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Weekly News Wrap Up: 12 January 2016

Here is a list of interesting articles we have uncovered in the last week that we wished to share with the community.

UK Govt. Promotes Invasion
The granting of asylum to a Sudanese invader who illegally walked most of the length of the tunnel under the Channel between France and Britain has highlighted the fact that whole sections of the British government are devoted to helping invaders bypass British laws, a new report has revealed.

Woman raped by gang of teens after asking for directions home
The woman, who is in her 50s, was on her way home from a night out and approached a group of teenagers in Edgware Road, Westminster, asking for directions. Police said the group, described as Asian or Arabic youths, led her to Park West Place and raped her.

Russia's Huge Announcement That Will Change The War
In a huge stunning announcement just now by the Russian Foreign Minister, Russia presented direct evidence of Turkey buying illegal oil from the black market supporting terrorists. In this video we go over the important revelations by the Russians, its consequences and shift of the geo political field.

FINLAND: Rape epidemic by Muslim migrants is only one reason why Finns don’t want more Muslim ‘refugees’
Finland, now, has become “one of the least safe countries in Europe for women,” according to Finland’s leading newspaper, “all because of the Muslim influx.”

BRAINWASHING: English schools will teach kids that Africans were there first
Members of the “Black and Asian Studies Association” have got a history course introduced to 16 year-old English school children, which teaches that Africans were the earliest inhabitants of England.

Top ten Soros targets in 2016
While supporting the CIA’s agenda, Soros always manages to maximize his profits from the chaotic situations he and his operations engineer around the world.

Australia: Racial vilification case in the Federal Court
The multiculturalists are using our taxpayers money to penalise Australians who speak out against Islam. This is an unfair battle and a miscarriage of justice. Where is the 'due process' when summons and notices are served with o little time to prepare.

Tear truthers: Critics are working on a conspiracy theory that Obama rubbed something in his eye to cry
A Fox News commentator is the most prominent of a slew of conservative voices to suggest President Barack Obama faked his tears during an emotional address about gun control on Tuesday.

Wir sind die Grenze- Demonstration Freilassing 09 01 2016
Demonstration march uniting Europeans against illegal invaders.

Sex and Violent Invader Attacks in Saxony
The wave of nonwhite refugee-criminal violence continues to spread across Germany, with two of the latest attacks being a mass sex attack in Leipzig and a vicious unprovoked assault in Chemnitz.

Vax Populi: Pauline Hanson Says She'd Think Twice About Vaccinating Kids
One Nation Party Leader Pauline Hanson on Monday expressed sympathy for the movement and told Seven's Sunrise her grandson was not vaccinated, after Victorian health authorities slammed a planned gathering of anti-vax supporters at Melbourne zoo.

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