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The Berbers (Amazigh) Update 3.

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Who are the Berber people ?


North Africans are usually considered to be Arabs, but a large number of them are Caucasian Berbers and many look like Europeans

Well I'm pure berber kabyle but half of my family are blond ( even with blue/green/hazel eyes). Everybody is light skinned and the rest don't even have black hair, but chestnut hair color. Born and raised in France but even my family their in Kabylie are not even tan, they're bonde /chestnut color hair with colored eyes. BERBER IS A MYSTERY .
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Toni Keirouz
Love and respect to my amazigh brothers from Lebanon! They managed to keep their own distinct identity from the Arabs, something Egyptians, Syrians, Iraqis, and Lebanese must learn from our North African brothers
Berber Tv
The almighty Berbers , Brave people , they had to many wars against strong Empires Ottomans , Égyptiens ...., Im Proud to be berber ♓♓♓
I can't believe you forgot the Amazigh natives of the Canary Islands!
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Berbers - Wikipedia

Berbers, or Amazighs (Berber languages: ⵉⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵏ, ⵎⵣⵗⵏ, romanized: Imaziɣen; singular: Amaziɣ, ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ ⵎⵣⵗ), are an ethnic group of several nations mostly indigenous to North Africa and some northern parts of West Africa.

Berbers constitute the populations of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, northern Mali, northern Niger, and a small part of western Egypt.

Berber nations are distributed over an area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Niger River in West Africa. Historically, Berber nations spoke the Berber language, which is a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. The Berbers of Algeria were independent of outside control during the period of Ottoman Empire rule in North Africa. They lived primarily in three different Nations: the Kingdom of Ait Abbas, Kingdom of Kuku, and the principality of Aït Jubar.[30] Kingdom of Ait Abbas is a Berber nation of North Africa, controlling Lesser Kabylie and its surroundings from the sixteenth century to the nineteenth century. It is referred to in the Spanish historiography as "reino de Labes";[31][full citation needed] sometimes more commonly referred to by its ruling family, the Mokrani, in Berber At Muqran, in Arabic أولاد مقران (Ouled Moqrane). Its capital was the Kalâa of Ait Abbas, an impregnable citadel in the Biban mountain range.

Flag of the Berber nation the Kingdom of Ait Abbas prior to modern day Algeria until 1872.


Mauritania‎: ‎2,883,000 (2,768,000 & 115,000)
Niger‎: ‎1,620,000
Mali‎: ‎850,000
France‎: ‎more than 2 million


  Atlantean Aryans The Indigenous Berber Tribes of N.W.Africa !!! ;-)

 The following quotes taken from above link
The Berbers are a quite variable group, ranging from very skinned, blue/green eyed, Germanic/Celtic appearing individuals to somewhat Sub-Saharan, black appearing individuals, friends.The famous early Church Father of the 4th-5th Centuries AD Saint Augustine of Hippo was a Berber.He was reported to have somewhat non-European features.Also, friends of his found it somewhat amazing when he spoke Latin because of his North African accent.Merci beaucoup, mes chere amis,and God bless you.
  Thanks for the information, my grandmother is amazigh Moroccan (Berber) from kouchatta village , and she have very white skin , red hair and blue eyes , she looks Caucasian.
The name Africa is derived from Berber Ifri! The Ifri were a Berber people during the Romain times. The Romans thought that all the other Berbers were Ifris so they used the name to call Nord Africa "Africa".
Nice video only the Berbers/Imazighen single Amazigh are not the decendents of Arabs in North Africa they are the indigenous people of this region, the indigenious caucasoids of Africa. thanks for sharing.


Berbers Morocco

The following quotes taken from above link

Berber people and their beautiful cultures had been destroyed by Islamisation.

Many Roman emperors were also Berber/Amazigh.

We are under heavy attack by the racist arab nationalists in North Africa, especially Morocco and Algeria. We could use the support of other powers in the world in order to establish regime changes in this region and give the Berber people their own land.


 Guanches were Berbers


Screenshot 5canary peopleAlonso Fernández de Lugo presenting the captured Guanche kings of Tenerife to Ferdinand and Isabella.

The untold story of the Guanches the Last Stone-Age white Caucasian tribes, who lived on the Canary Islands off the North Africa coast of Morocco and are related to the Caucasian Berbers in North Africa and the Europeans in Europe.

The Guanches were, for the most part, a fair featured (blonde, brown and red haired, blue eyed, light-skinned, tall & bearded), Neolithic people found living on the Canary Islands

By Spanish explorers in 1402.
The Spaniards reported:

“Highly beautiful white race, tall, muscular, and with a great many blondes amongst their numbers”.

 White Guanches- People of Canary Islands








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