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George Soros And The Rothschild Connection. Update 4

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Soros At War With Israel | Anti-Semitism Accusations

Join Richard and Tony Myers as they embark on a riveting exploration of the intricate dynamics between George Soros and Israel. In this compelling video, they delve into the complex history of Soros and his troubled relationship with the nation, unearthing the controversies and conflicts that have shaped their interactions over the years. Prepare to gain a deeper understanding of the geopolitical intricacies at play and the far-reaching implications of this influential figure's involvement. Don't miss this captivating analysis that promises to shed light on the multifaceted relationship between George Soros and Israel.


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Virtually all Jews are conditioned to support the globalist agenda. Judaism is also a blatant racial supremacy ideology. They believe that they are God's chosen people by blood, being descendants of Abraham. AND YOU'RE NOT! Their "Talmud" explicitly states that it is acceptable to defraud and exploit non-Jews. Anyone who defends Jews is the enemy. This is how we all know that Infowars is controlled opposition.

 soros o ukHilarious Quote From Zhirinovsky On Ukrainians

Doghouse Reilly


George Soros, real name György Schwartz, was a Nazi collaborator and assisted the SS in confiscating wealth from Hungarian Jews. The 2010 Holtzman Amendment prohibits anyone who participated in Nazi persecution from living in the United States. Why is George Soros even allowed in the US not to mention being allowed to live here? Does that Law only apply to Gentiles and not to Jews?

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Soros: "I replaced the Soviet Empire, and created the Soros Empire."


My analysis is that Soros is a frontman for the Rothschilds. The House of Rothschild has gotten too respectable
to be publicly associated with the kind of ugly scams Soros is notorious for, which is why they hired this creature
to do their dirty work for them.

Naive people buy the Soros story at face value, skeptical people freak out over the idea that a Nazi-collabo is posing
as the world's richest liberal jew, but almost nobody ever asks the question: how could a survivor of the "holocaust"
have gotten this rich to begin with? Even allowing for luck, drive, skill and a huge tolerance for financial sleaze, it's
just not possible; Soros couldn't have gotten this big on his own. He's somebody's agent & Occam's Razor tells me
that somebody is the world's richest family, the trillionaire House of Rothschild.


George Soros

Alex Jones presents a video compilation of George Soros that he's been trying to bury in the public sphere ever since its release.

Many people say that George Soros is a monster he is guilty of helping the Nazis with genocide in the mainstream Media don't say anything against him.

See The Video Soros Doesn’t Want You To See

 Globalists, George Soros, one of the world's most successful investors. George Soros has been accused by many people of working with the Rothschilds to promote the New World Order (Communist World Government) and wanting to destroy God, the Holy Bible, and Israel as soon as possible. Soros wants open borders across all countries and is laying the foundation of the destruction of America and European countries, by financing and supporting  Muslim infiltrators into western countries.  Many of these Muslims are involved in persecuting Christians, Jews in Europe and causing thousands of Jews to flee to Israel from Europe.  This infiltration by Muslims is happening all over the world today, and they are still persecuting Christians and Jews in the name of Allah, trying to force their barbaric Islamic laws and views as the only way to live. 

The consequences of Soros' actions is the Genocide (Holocaust) of indigenous Europeans in Europe and second holocaust of true Jews.  The mainstream media rarely discuss this take on George Soros.  He is a member of the Elite Establishment who controls most of the western and world  media and they have too much power in the world.  If we the people had committed any of the crimes that Soros is accused of, we would be in jail. In many non-western countries,  George Soros would have been executed for high treason.  For example, if George Soros had lived in China, he would have been in jail or executed.  Because he lives in a western country, where the Globalist control the country, media, parties, he does not fear the law. When it comes to his philosophies, he also appears to be a complex man. 

High Treason is the crime of betraying one's race or country by attempting to genocide the natives and  overthrow the sovereign government.

The United States Constitution.

George Soros has taken full advantage of a loophole in the United States Constitution, i.e. it guarantees free speech, allowing people in United States to promote the idea of destroying United States. The Constitution, therefore, needs adjustments to prevent this from occurring. 

Conservatives organizations and Stop George Soros in the Law Courts.

We the People in western countries are ruled by Globalist who support George Soros and will not stop him. The Conservative Organizations who  work against the New World Order Globalist  did not build European Community Based Organizations to obtain the money to built European Anti- Defamation Organizations to stop George Soros in the Supreme Courts for high treason and  genocide.  

The Life of George Soros - Business Magnate, Philanthropist, Political Activist and Author.

Born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930, of a non-observant Jewish mother, Soros, (formerly György Schwartz), survived the Nazi Occupation during WWII.  When the Nazis came in 1944, Soros’ father saved the family by splitting them up, providing them with false identities and bribing Hungarian Christians to take them in. Young Soros posed as the grandson of a man named Baumbach, an official of Hungary’s fascist government.

Soros was interviewed in 1993, by the PBS television show called, 'Adam Smith's Money World'.  Soros explained that Baumbach's job was:

“to take over Jewish properties, so I actually went with him and we took possession of these large estates. That was my identity. So it’s a strange, very strange life. I was 14 years old at the time.”



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WE FOUND THEM! The Lost George Soros Interviews He Tried to Hide

When the Communists took over in 1947, Soros fled from Hungary as a refugee to England, starting as a penniless teenage immigrant.  Later on, he attended and graduated from the Rothschild-funded London School of Economics, (Fabians).  He subsequently settled in the United States where he accumulated a large fortune through the international investment fund he founded and managed, (Soros Fund Management, later called Quantum Fund).  Since 1979 he has been an active philanthropist which started when he began funding black students to attend Cape Town University in apartheid South Africa. 

Soros supports the New World Order, a form of Communism, even though he chose to escape  Hungary when the Communists took over.   Notably, Soros' father escaped from a Communist controlled Russian Siberian prison camp in 1920.  One would think, that as a result of these experiences, he would be absolutely against any communist New World Order and would be pro-European culture.  If he was also saved from the Nazis by Hungarian Christians, why isn't he honoring them and fighting for Christians?  We would suggest that the philosophies and political persuasions taught at the London School of Economics have stayed with him all of his life, and at 87 years old, he is getting on in his years to change his ways. 

Many would say he is a traitor because he was born in Europe itself.  His ancestry goes back to the Ice Age and now, he is destroying that ancestry.  He is also aiming to openly destroy America, the country which took him in and where he made his fortune.  Upon his death, when people realize his machinations of world politics and destruction of the common citizen, his name will be remembered alongside other repulsive evil villains such as Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Lenin etc.  It is unfortunate that someone with amazing skills like George Soros has used his fortune in such a way when he could have used it for the good of the people.  For example, supporting the Canon Law/Direct Democracy system for all people to help them govern their own countries, abolish political parties/gangs and throw the Globalists out of power and fight for self-determination for all the people of the world etc. 

George Soros once said,

“A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy.” 

This sounds like what a Canon Direct Democracy system should be, however, this does not appear to be what is the result of George Soros' actions. 

With a net worth of more than $24 billion as at 2015, Forbes ranked him as one of the 400 richest people in America.  In 2010, he is reported to have made $3.3 billion off the banking collapse, 'a culmination of his life's work'.  George Soros is a backer of transnational bodies such as the European Union, and his 'Open Society Foundation', (OSF), provides assistance for pro-migration activists to help flood Europe with illegal immigrants.  He is well-known for his support of “progressive” causes such as the Centre for American Progress, financing Hillary Clinton during her 2016 Presidential campaign.   Soros assisted in financing the' Black Lives Matter' movement in the USA, which many suggest, is actually ruining black lives in  the United States. 

Soros has five children and has been divorced twice.  He was married at 83 years to his third wife, Tamiko Bolton, a 42-years old, (part Japanese), healthcare consultant from California in 2013, who is half his age.

George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation, (OSF),  promotes Globalism open boarders, mixing all races, World Govenrment,  remove the United States Constitution and using Islam to destroy free speech, Christianity, European Culture and history.

We have uncovered many articles on George Soros, some which contain material that we do not necessarily agree with.

This Video Will Bring Down Black Lives Matter


Soros Says Jews And Israel Cause Anti-Semitism

The following is some of George Soros' speech given at a conference of the Jewish Funders Network several years ago:

Soros Nuremberg Trial"There is a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe. The policies of the Bush administration and the Sharon administration contribute to that," Soros said. "It's not specifically anti-Semitism, but it does manifest itself in anti-Semitism as well. I'm critical of those policies."
"If we change that direction, then anti-Semitism also will diminish," he said. "I can't see how one could confront it directly."
That is a point made by Israelís most vociferous critics, whom some Jewish activists charge with using anti-Zionism as a guise for anti-Semitism.  The billionaire financier said he, too, bears some responsibility for the new anti-Semitism, citing last month's speech by Malaysia's outgoing prime minister, Mahathir Mohammad, who said, "Jews rule the world by proxy."
"I'm also very concerned about my own role because the new anti-Semitism holds that the Jews rule the world," said Soros, whose projects and funding have influenced governments and promoted various political causes around the world.
"As an unintended consequence of my actions," he said, "I also contribute to that image."

After the conference, some Jewish leaders reacted angrily to Soros' remarks.

Soros Admits Involvement In Migrant Crisis:  ‘National Borders Are The Obstacle’
Billionaire investor George Soros has confirmed he wants to bring down Europe’s borders, following the accusation made last week by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Liberal media financier, George Soros, openly admits plan to destroy national borders, flood Europe with refugees



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George Soros exposed!
George Soros has gained notoriety for the following, taken from the above video:

-  Created the Open Society Foundation, a liberal, largely anti-government organization.
-  George Soros also funds and supports open borders for the U.S.
-  In 1992, George Soros made a billion profit by selling the British pound short, badly
   damaging the country.
-  In 1999, the president of China banned George Soros from doing business in his country.
-  In 2002, George Soros was convicted of insider trading in France and fined $2.3 million.


George Sore Finances


 George Soros Political Manipulator










Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous

The admitted megalomaniac funds a zillion-dollar left-wing radical agenda machine.


Human Events�?? readers, in an online poll, recently voted billionaire financier George Soros �??the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.�?�  Here are the Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous:

1.  Gives billions to left-wing causes:  Soros started the Open Society Institute in 1993 as a way to spread his wealth to progressive causes.  Using Open Society as a conduit, Soros has given more than $7 billion to a who�??s who of left-wing groups.  This partial list of recipients of Soros�?? money says it all: ACORN, Apollo Alliance, National Council of La Raza, Tides Foundation, Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, Soujourners, People for the American Way, Planned Parenthood, and the National Organization for Women.

2.  Influence on U.S. elections:  Soros once said that removing President George W. Bush from office in 2004 was the “central focus of my life.”  He put his money where his mouth is, giving $23.58 million to various 527 groups dedicated to defeating Bush.  His early financial support helped jump-start Barack Obama�??s political career.  Soros hosted a 2004 fund-raiser for Obama when he was running for the Illinois Senate and gave the maximum-allowed contribution within hours of Obama�??s announcement that he was running for President.

3.  Wants to curtail American sovereignty:  Soros would like nothing better than for America to become subservient to international bodies.  He wants more power for groups such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, even while saying the U.S. role in the IMF should be �??downsized.�?�  In 1998, he wrote:  �??Insofar as there are collective interests that transcend state boundaries, the sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.�?�

4.  Media Matters:  Soros is a financial backer of Media Matters for America, a progressive media watchdog group that hyperventilates over any conservative view that makes it into the mainstream media.  Now its founder, David Brock, has openly declared war on Fox News, telling Politico that the group was mounting �??guerrilla warfare and sabotage�?� against the cable news channel, and would try to disrupt the commercial interests of owner Rupert Murdoch�??an odd mission for a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt educational foundation that is barred from participating in partisan political activity.

5.  Soros has been a major funder of, a progressive advocacy group and political action committee that raises millions for liberal candidates.  This is the group that had on its website an ad comparing President George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler and ran the infamous �??General Betray Us�?� ad in the New York Times, disparaging the integrity of Gen. David Petraeus.

6.  Center for American Progress:  Headed by John Podesta, White House chief of staff under President Clinton, the Center for American Progress has been instrumental in providing progressive talking points and policy positions for the Obama administration.  There has also been a revolving door between the White House and the Soros-funded think tank, with Obama staffing his administration with many CAP officials.

7.  Environmental extremism:  Former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones and his leftist environmental ideas have been funded by Soros�?? money at these groups: the Ella Baker Center, Green For All, the Center for American Progress, and the Apollo Alliance, which was instrumental in getting $110 billion in green initiatives included in Obama�??s stimulus package.  Soros also funds the Climate Policy Initiative to address global warming and gave Friends of the Earth money to �??integrate a climate equity perspective in the presidential transition.�?�

8.  America Coming Together:  Soros gave nearly $20 million to this 527 group with the express purpose of defeating President Bush. A massive get-out-the-vote effort, ACT�??s door-to-door canvassing teams included numerous felons, its voter registration drives were riddled with fraud, and it handed out incendiary fliers and made misleading taped phone calls to voters.  ACT was fined $775,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violations of various federal campaign finance laws.

9.  Currency manipulation:  A large part of Soros’ multibillion-dollar fortune has come from manipulating currencies.  During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused him of bringing down the nation�??s currency through his trading activities, and in Thailand he was called an �??economic war criminal.�?�  Known as �??The Man who Broke the Bank of England,�?� Soros initiated a British financial crisis by dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.

10.  Delusions:  Soros has repeatedly said that he sees himself as a messianic figure.  Who but a megalomaniac would make these comments?  �??I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of my self-importance�??to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god�?� or �??I carried some rather potent messianic fantasies with me from childhood, which I felt I had to control, otherwise I might end up in the loony bin.�?�  If only the loony bin were an option.  As it is, one of the wealthiest men in the world is using his billions to impose a radical agenda on America.

In a report published by Bloomberg Business, Orban, who for months has been under attack by Soros funded activists over his stance on the refugee crisis, completely exposed the real intent of Soros and his allies.

“His name is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle,” Orban said in an interview on public radio Kossuth, according to Bloomberg Business.

“These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”

Stunningly, in an email response given to Bloomberg, Soros literally admitted that his work and money are being put towards destroying the national borders of Europe. That’s right, Soros explicitly admitted that he sees the refugee crisis and the needs of the refugees as more important than the very identity of any country.

“His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle,” Soros said in response to the comments made by Orban.

“Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.” (emphasis mine)


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 George Soros’s False Flag Factories


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 George Soros Funded By House of Rothschilds


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Journalists Fired Over Criticizing George Soros



Some quotes from the above article:

Who then is Soros? The official story says that he was born in 1930 to Jewish parents and as a teenager had been chased from Budapest by the Nazis. He enrolled at the London School of Economics and in the mid-50’s came to the U.S. There he was magically drawn to Wall Street, but his career until 1969 was rather unspectacular. Then with a partner he took over an investment fund. He sold stocks he didn’t own as futures, hoping that their price would fall nearer the qualifying date and that he could acquire them at a price lower than his selling price.

From this fund, the Quantum Group evolved, a family of investment funds operating for the Dutch West Indies. Quantum is one of the most impressive “investment machines” in the world. In eight of the last twenty-four years it made an “official” profit of over 50%, in two of those years even over 100%. In the meantime Soros handed business over to a group of managers and limits himself to designing the “great campaigns”. He put down his principles in the book The Alchemy of Finance, where he says what “financial speculators this is more important than real economic facts”.

But this is but the picture the media – and we know who owns them – paint of him. Who is he in reality?

William Engdahl knows this to say about him:

“Soros speculates on the world’s financial markets via his secret off-shore company Quantum Fund NV, a private Investment fund that handles a portfolio of four to seven billion US$ for several “clients”. The Quantum Fund is registered in the tax haven of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. In order to evade control of his financial activities by the U.S. administration not a single U.S. citizen sits on the board of Quantum. Its directors are a curious mixture of Swiss and Italian financiers.

Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group. Understandably neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public, so the tight links to his friends in the London ‘City’, in the British foreign ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty friends in the American Establishment would stay concealed.”

Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz. He is at the same time head of the Rothschilds Italia S.p.A. in Milan and is also on the board of the commercial bank N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London. Another member of the board is Nils O. Taube.

He is a partner in the London investment group St. James’ Place Capital which counts Lord Rothschild among its main partners. A frequent partner of Soros in several of his speculations – especially in the driving up of the gold quotation – is Sir James Goldsmith, a relative of the Rothschild dynasty. On the board of Quantum we also find the heads of some highly “discreet” Swiss private banks (who help the syndicated of organized crime – weapons and drugs – to launder their money).

Then there is Edgar D. de Piccioto, head of the Geneva private bank CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privee, a main player on the gold and investment markets, Isidoro Albertini, head of the Milan stockbroking company Albertini & Co., Beat Notz of the private bank Banque Worms at Geneva, Albertl Foglia, head of the Banca del Ceresio at Lugano.

In the course of the recent political corruption scandals in Italy it was found that several Italian politicians kept their money at the Banca del Ceresio. Apparently Soros had more than just insider knowledge about the weak points in Italian politics when he attacked the lira in September 1994.

William Engdahl explains:

“Soros’ connection to the ultra-secret international finance circles of the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking connection. The extraordinary success Soros has on the high-risk financial markets cannot simply be explained with “gambler’s luck”.

Soros has access to information channels, both government and private.

Ever since the Second World War the Rothschild family tried to disseminate an aura of insignificance about themselves. But behind this [is] one of the mightiest and most obscure financial groups of the world. The Rothschilds spend a lot of money to cultivate a picture of a wealthy aristocratic family leading a quiet life where one loves French wines and another engages in charitable trusts.

To experts on the “City” N.M Rothschild & Sons is most influential in the faction of the British secret service establishment closely linked with the neo-liberal Thatcher wing of the Tory party. In the 80s N.M Rothschild & Sons made several billion US$ from the privatization of British state-owned industries they conducted for Mrs. Thatcher. The Rothschild bank is also at the center of world gold trade: In this bank the gold price is fixed twice a day by the five most influential gold trading banks.
But N.M Rothschild & Sons is also entangled in some very dirty secret service operations dealing with drugs vs. arms.

Because of its good relations to the highest places in the British secret services, the Rothschilds succeeded in preventing that their complicity with one of the worse illegal secret service networks, theBCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) was never mentioned. In reality the Rothschild bank belonged to the inner circle of these international money laundering banks of the CIA and MI6that financed in the 70s and 80s CIA projects like the Contras in Nicaragua.

H: Please a brief interruption on the topic of BCCI and GEORGE BUSH, Russell Herman, V.K. Durham, et al.: One day Mr. George Bush needed a Herman signature on a document which would also include that of V.K. Durham. He called and reached V.K. who asked “What the Hell” did he want?

In the conversation the names got a bit worse and finally the question was asked as to where Mr. Bush was at the time. He said he was sitting at his desk in “MY BANK – BCCI”. This was strange since is being President it was hardly “kosher” to have a bank, etc. The signatures were not forthcoming and that shortened Mr. Herman’s life-span by quite a bit.

I will also note that we personally wrote to Mr. George Soros within the past three years when Mr. Soros was weeping and wailing about the damage having been done to Southeastern Asia through his antics, and thus and so. We offered to share with him in exchange for participating in bringing back stability to the area. Son-of-a-gun, you know what? He declined! JUST AS HAS MR. BUSH, ET AL.

Gee whiz, and they want to help so much – they say. At the present time George W. Bush Jr. and Secretary of State (U.S. of course) Colin Powell addressed the Council of the Americas – the group of financiers and corporate Elite behind the drive to expand NAFTA into a continental trading bloc. This is being well orchestrated by Bilderbergers such as David Rockefeller with the string-pulling. My goodness, readers, there is so much to share and so little time, I think the saying goes.]

William Engdahl: “Was stecky hinter den Wahrungskriegen des George Soros? (What is behind the currency wars of George Soros?). EIRNA-Studie “Derivate – Die finanzielle Wasserstoffbombe der 90er Jahre” (Derivatives – The Financial Hydrogen Bomb of the 90s).

[H: Oh, by the way, the whole intent of this large American bloc which will eat up everyone in reach is to place everything under the “dollar”. You know that “dollar” which had NO VALUE, NO BACKING AND NO OPPOSITION!]

The influential chairman of the banking commission in the U.S. House of Representatives, Henry Gonzales, chided the Bush and Reagan administrations for refusing to prosecute the BCCI. In addition, the Department of Justice repeatedly declined to co-operate in the Congressional investigations into the BCCI scandal and the closely linked scandal of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL). This bank had made billions of dollars from loans that Bush had granted the Iraqi government shortly before the Gulf War.

[H: CHOKE, CHOKE, CHOKE – AND FROM WHERE DID BUSH GET THE FUNDS? WOW, COULD IT BE: BONUS 3392-181? As a matter of fact, Bush and Saddam had at least one JOINT ACCOUNT with around $250 billion in its little account. When will you wake up, chelas?]

George Soros Funded By House of Rothschild



Screenshot 1funded

 George Soros Funded by the House of Rothschild


George Soros: An Evil Rothschild Agent

Some quotes from the above article



Richard Katz: Former head of Rothschild Italia and an officer of NM Rothschild & Sons in London. Katz is now a member of Soros’ Quantum Fund committee.

Nils Taube: Partner of the Rothschild investment group St James Place Capital which now belongs to Nathaniel Rothschild, son and heir of Jacob Rothschild. Taube is also a member of Soros’ “Quantum Fund.”

Michael Cicurel: Michael Cicurel. He is the manager of Rothschild’s Societe Generale Bank & has a seat on the board of Rothschild & Cie Banque."


World Government Summit, George Soros promotes World Government.

George Soros' Nazi Ties and confiscation the property from European Jews

CNN Claims Alex Jones Fabricated Soros’ Nazi Ties

George Soros Says He Feels No Remorse For Collaborating With Nazis During WWII to Send His Fellow Jews to the Death Camps, Steal Their Property

George Soros Openly Discusses the coming New World Order.flv

Glenn Beck EXPOSES Public Enemy -- GEORGE SOROS!:  In Marxist Obama's Circle Of CRIME INC.!!
Note that George Soros rejected some information  given by Glenn Beck. 

GEORGE SOROS Admits His PLAN to Dissolve National Borders. 

Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation (Video)

Exposed!  Soros & Koch Bros Spend Millions Creating Chaos In US Streets

George Soros:  Evil Zionist Puppet Master Exposed


 Screenshot 1soro f mar

Soros got hacked.  Can you guess what we found?  #NewWorldNextWee

With this new evidence George Soros, his son and all other heads of his leftist groups should be charged and prosecuted under our country's existing sedition laws that have been on the books since inception.


George Soros helped in confiscation Jewish property.

George Soros:  (Helping Nazis), "Was The Happiest Time of my Life"


Many Jews support George Soros and most Vote leftist polices

Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?

antifa symbols

George Soros Facts:  7 Things You Might Not Know About Billionaire

Read Newsmax: George Soros Facts: 7 Things You Might Not Know About the Billionaire |

The event, according to New York Times blogger Alison Leigh Cowan, coincided with the English translation of the Esperanto memoir Soros' father had written about the escape he led from a Siberian prison camp in 1920.

Soros-linked political pressure group Avaaz working to eradicate climate dissent with help of Big Tech and media

Soros-Linked Group Joins Forces With MSM to Purge Climate Skeptics from YouTube



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