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White Men Can't Fight ?

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Beat Everyone! The Most Underrated Champion in History - Joe Calzaghe

 Forty six victories without a single loss, a record-breaking twenty-one consecutive title defenses and a decade long reign at the top! At the turn of the centuries, Joe Calzaghe ruled the super middleweight division with an iron fist, even making Roy Jones Jr. look awkward. And yet, despite being one of the most dominant champions in history, the general public is barely familiar with this fiery Welshman’s adventures. It's time to relive the journey of the "Dragon», a musician’s son from a small village, who reached the pinnacle of fisticuffs* and rode off into the sunset undefeated.

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Wladimir Klitschko is Jewish.

Take a look back at the destructive power of Wladimir Klitschko.

The Destructive Power Of Wladimir Klitschko

After just over three years since his last professional bout, flooring the now unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, The Boxing Round Up take a look back at the destructive power of Wladimir Klitschko

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Vasyl Lomachenko - The Matrix (Original Bored Film Documentary)

 mac andrews

Dude just ruined boxing for me. How am i ever supposed to be like "man that was a really good fight". He makes everyone in professional boxing look like a bum. I've never seen anything like this, what an incredible individual and not just in the ring.

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BLTV takes a closer look at the career of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison.

  The Legendary Power Of Tommy Morrison

Macarans Don

This is a gud man. no trash talking. nothing personal only sportmanship. honor him.
Super nice guy, glad he achieved his dream becoming heavyweight champ, literally know one has a bad word to say about Tommy Morrison, all of his opponents only say great things, no trash talk no mind games, just respect, great fella, RIP


Tommy had it all... The looks, the skills, the girls, the money..... And above all, he seemed like a genuinely humble and nice guy! I remember growing up in the 90s watching his fights. His fights were amazing to watch.... so much power! Unfortunate way to go for an amazing guy like him. RIP TOMMY and thank you for the amazing memories you created.... Especially watching your fights with my dad when I was just a kid, and wanting to grow up and be just like you!
Tommy gave an interview after with a broken jaw.
"I broke my jaw in the second round and my hand in the fourth, so he's a very tough guy"...
Matt Halpain
4:43 Tommy defeated Tillis way more devastatingly than Tyson won over Tillis. Thank you for this educational documentation of Tommy in the boxing ring. I have a new found respect for Tommy.




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Why Socrates Hated Democracy

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