

Bill Gates Foundation and Monsanto

The Gates Foundation is under heavy criticism in Africa, and the US for getting involved with both Monsanto and agribusiness commodity giant, Cargill.  Their involvement, according to South Africa-based watchdog – 'African Centre for Biosafety', discovered the foundation was planning a 10 million dollar project to develop a soya value chain in Mozambique, which points significantly at the introduction of GM soya into South Africa.

This incident and others raises many questions for the foundation, especially around the real level of philanthropy, Bill Gates, in fact, was planning on doing.  The South African Government has voiced much concern that high- tech farming is inappropriate for the majority of African farmers, who are the poorest farmers in the world, and are not the right people to be in charge of "feeding the world."

Why is the Gates foundation investing in GM giant Monsanto? Bill Gates Monsanto shares

Big Owner of Monsanto Shares:  Does Bill Gates Want Population Control?

Common GM Foods
•  Soya beans
•  Corn
•  Cotton
•  Canola

These crops have been developed to improve their crop protection and increased crop yields.  Scientists did this by modifying the crops to be insect resistant and herbicide tolerance to a minimum.  Other things that have been modified have been to increase the nutritional content, so soya beans have significant fatty acid content, ensuring they produce stable vegetable oils for frying.

Because each crop or modification is different, it is inherently wrong to state blatantly that all GMO foods are safe for consumption.  Every GMO modified foods should be studied and researched thoroughly and independently before their safety status is made.

GMOS Percentages Monsanto


Approximately 3,000 crop varieties consumed by millions of people every day have been created through a process called mutagenesis, or mutation breeding.  Plants are exposed to atomic radiation which means thousands of genes are scrambled in laboratory experiments over many years.

This form of mutation breeding has produced a large portion of the world's food crops over the last 50-60 years, including wheat, vegetables, fruit, herbs, cotton and rice.  These have all been altered and /or enhanced with radiation, then separately soaked in chemicals, all in the hope of producing new desirable traits.  These current mutagenesis crops are, right now, being marketed as both conventional and organic foods, and they are completely unlabelled.

The United States federal government runs a Mutant Variety Database, which shows thousands of varieties that have been created through radiation, thermal neutron, X-ray or have been exposed to chemicals.

Disease-Resistant Cloned Bananas in Development in Australia

"An Israeli agricultural biotechnology company is looking to trial tissue cultured banana varieties in major Australian growing areas and to collaborate on developing a variety resistant to Panama disease". 

"Several North Queensland growers, hosted by Haifa Australia and Lindsay Rural, recently visited the plant propagation, selection and breeding company, Rahan Meristem, located near Israel’s north-west border with Lebanon." 

"While it could be some time before the company’s varieties are commercially available in Australia, the growers were excited with the opportunity to access its tissue cultured technologies for the local industry."

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The Horror of Agent Orange:  WARNING: Disturbing Images

Over a ten year period from 1961 to 1971, American forces in Vietnam sprayed 80 million liters of chemicals on food crops.  The chemicals included Agent Orange, now internationally known for its continuous damage.  It has caused devastation to the land, the forests, the lakes and particularly, to the people of Vietnam.

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Bullshit! (GMO's) 1 - 5 Parts
This documentary is an Indian environmental activist and nuclear physicist, Vandana Shiva.  It follows her involvement in mutagenesis over a two year period and talks on the topics about Globalization and patenting, genetic engineering, bio-piracy, and indigenous knowledge.

Alzheimer' Disease Linked To Junk Food

Alzheimer’s Disease Linked To Junk Food, Not Genetics


(Rat image courtesy The Daily Mail)

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