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Ritual Public Shaming

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The Red Guards are back.

Ritual Public Shaming


1. You obviously blocked my account after making a comment and ran like a coward, so just to let you know, I didn't see your last comment. Why do facts terrify you?

2. You are either one of two things: A person who has no idea the "Zionist" dialog he is promoting is Marxist, or a Marxist who is working to divide the American population. We didn't fall for your Bravo Sierra in 2016, and we aren't falling for it in 2020. Voter fraud is the only shot you clowns have, and I don't even think you can steal the election with that because even the most blind Democrats can see your insanity isn't for their benefit.

3. Zionism was a creation of the Soviet Marxist created to delegitimize Israel's right to return to their homeland. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was a plagiarized fraud exposed by Phillip Graves in 1934, so why are you promoting lies?

All 4 of Graves articles can be found on this site and downloaded or read at your leisure.

Prior to the 1960's, the world referred to Israel as Palestine. Zionism was created by the Soviets to smear Israel with anti-Semitic hatred. The current Palestinian population is comprised of descendants of small pockets of Muslim populations who were being wiped out by larger groups of Muslim populations. It is a well known historical fact that Sunni and Shiite Muslims don't have the greatest relationship and are known to slaughter one another...


There are 2 books people should consider reading: 1) the Russian Revolution by Sean McMeekin 2) Civil War 2 by Thomas Chitum The first explains for Imperial Russia was overthrown by subversive communists. It’s eerie how similar it is to what happened in China and what’s happening in the west today. The second book explains how the American empire will decend into Balkanization and eventual war (a thing that took place in Russia as well). It was written in the 1990’s, and its predictions are mostly coming to pass. I don’t necessary agree with Chitum’s politics, but his analysis is undeniably spot-on. He made several recommendations for practical and tactical preparation as well.


Why are Americans so blind that they can't see that the zionist tyranny is all coming out of Israel/Zionist. They sit in Tel Aviv and are fat and ugly. Bill gates and mark Zuckerburg, two of who work for them. America is Israel's b%$h.


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