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What Jews & Christians Believe In

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 The Talmud is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law and Jewish theology. 

The Jewish Rabbis heavily promote the laws and ideas written in the Talmud to the Jewish community. The context of the Talmud is thousands of years old, and in fact, has nothing to do with God. The Rabbis promotes the Talmud as a serrate book of text. They use the Talmud to spread influence, thinking, and idealism to the Jewish community. They have different agendas and think differently than all other groups, also are entirely separate from how Christians look at things, and here are some examples.

  • Jewish Rabbis believe they have the right to change people's reasoning and the world.
  • They use the Talmud as a reference towards the means of destruction.
  • They promote that gentiles pay interest in loans, and Jews don't.
  • They have a law not to marry non-Jews, but yet they still do.
  • They promote God gave them Israel, but they reject God because many Jews hate God and don't believe in God. They say Jesus should be boiled in hot excrement.
  • They believe they're God's chosen people, and therefore they meant to rule the world, yet they hate God.
  • That gentiles have no soul, and they're no more than beast; therefore, they can be lied to and exploited.
  • Consequently, Gentiles have been exploited because of this, and Jews have a long history being involved in the slave trade. They have been involved in the White slave trade in European and sold many of them in the Ottoman Empire. They were also involved in the Black African slave trade.
  • Jews will talk about their so-called ancient ancestors in Israel, yet, they don't like talking about their gentile ancestors that converted to the Jewish faith in the pass.
  • The Talmud promotes you can lie to gentiles, and you don't need to keep your promises so that you can make agreements, which they're allowed to break guilt-free.
  • Zionist Jews have been taught they have no loyalty to their host country, and their only loyalty is to themselves.
  • Most Jews do not worship God; they worship themselves.
  • Jews do not allow gentiles to join Jewish organizations. On the other hand, Gentiles allow Jews to join their organizations, and over time Jews obtain powerful positions and either destroy the organization from within or take it over and completely change the policies to benefit their aims.

Many Jews have joined Christianity, some believe in God, and some don't. Eventually, they congregate in the top positions and start promoting their ideas. Many Christian churches today are Jewish or Zionist and Talmud influence, such as the Church of England, the Christian Zionist worldwide, and the Catholic Church. There are the odd gentiles in these organizations that do fight against the Zionist, but they're minimal in numbers. 

The following article from Thuberbolt July 1981

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Thuberbolt July 1981




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