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The Globalist violent Porn Promotes Crime

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Pornography is the most dangerous and disgusting element that has ever happened in our society for both men and women.

The Ana Kriegel Murder: A Young Life Lost

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The law always protects murderers and paedophiles, makes me sick ???
Tina Cohen
Pornography is the most dangerous and disgusting element that has ever happened in our society for both men and women.
Siobhan Henry
The violent child pornography should have been admitted as evidence. Nearly every serial killer uses violent pornography.
Kana Michelle
That poor girl. Her life was just tragic, from being abandoned by her birth parents, to being unable to make friends. Other than being adopted by what seem to be good parents, the rest of her life was just one big tragedy. RIP Ana.
Crimhthan Mor
They've appealed already, they're going to do some easy time in a young offenders prison, obberstown detention centre just North of Dublin, I think they will be out in seven myself. Then they ll be let lose either here or the UK.
Sarah Watterson
26:46 How can Boy B say that Boy A was planning to kill Ana but that he didn’t know about it because he then immediately follows that up by saying that Boy A had texted him only a month ago asking if he wanted to help him kill someone and when Boy B enquirers as to who, Boy A says outright that it will be Ana. So, did Boy B just forget all that? Going out to an abandoned house and making sure the coast is clear while in the company of the girl Boy A said he wanted to kill didn’t ring any bells with Boy B? Boy B really bought the excuse that Boy A, claiming Ana had a crush on him, just wanted to let her down easy and he needed a secluded, abandoned house to do that? Sorry but I don’t buy that for a second. Boy B knew and his own words prove that he knew. And sure, young teenagers can be forgetful but, like I said, once Ana was in their company and they were headed towards an empty, dilapidated house that should have definitely rung a bell with Boy B. He could have intervened or gotten help or, at the very least, he could have told the police where to find Ana’s body once he knew that the public was aware of her disappearance and that her family had reported her missing. He certainly had every opportunity to share that crucial information. And that information could have kept the police from wasting their time and, more importantly, it would have saved Ana’s family from many sleepless nights and the utter despair that comes with not knowing where your child is and what happened to them. This story is absolutely tragic, leaving much devastation in its wake. And, in the aftermath of these perplexing and brutal actions, 3 families will never be the same.


Who's Behind The DOMESTIC TERROR Campaigns?


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Who's Behind The DOMESTIC TERROR Campaigns?


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