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  AntiWhites up all night



This is Europa

Published on Aug 17, 2013

Anti-Whites up all night, justifying White GeNOcide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

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  Ave Europa

The journey of the Europeans from taming the wild forest and ice continent, to their magnificent culture and world conquest. The strength of Europe has always been in the courage and innovation of its people.
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All shades of blonde, red, auburn, and chocolate brunette hair coupled with pale skin and light eyes are the most gorgeous in the world! People with this type of complexion are becoming incredibly scarce, especially those with blonde and red hair and green eyes, which make up around 0.1 to 3% of the global population. And their numbers will keep dwindling due to low birthrates and increasing miscegenation. Many have been brainwashed to feel guilt for possessing such features that are so extremely scarce, that which so many people in various parts of the world wish they had. We should love who we are, and take pride in it. Marry a fair man and have many fair skinned & light haired children. The world cannot have enough people who look like this. Of course, these features don't make you better than anyone else, but always remember that people who possess rare features or gifts are often the victims of jealousy and torment.
I’m Australian, of Irish, English and Scottish stock. If I have to, I’ll return to the ancestral home to help restore the balance. I am Australian, but I am European first and always will feel like Europe is my home.
Build white community, encourage as many white people as you can to move into the same neighborhoods, towns, and states.
This beautiful video should be shown in every TV, every movie theatre, every school,..and remind us all of an earlier era, a more civilized era,..a better time.,.To show what is truly at stake...And to hell with the feminist/SJW freaks. They have been brainwashed and twisted by schools, media, TV and far left political indoctrination!
Whites need to stop mixing and make more white babies! There’s nothing more beautiful than european children! I can’t wait to have many myself hopefully blondes or gingers.
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Europa is my land, my home, my birthplace, my right. No one shall take this from me.
Now is the time for White People to rise up and fight for our right to exist. If not, we will cease to exist as a People! Fight fire with fire!
Restore honor, bring glory back to europe. we have been at war with the zionists for hundreds of years now, it is not over yet! In spirit our ancestors are with us.
As a person of anglo descent living in South America, I can't wait to go to the USA or an european country to have a big european family and fight this replacement taking place.
The white Marxist is the most dangerous enemy of Europe
I'm Brazillian and white, and 98% of all crimes commited in my country are made by blacks. That's why i'm coming to the US, more safety, more prosperity and opportunity. ???? And by the way, my grandparents were portuguese and their grandparents where britains.
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