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Exposes Electric Car Charging Stations

Screenshot 6charged stations

Alex Jones Exposes Electric Car Charging Stations in Austin TX

 As it turns out, the building and electricity coming from these charging stations have a bigger carbon footprint

Don't forget....the batteries to these cars are 100% NON-recyclable. They don't last as long as one would hope and must be replaced with a brand new one. Imagine all our landfills or barges sent to 3rd world countries loaded with these things. How GREEN is that???? Reminds me of the first computer screens!
We may need more carbon or CO2 what it really is and it’s invisible!! The loonies on the left like to use carbon because it gives the Impression it’s dirty. Truth of the matter is we’re CO2 starved at 400 ppm there’s been times in the past we’ve been 10 times higher before the industrial age and life flourished but here’s the scary news according to a Princeton laureate And many more scientists at 200 ppm plants Stop growing.
Carbon is the food of the Trees, the flowers, the bees and humans too.
Do not forget that charging stations also generate nuclear waste. Any one who thinks an electric car is cleaner has no idea how electricity is generated.



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