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Photos That Show Breastfeeding Is Beautiful, Wherever You Nurse

"I avoided it at all costs," the mom said, explaining that she feared stares and judgment from strangers so much that she retreated to her house and made life more difficult by planning everything around each baby's feeding schedule. "I wish I could go back and tell my former self not to care so much about what other people thought. Not to be ashamed of my body. Not to be self-conscious about openly doing what nature intended."

Rogers hopes the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project will empower moms by offering the support and community she wished she had. She also believes it may help break down the struggles breastfeeding moms face, not only in nursing successfully but also in overcoming societal barriers and expectations. "Society’s support is paramount to a breastfeeding mother’s success," she said. "Mothers are hiding in their cars, restrooms, sometimes not leaving their homes at all -- because they do not want to face the kind of public scrutiny that causes someone to file a complaint with managers and store owners about a woman breastfeeding in a public place."






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Neanderthals Were Breastfeeding Older Kids Too

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The science of why human breasts are so big



Photos That Show Breastfeeding Is Beautiful, Wherever You Nurse

 Is Beautiful, Wherever You Nurse


 Photos That Show Breastfeeding Is Beautiful, Wherever You Nurse



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