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Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

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Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

  CONFIRMED: Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Draconian Lockdown

 Paul Joseph Watson breaks down how Communist China used propaganda to scare the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown for fear of infection from the genetically engineered novel coronavirus 2019.

We saw a lot of this post 9-11 after we invaded Iraq, and also saw it in other countries like Syria and Lebanon. When a media crew came by they would see a dead boy with the father and grandmother wailing and take pictures. Then the would leave and another crew would come by but now it was the father playing dead and the boy and grandma wailing. No one was really dead.
I could tell it was a crock of BS the moment people started trying to spread the propaganda. It's sad when even the people who are supposed to be above all this are still falling for it too, even if only for a few days.
under the auspices of the Trilateral Commission to acceleration realization of their goal of "Global Governance" now under their push named with the World Economic Forum (another Trilateral tentacle) THE GREAT RESET. Read it on their own webpage. Google "the great reset".
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