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Russian & Japanese War

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  Feature History - Russo-Japanese War

 John C

"The Battle of Tsushima... now THERES a tale. With Russia's first Pacific squadron destroyed, they renamed the Baltic fleet the "Second Pacific Squadron" and told them to set sail for the Far East, relieve Port Arthur and destroy the Japanese fleet. And so, the absurd and epic journey of the Second Pacific Squadron began. The journey took months, and was hell. Most of the sailors were untrained peasants shanghaied into the whole thing, and Admiral Zinoviy Rozhestvensky and his second in command Nikolai Nebogatov, the poor guys put in charge, knew full well that they were all being sent to die. And thousands did. The battle wasn't so much as a battle as a massacre. The Russian ships, some modern, but many decrepit and obsolete vessels (referred to by Rozhestvensky as the "sink-by-themselves ships") were sunk one by one. The Russian fleet was crushed, and what remained of it was surrendered to the Japanese by Nebogatov (Rozhestvensky had been badly wounded) who was unwilling to see more of his men die pointless deaths. And of course, when he and Rozhestvensky returned to Russia, they were blamed for absolutely everything. The Tsar nearly executed them, but instead they were imprisoned, their naval careers ended and their names were forever tarnished." John C

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Japan imported UK's naval technology and methods.


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