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Pol Pot & the Khmer Rouge killing Cambodians

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Pol Pot & The Khmer Rouge's Reign Of Terror In Cambodia | Timeline

 Cambodia is a country of impenetrable jungles and ruins lost in time. Where kings became gods and monks still seek heavenly peace. Now, this mysterious land has begun to open up to reveal the dark beauty that has lured adventurers here for centuries. For more than 30 years, the jungles have been cut off from the modern world, and much of that time it has been a Khmer Rouge stronghold. David Adams boldly penetrates these jungles to meet with former Khmer Rouge militants to enter the last bastion of the Khmer Rouge and visit the final resting place of one of the most ruthless killers in history, Pol Pot. Their new purpose is to protect the forests and the populations of endangered wildlife. Though jungles and along the river the trek is not easy, nor is it in vain.

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 Anura Yapabandara

Very good documentary, I have visited most of the city's that you have visited, it is not the same now, bit more civilizes, I always wonder how did Khmer Rouge got land minds and weapons back then? some Weston country must have provided them? It cannot be Chinese in 1970s Chinese were not that rich like today. Those who provided the weapons to Khmer Rouge must be responsible today for all those land minds too i feel..

 Heidi Toffan

I was on the Thai/Cambodian border in January of 1977 when the second wave of murderous persecution began. Strangely, Thai newspapers in English only mentioned "guerrillas" operating near the border yet said nothing about the murder taking place in Cambodia itself. I suspect the Thais favored the Khmer Rouge as Cambodia was seen as a bulwark against victorious, communist Vietnam. While right there, I knew nothing of the horrors taking place on the other side of the river where I was staying in Thailand.


Khieu Samphan (Pol pots head of state and drafter of the killing fields) attended the university of France where he submitted his doctoral thesis called "Cambodians economy and industrial development". This thesis was a step by step plan on implementing the genocide that came to be known as "the killing fields" This thesis was praised by the post modernists intellectuals then and today who still teach his thesis in post modernist majors as something to look up to. his work spawned the "critical theory" study which you might recognize today as "critical race theory". It should scare everyone that our education system is full of people who look at the killing fields as an act of justice.
 David Godley
Poll Potts murdered most of the population until the Vietnamese army ran him out.

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