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How Doggerland In Europe Sank Beneath The Sea

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The lost Doggerland between Denmark and Britain, stirs the imagination that 10,000 years ago there were people living in wooded land where the North Sea is today.

How Doggerland Sank Beneath The Waves (500,000-4000 BC) // Prehistoric Europe Documentary




In the Netherlands we find relics from the iceage daily. De zandmotor and the Tweede Maasvlakte are made with sand from the North sea floor. As the tide comes and goes it reveals bones from mammoth, rhino, horses, megaloceros, and even Neanderthal and human tools . Also the fishermen find amazing relics in their nets. I cannot describe how much it fascinates me.
Doggerland is such a fascinating thing to me. Just knowing that it was inhabited by humans. It fills my head with ideas of what ancient people lived there and what culture myth and history is buried there.
Hallands Menved
Well, the fishermen along the Danish west coast all knew there were houses buried at the bottom of the North Sea on Doggerbanke. They'd get building timber in their trawling nets and after hard storms, large, water soaked timber would be carried ashore by the waves.
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