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Weekly News Wrap Up: 15 March 2016

Here is a list of interesting articles we have uncovered in the last week that we wished to share with the community.

Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel
In the email, released by Wikileaks, then Secretary of State Clinton says that the “best way to help Israel” is to “use force” in Syria to overthrow the government.

Turk Blackmail “Deal” with EU
The Turkish government has started to halt the flood of invaders sailing to the Greek islands in terms of its “deal” with the European Union—proving that they could have done it all along and merely used the nonwhite invasion to blackmail Europe.

Slovakia: Fighting the Invasion
The Slovakian government will submit its lawsuit against the European Union (EU) over the nonwhite invasion on December 18, even though it is under imminent threat of sanctions after refusing to take in any invaders.

Has history proved Eysenck right about genes and IQ?
Eysenck's thoughts on IQ and genetics were also hugely unpopular. He argued that general intelligence (a broad measure of mental capacity) had a genetic basis, which is associated with a wide variety of life outcomes, including socioeconomic difference. When coupled with the race-IQ controversy, all of this was explosive stuff and Eysenck was regularly criticised for his views and even, on one occasion, physically attacked. In 1973, a female protester punched him in the face at a London School of Economics event.

Anti-Trump Protester Who Slapped Police Horse Describes Herself as a “Commie Feminist”
Waving a giant red flag, 29-year-old April J. Foster was caught on camera yelling at the horse and trying to scare the animal as police attempted to control an unruly mob. She subsequently slapped the horse and tried to run away when police singled her out for arrest.

Black Lives Matter Threaten Violence Against Whites Who Vote Trump
Black lives Matter spokesmen, Tef Poe has always been the voice of the bigoted group. In November 2014, Poe was even flown to the United Nations offices in Geneva, Switzerland to speak about “police violence.” Funny, now that very same person is now inciting a race riot.

The Great Racial Hoax of Albany
The Albany Hoax is just one of several racial fairy tales to come and go over the past year. But Albany columnist Chris Churchill is urging us to pay them no mind. They are the work of the devil, he said, because everyone knows that black people are victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere, and that explains everything.

Exporting Jihad
The jihadi groups, including Al Qaeda, no longer had relevant answers for the situation of young people in Tunisia. The jihadis wanted all or nothing, and that would never work. Walid no longer believed in that life.

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