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Building Family Bonds Through Love and History

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Did The Sexual Revolution Actually Benefit Women? Mary Eberstadt | Modern Wisdom


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Women ARE Disproportionately Hurting Our Country

 Dennis Prager (Jewish) went viral on Twitter yesterday over the title of his recent column for the Daily Signal “Women Are Disproportionately Hurting Our Country.” People lost their minds and issued all sorts of attacks on Dennis, but did they actually look at the substance of the article? Let's look at what Dennis wrote and see if the outrage is truly justified.

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My Mom always taught me that as a man when you start shouting & losing your temper you’ve immediately lost the argument & historically & honestly she’s right, when I get to aggressive it holds me back the same as emotions does for women
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Why Do You Think You Deserve A King When You're Not A Queen?

How Miley Cyrus And Cardi B Are Destroying Healthy Relationships For Women

Owen and Gina Bontempo discuss all the ways that modern relationships are being destroyed by the religion of modern toxic feminism.

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Media Mocks Wife For DARING To Take Care Of Husband  

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The Beta Male on that program gets my "Ok, Boomer" of the Day Award.

I am a millennial (24 years old) with a stay at home wife (20). I have two friends my age who also have stay at home wives.

In ALL three cases, it was the choice of our wives long before our wedding dates.


 Building Family Bonds Through Love and History by Jenny Wise

Special Home Educator – For Fellow Home Educators

Have you ever wondered about your family’s origin and ancestors? For many of us, our grandparents are our last line of connection to their parents and grandparents. I’m lucky to still have my grandmother to help fill in a lot of the blanks for me. Through her, I’ve learned a lot about our family tree, not to mention that having a deeper relationship with my grandmother has helped me throughout my life.

I’ve been working with my children on creating a family tree and forging stronger relationships with their grandparents. They are learning a lot about family history, and they are being introduced to ideas and traditions we can incorporate and keep passing through the family -- kind of like creating genealogical heirlooms.

10 Tips to Start Your Family History Journey

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How to Trace Your Family Tree

Trace Your Family Tree

Bond Between Grandparents and Grandkids Benefits Both

The Grandparent's Guide to Sharing Your Love of Classic Cars with Your Grandchild

The Grandparent's Guide to Sharing Your Love of Classic Cars with ...



12 Great Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren ...


The Best Legacy You Can Leave for Your Grandchildren

  The Best Legacy You Can Leave for Your Grandchildren




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