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Al Gore Also Promised Entire Arctic Pole Will Catastrophically Melt In 5 Years

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Al Gore is Jewish.
The globalist never stop with their fake climate hoax propaganda. For decades now they've been promising us the end of the world as seen here:
Climate Change & Australian Bushfires.
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Vice covered silver based weather modification because they were trying to gain acceptance because the silver weather modifiers typically kill pathogenic microbes. This is why silver has been so valued it fights disease, and deactivates mold spores, algae, copper would be worse, silver is also likely to bind out the thallium that's been dumped on everyone for years as was reported while the fires in California absorbed news broadcasts, the thallium accelerated the directed energy fires, sun spot source or weapons satellite whichever. The people running vice don't want to get sacrificed by the depopulists to hide, that people within the globalist movement have been working on less toxic solutions... Like when a completely non-toxic weather modifying cloud seeding technology was tested out in California in the 90's, it uses a ridiculously small amount of gold in a non-toxic elctrovalently altered gold... It actually helps plants and animals almost like a fertilizer or something, but since it almost acts like silver compounds, the gold material aides plants and animals growth helping them survive pathogens, so they started playing with silver pretending they thought the gold was killing microbes because it prevented disease in animals and plants sprayed with the gold material... The silver compounds are only safe to like 1000ppm and in certain areas. The gold compounds are safe for all animals and plants I've heard of being tested, at over 10000ppm, and the silver is effective down to about maybe 50 probably 70ppm, the gold material some consistent results from multiple studies says works to generate clouds even at ≤10ppm some studies say under 20ppm.
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If back burning isn't done, you get these fire storms inevitably.
Australian Aboriginals started burning to hunt animals and altered their enviroment
It has nothing to do with climate change.
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Grass and trees create ground litter.

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Back burning during the winter months
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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Fighting fire - with fire

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Thus the Green Movement has attributed the recent devastating Australian bush fires to, you guessed it, climate change. Experts, including that renowned meteorologist Jennifer Anniston, have sternly warned us  “Make no mistake, the tragedy unfolding in Australia is climate change-based.”  Thanks Jen but no, it isn't. In fact, believe it or not, the Green fundamentalists have themselves been largely responsible for the scale of the current disaster.
The affected region features eucalyptus trees growing in the midst of bushy ground cover. At the best of times this is a combustible mix which is obviously exacerbated by hot and dry weather.  But every fire needs fuel and the amount of fuel in the Australian case has a particularly significant impact. Research has found that doubling the fuel in the forest will double the rate of spread and quadruple the fire intensity. While low intensity fires will tend to burn dead fuels below six millimetres in diameter, medium to high intensity fires will burn young trees, thick twigs and branches, bark and deep litter. That's what we've been seeing for the last few weeks. Fuel reduction also reduces the deadly hazard of spotting from eucalyptus bark, in some cases for up to seven to ten years.
So is there any way to reduce the fuel then? Well yes. Multiple ways. Aussies used to do it all the time. Some still do. Men like Liam Sheehan (good Cork name that) who cleared around his house by controlled burning, cutting down trees and bulldozing the scrub. His house was the only one in his region to survive the recent fires. So why doesn't everyone do that then? They don't because environmental fundamentalist mullahs have taken control of the asylum. Sheehan was fined $100,000 for his foresight because it was adjudged to have caused 'significant damage' to the environment. That's serious money for an ordinary householder and Australians soon got the message.
As a consequence a powder keg in every meaning of the term began to grow. Despite which the mullahs literally added fuel to the fire through even more draconian restrictions. Not happy with preventing tree cutting and brush clearing they then deemed that collecting fallen timber for firewood also contravened sacred dogma. As Wildlife Services spokeswoman  Fiona Buchanan said last year 'removing firewood, including deadwood and fallen trees, is not permitted in national parks. On-the-spot fines apply but also very large fines can be handed out by the courts'. 

What could possibly go wrong? Well we've just seen what could go wrong, haven't we?  But instead of learning from their catastrophic interference the mullahs have used it to demand even greater powers to 'reduce global warming'. 
You see the Green bureaucrats care as little about the environment as socialists care about the working class. They want power above all else. And their policies aren't really about controlling global warming. They're about controlling you.
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 Avi Yemin is Jewish.
 Bulk of fires started by nutters with a lighter not climate change.
If back burning isn't done, you get these fire storms inevitably.
Australian Aboriginals started burning to hunt animals and altered their enviroment
it's your tribe pushing the climate bullshit avi... the jews own all the media.
or will you deny this fact?

Australian bush requires seasonal backburning to manage the fuel load and help the regeneration of native plants.
the kikes and their liberal / labour / green coalition of controlled opposition have stopped all this. They've fucked everything including our water management... selling it all off to chinese and other foreign parasites, and banning Aussies from watering their crops during extreme drought, whilst letting all the water flow out of the dams for "environmental purposes" and it just goes out to sea. We have absolute fuckwits running the country. Enemies of the people.


The argument was terrible. It's like saying: Well, my neighbour (China) has been nicking stuff from woolies (carbon emissions) for decades so it's ok that I keep doing that too. Try this instead: If we put CO2 back to 350ppm, we'll have the same conditions that gave us cyclone tracey, black (day of week), floods fire and drought, and even a mega drought (circa 1900), so what would actually change? And to argue with them I just ask how many climate doomsday catastrophes have we survived already? Why didn't the ice caps melt and the oceans rise 6+ years ago already? Why did billionaire obongo who preached about rising oceans for 8 years purchase a beachfront mansion on the maldives? I can go on ;)

What can we do about the fires? Our politicians are aware of this, so kick em hard up the arse:
1. Allow the fire services to do controlled burns in state forests and crown lands.
2. Severely increase the penalty for malicious lighting of fires.


The Aboriginals have been creating controlled fires for thousands of years. And then, suddenly, the Green party and co asked them to stop. "Because it's bad for the environment." What do they know?

The Abos learned through trial and error. Creating corridors was the solution. Compartmentalize the fires, that will start no matter what. Now these corridors are gone, nothing can stop bush fires. Well done Greens, as always, you're geniuses.

Like your windmills. Two years later: "Where are the birds? Where are the bees?" FOOLS!

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2019’s Climate Change “Heatwave” Exposed: Similar Temperatures Recorded in 1895, 1896, 1936, 1954, 1980 . . .



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