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How Ale Was Made | Tudor Monastery Update 2.

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Considering how everyone is sewn into their clothing.
 The team wean piglets, cultivate wild yeast, malt barley, make ale and bread, harvest honey and beeswax, dip candles, shave their sheep's hooves, demonstrate period hair care methods, roast lamb, and celebrate both a mass and the midsummer festival. They take custody of a boar to service their sows. They observe the shaping, moulding, and pouring of a bell, learn about period clock mechanisms and observe a wind-powered grain mill.
Deep in the Heart of Texas
Ruth's husband is Mark Goodman, the tapestry artist @43:30.
Mark Reaves
Two pounds of bread and eight pints of ale a day, unless the ale was very weak, they must have been living life in a perpetual state of drunken
Water was boiled in the process of beer making. That's what made the beer safer to drink than well water. The small alcohol content in beer won't kill the bacteria that will make you safe
 Let’s take a walk
I would say that alcohol is not the reason beer was better than plain water. Alcohol does not kill all bacteria, and certainly not at the levels these beers were made. But when making beer, there is a step where the water is boiled. THAT kills the bacteria.
SweetTea Stephens
Curly haired people must have been a living nightmare for them!! You don’t brush dry hair if it’s curly more less comb it with a fine toothed comb!! ?????
Considering how everyone is sewn into their clothing, I wouldn't be so casual about fire lol. 57:16
This was really good, somehow much better than most of the episodes in this series. I think it was because they explained and went into detail on things that were out of the ordinary, instead of just giving a basic treatment of the most obvious aspects of Tudor life. It was fascinating to see how bells and clocks were made, how bees were kept, how ale was made, how meat was prepared and roasted, and other things. For me, the value and interest were in the "how" of it, instead of the typical documentary approach of simply providing a textbook narration of superficial information.

Ruth Goodman (historian) - Wikipedia

Ruth Ellen Goodman is a British freelance historian of the early modern period, specialising in offering advice to museums and heritage attractions. She is a specialist in British social history and after presenting the 2005 television series Tales from the Green Valley, went on to participate in several BBC historic farm series. She occasionally presents features for The One Show, and she co-presented Secrets of the Castle in 2014, and 24 Hours in the Past.
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The team's year on the farm is coming to an end. First they have to bring in the wheat harvest, the most crucial part of the Victorian Farm calendar. Ruth explores the craft of straw plaiting and discovers the art of printing. Alex and Peter try their hand at a home brew. The team bring in the wheat harvest with the help of some extra labour, and celebrate with a harvest festival.
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 Justin Time
It’s interesting how much changed during that time and how much we didn’t have before that. The fridge, gas cooking, ice cream, self running music, and warm running water for baths, a shower of sorts were all created then. It went from simply candles to gas lamps to lightbulbs. So much happen in that short period of time. I wonder how it must have felt to have everything change like that. I wonder how it must have felt to live before that without all those conveniences.
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 DEPOPULATION Billboard Campaign! 1 Child only & Abortions.
No matter where you are in the world, you can go up in a small aircraft, and see that the planet is far from being overpopulated. In fact you could fit all the people in the world in one of the U.S.’s smallest states.
It's putting all your eggs in one basket. My aunt had one kid. He is in jail for the rest of his life and a meth addict. My neighbor had one and he died in a car accident and now she is miserable as she is too old to have another kid.
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