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The Coveners League are an advocacy group for the European and Arabic Caucasian Diaspora to champion human rights and promote unity both on a local community level and on the global stage.

We have a vision which will see our members leading the way with helping and advocating on behalf of our senior citizens and children and proudly defending both the countries we inhabit and our indigenous homelands of Europe.

We are a steadfast voice against racism, anti-Semitism, intolerance, bigotry and we promote self-determination for all people. We provide a helping hand to assist people in times of need, whether induced by man or nature, and without regard to race or religion.

There are many reasons for joining this organisation, our branches and other groups that we have by association. We consider this a life time membership because very little is achieved within a few years. We are a new organisation but we have big ideas and big plans and we need your help especially during the foundation years to ensure our success and when you become a member you will have access to members only articles which give further information and detail about our organisation.

We promote a lifestyle which is designed to benefit you and our community. We encourage our members to be inclusive within our group both nationally and internationally and we are always looking for volunteers to contribute to the success of our organisation. There are no other organisations like us, trust me, we have looked, and through this organisation you, and your family will have a voice to help shape the future for all European and Arabic Caucasians.

Duration: 365 days
Price: $75.00