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CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax

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CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax Statistical Bombshell! CDC Reports 2019 Death Toll Same As 2020

 End of the year statistics are out, and here we see the death tolls numbers are slow revealing themselves as showing the COVID pandemic don't really reflect the fear we have for the COVID 19 pandemic growing death rates.

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Highway death totals were also down due to lockdown and working from home, so that is a contributing factor but not by much. That said, many virologists have noted that traditional flu cases and related deaths are way down in 2020. Many of them also think that traditional flu cases and related deaths are being reported as "probable COVID" cases due to similar symptoms, as well as the fact that the least effective/reliable COVID tests will read positive for COVID if you have ANY Corona virus, including traditional flu.
On average 8220 great Americans die every single day.
These are the links cited under the deaths table:
(Deaths now listed at 2,913,144 because it has been updated for 12/31, Alex's data is correct as of 12/30)
(Set "Display by Year" to 2019. 12 Month-ending Number of Deaths matches the table)

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CDC Death Numbers Expose Covid Hoax

My mom, my grandma and grandpa all died from COPD, and lung disease directly due to smoking. My question is this- Since (according to the WHO and CDC's own website stats) tobacco kills up to half it's users, 8 million people die worldwide each year including 1.2 million non smokers due to second hand smoke. (The USA alone according to the CDC and WHO 480,000 deaths in 2019 from smoking and 42,000 from second hand smoke). This past year in 2020 8 million people died from tobacco smoke (WHO own website) This past year in 2020 1.8 million people died from covid (WHO own website). Grade school math tells us that 4 times as many people die from tobacco than covid. WHY, WHY, WHY is the United Nation WHO, the CDC and the governments around the world not banning all tobacco products? If the UN WHO, CDC and all the world governments are really so concerned about life and health of all people, Why not quarantine all who use tobacco products, Why not make fighting smoking and tobacco products a top priority, Why not close all borders to tobacco users? Why not jail all tobacco users since they are responsible for the deaths of 8 million (1.2 million innocent) people in 2020? Why??????????????? The answer is simple! unless you are blind!
DO! NOT! FORGET! that a large percentage of these OD's are opioid users, who are asking for Heroin and getting a mixture of Heroin and a pinch of fentayl or even carfentanyl (even stronger!) - and people have decided its far better than heroin, and start to specifically look for it. Now, where do these TONS or Fentanyl analogues are coming from? CHINA. There is a word not often thrown around in English but is discussed in Russia because it was done against them... "Narcoterrorism" they call it. No bullets fired or bombs dropped and they decimate local communities. China has been playing us like a fiddle since late 2019. The "hidden video" of people falling over, looking like they're DEAD - hundreds of these; probably some CCP-organised dark propoganda. Then they seemed to send people from Wuhan who were either minimally ill or asymptomatic, to go far and wide, to spread this disease. When Trump said he wanted to close the borders to China, *EVERYONE* screamed 'RACIST!' - worrying more about a couple of people's feelings is more important than saving hundreds of thousands of lives in USA? This is lunacy, we MUST resist!


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  Millie Weaver's Case Dismissed


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The Richest And Most Powerful Families In The World

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