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Weekly News Wrap Up: 16 September 2016

Here is a list of interesting articles we have uncovered in the last week that we would like to share with the community:

What German police find at raid near radical mosque will absolutely shock you…still want them in your Australia?
A large arsenal of “weapons of war” was found near a radical mosque in Germany, adding to fears that terrorists are well equipped to carry out attacks across Europe.

Poland and Hungary - Message of Hope (pro-life documentary)

This Week 45 Members Of China’s Legislature Was Expelled In A Vote-Buying Scandal That “Snared” Wang Wenliang, A Chinese Billionaire.

Iran Terrorists “Settled” in Europe
The U.S. government has moved the last remaining members of the Israeli-backed terrorist group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (“Mujahedin-e Khalq,” MKO) from Iraq to Europe.

French “Anti-racist” family beaten up by Muslims who were shouting “filthy White!”
Four Islamist men allegedly broke into Gilberti’s house, who was with his son, 12, and his daughter, 11 at the time. The men pinned him down and started to beat him while shouting “filthy White!”

Germans Fight Back as Invaders Attack
Several dozen nonwhite invaders posing as refugees attacked a crowd of Germans last night in the east German city of Bautzen—but received a thorough beating when the German civilians fought back.

Gary Johnson: The Candidate Of Stupid Voters
Gary Johnson the “Libertarian” presidential candidate is serving his purpose to steal votes from Trump and help Hillary win the election.

“Refugee” Hoaxers Holiday in Homelands
The utterly bogus nature of the refugee invasion of Europe has been exposed with the news that Syrians, Afghans, and Lebanese invaders already granted “asylum” in Germany are taking holidays back in their homelands from which they supposedly “fled in fear of their lives.”

Censorship and Outright Lies: The Media's Desperate Attempt to Hide Hillary's Failing Health
The media is in full damage control mode, if you haven't already noticed. Americans are being told to not believe their own eyes. It's not working: Only 45% of voters believe Clinton's pneumonia story.

Birmingham, AL: Gunfire Ends “Peace Rallies”
The “black lives matter” movement ignores the fact that Birmingham has one of the highest murder rates in America—because the perpetrators are black.

Social Media Engineering The World Via Censorship
Social media has made it easier and easier for the government to control the narrative by quietly censoring those that don’t agree with them.

'Fewer Than 1 Million Jews Killed in Holocaust,' ultra-Orthodox Outreach Rabbi Says
In the same breath as calling Howard Stern 'impure' and 'despicable,' Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi says rate of intermarriage in Europe before the Holocaust proves fewer than 1 million real Jews actually perished.

The US War on Terror Has Cost $5 Trillion and Increased Terrorism by 6,500%
On September 11, 2001, one of the most tragic events in recent American history took place. Close to 3,000 civilians lost their lives in horrific terror attacks that took place on American soil. Fifteen years later, it is time to ask the question: have our counterterror efforts helped to reduce the amount of terrorism in the world? Or at the very least, have they tried to make the world safer?

Pauline Hanson defiant as speech criticised in Australia
Pauline Hanson has refused to apologise for her maiden speech to the Australian senate, in which she said the country was being "swamped by Muslims".

Big US Military Aid Package to Israel has Strings Attached
After months of negotiating, the United States and Israel have signed a huge, $38 billion deal for military aid to the Jewish state — with some changes from previous pacts between the countries.

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