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War against whites Update 2.

 Screenshot 3inciting riots

Globalist politicians, communist and mainstream media inciting riots against Trump supporters.

  FULL SHOW: 9 Days Left to Save America: Trump Announces Visit In Texas


I think Trump was too nice and should of dealt with all the domestic terrorist from the beginning. We had properties destroyed, people hurt or killed, police hurt and it continued. for weeks. If he would have stopped it from the very beginning then the strength of Antifa and BLM would of meant nothing. The conservative and definitely the Republicans were weak. Many countries in dictatorship or communist control tried peaceful protest but it did not accomplish anything. Its when they went to physical and destructive measures, people started to listen, but it was all too late. You can't fight tanks and guns with stones and sticks. God help the USA and the American people.
I am still shocked about the idiotic terrorist statement and assassination threats against Trump. This man has been treated like a foreign dictators. Democrats are domestic enemies, but of course we know the globalist plan is to break up the US, so this is all part of that.
Screenshot 3civil rights for w
 Kristen Clarke, Joe Biden’s choice to lead the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, believes black people are superior to white people because they possess more melanin.


  Ron DeSantis responds to viral clip of him being 'attacked' by CNN reporter

The Ingraham Angle 1/10/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 10,21

Screenshot 2ted cruz

Cruz on Hannity: “Democrats Are Terrified of the Far-Left, Held Captive to Radical Extremists”

Screenshot 2milley c plan

Undercover Investigation - Minneapolis Riot Was Preplanned

 What you are about to see is part of a two year undercover investigation into the leftist radicalization imbedded within the climate justice movement that contributed to the riots in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In this first video, we are going to show how the Sunrise Movement played a preemptive role in carrying out the mayhem, taking advantage of George Floyd's death and using it as a trigger point, to further push their Green New Deal agenda and promoting the abolition of the police.

Screenshot 2arrest process in us

"The Communists may express their theory in one statement: destruction of private property." Very short and very precise. This is the true essence of communism. What is property? Property is a set of RIGHTS to own, use, and dispose of property. In other words, the destruction of private property is the destruction of an individual's economic rights to independent activity. After that, the person automatically becomes completely dependent on the state, and all other rights cease to exist. What does destroying human rights mean? Enslavement. After all, how can we tell a slave from a citizen? Only in one way: the citizen has rights, the slave does not.

Screenshot 2germanass club of rome

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 Screenshot 2police liaisons

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 Screenshot 2triggers

 Screenshot 2new normal

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Peaceful Protesters Wage War Against Every Law Abiding Citizen In America

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