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African Slavery & David Livingstone.

  David Livingston. Was shocked by the slave trade.  The documentary is about Livingstone in Botswana, about the people, culture and landscape and animals. Botswana from Above Documentary (2016) 1080p HD   Biruk Haile If there is anyone who has been mightily used by God to spread…

El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight

  El Cid - The Story of History's Greatest Knight El CID , tournament scene (1080p) El Cid Full Movie from 1961 John Donahue 6 months ago This film is no doubt THE most underrated movie of the 20th century! It should have received several Oscars... Best…

The Uyghur People

  The Uyghur people live largely in the Chinese Autonomous Community of Xinjiang.   Who are the Uyghurs | History of China's Unwanted Muslims (552-1884)  The Uyghurs are an ethnic group that mainly reside in Xinjiang province in China. They’re currently in the media spotlight due to…

White Boer History in South African

South African History 1652 -1902 Culminating in the Anglo Boer War & Battle at Spion Kop

VIKINGS & ANGLO-SAXONS In Northern England

The Lost History of the North: Thored, Oslac & Yorvik VIKINGS DANELAW ANGLO-SAXONS DOCUMENTARY   History Time