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 EXC: "The choice is yours and I've made mine!" @EvaVlaar tells Remix News she has accepted she will be attacked by the establishment for calling out attempts to make indigenous White Europeans a minority on their own continent. #CPACHungary202
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“Explain to me why we have no right to exist?” – Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns whites about massive demographic changes in their native countries

In an exclusive interview with Remix News, Dutch political commentator and lawyer Eva Vlaardingerbroek warns Europeans that they must take a stand against rapid demographic changes or become a minority in their own country.

40" target="_blank" rel="noopener">CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED)" class="td-modal-image">
Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America / Wikimedia / ( CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED )

Je have talked a lot about the rights of whites and the replacement of whites. But of course this opens you up to accusations of racism. So, how do conservatives deal with this catch-22 of not wanting to be replaced in their own country, but also not wanting to be attacked with this term?

You can't. That's right, you can't do that. So you have to choose a side. Of course you will be attacked if you say, “Hey, this continent, Europe, has always been predominantly white and now within one generation a few bureaucrats have decided against the will of the people that we should suddenly be a minority. Why do we agree to that, or why do we allow that to happen?” If you say that, you will be attacked.

But the only other option you have then is to say nothing and let it happen, so the choice is yours, and I made my choice. I think there are of course many ways you can defend yourself against this ridiculous attack, so I'm sure they're going to say I'm a terrible racist again. No, that is not true. I don't think one race is superior to another race. I just don't think mine is inferior to anyone else's.


So I don't need to be identified as the root of all evil, as Neo-Marxist critical race theory does. I don't need to become a minority in my own country, as Joe Biden said would be "a good thing," would be "our strength." No, why exactly? Who was the racist here? Please explain to me why we have no right to exist, why we should not be a majority on the continent, in the countries where we have been a majority since time immemorial? Explain it to me. Turn the question around.

Many right-wing parties here are willing to talk about illegal immigration, but not to address legal immigration. Some conservative parties even promote legal immigration. What do you think of this development?

  European Commission new plan: subsidies for immigrants

Well, the problem, of course, is that if you have tons of illegal immigration and you put the label "legal" on it, nothing changes. So that's something we've seen in recent years, that illegal immigration has been made legal in a way, making it very easy for certain people to come to Europe and not so easy for others to go through the regular system . I think this problem exists to some extent in America as well, that it's quite difficult to immigrate legally to the United States, but illegally it's not that difficult across the Mexican border.

So when you look at the issue of immigration, I think you also have to look at demographic changes. That's why I made this jump on stage today. We need to look at the reality instead of the term they put on immigration. Do we agree with what is happening here, with what is happening with this rapid change in our demographic composition? If the answer is no, then something needs to change. It's that simple.


You converted to Catholicism about a year ago. How has your Catholicism influenced your politics?

  Macron blames video games for riots in France (+ Videos)

It has affected my politics in the sense that my faith has become such a big part of my life that I feel even more than before that it would be completely disingenuous and wrong for me to keep my faith out of my political reporting. So because it has such a huge influence on me as a person, I think people notice that I let it seep into my speeches and into my discourse a lot more than I might have done before. So it just inspires my ideas and my ability to go on stage. I pray to God before I go on stage, something I didn't do a few years ago, but it immediately calms me down asking God for guidance and help, you know, to give me the strength to do His will on the stage.

What do you think of the fact that most Northern European right-wing parties eschew religious messages in their party manifesto? The AfD, Sweden, Democrats, many Dutch parties keep it in the background, perhaps because people are leaving the church and many young people are leaving the church. So, how do conservatives reach young people in Northern Europe while maintaining their beliefs?

I think it is a big mistake to keep religion and the Christian faith out of your political message, especially if you want to reach young people. I think we have been brainwashed to believe that if we preach the gospel, if we call on our Lord in our speeches, if we speak proudly and openly about being Christians, that we are driving the youth away. I think the opposite is true.

I think there is a moral vacuum that will either be filled with climate nonsense or woke nonsense or some other subversive left wing ideology, or it will be filled with the Holy Spirit. So you have two choices and I think people are looking for the truth. People are looking for answers and the best gift you can give someone is to point them in the direction of the truth instead of dancing around it and sugarcoating it, which I think we have done for a long time in Northwestern Europe and look where that got us.

Via Remix .

  'Anti-racist' doctors in America say white patients should be left untreated to die, while black patients go to the front of the line


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Scholz & Macron fight. FT, Western forces in Ukraine. Elensky road trip. Biden loses to uncommitte



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Macron, war with Russia. Eurobonds, taxes & EU army. Germany, secret ammo deal with India. Hero 36

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If France or Germany send soldiers on a military adventure in Ukraine, and they are destroyed by 1,000,000 artillery shells, drones, missiles, Spetsnaz, VDV, T80s, landmines, etc; this would NOT trigger Article 5 which is a mutual "Defense" provision. How can anyone defend themselves by sending an expeditionary force on a military adventure?
Glad you said it, the EU army has no other purpose than to subjugate the rest of Europe. Hungary watch out.
The object of NATO, said General Lord Ismay, its first secretary general, was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down”
UKRAINE'S SUFFERED 444,000+ CASUALTIES IN 2 YEARS: Russian Defense Minister Shoigu makes huge disclosure on Kiev's losses in Moscow's Special Military Operation, says Ukraine losing average of "800 fighters and 120 units of weapons every day" since start of 2024. In total, during Special Military Operation, Ukrainian armed forces lost over 444,000 military personnel. Over past week, Ukrainian Armed Forces have been driven out of settlements of Pobeda, Lastochkino and Severnoye - Shoigu. - Intel Republic


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Assange. Avdeyevka losses. Gazprom TATTERS. Borrell demands investigation. Nikki X disaster

If Ukraine says that Russia lost 47,000, we can be assured that it’s Ukraine that lost 47,000



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Horst Müller

All of this only makes sense as soon you recognize your government is totally infested by the murderous jewish Globalist which will kill you.


Fred Jones

Everyone in authority is our mortal enemy.

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“Shieldmaiden Of The Far Right” Eva Vlaardingerbroek on The Islamification Of The West With PFT!!


DONATE ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch lawyer and a political commentator who according to her website is “on a mission to fight the eradication of our freedom and fundamental rights.”

She recently came to Vancouver BC on a speaking tour to meet like minded people and to spread the spirit of freedom that seems to have recently caught on in the Netherlands with 1 in 4 people electing a new “far right” prime minister.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Eva Vlaardingerbroek about the Islamification of the west, the attack and subsequent riots in Dublin Ireland and also the idea that many groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas are creations of western intelligence for the purposes of destabilizing the Middle East and also gaining a tighter grip of control on the west.

To follow Eva visit:

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error attack hits Iran. 10 countries warn Yemen. Wonder weapon long range missiles. RIP Star Wars


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VIDEO: UN Plan for Replacement Migration Has Completely Dissolved Borders

 Alex Jones breaks down the latest from the border as the NWO push to collapse the first world by flooding it with the third.

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Shocking video: 'Immigrant youths' attack police patrol in Brussels



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Dutch citizens organize patrols with app tracking and arrest migrants (Video)


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French Journalist Thierry Meyssan Says U.S.'s Aim Is To Destroy Europe

 French journalist Thierry Meyssan - that the main goal of the United States is the destruction of Europe: They [the Americans] will not start a war, I do not think that this is beneficial to them. Not against Russia. They are already at war with the Europeans. They know that Russia and China are too tough for them. But they want to be an empire for the Europeans. And they will continue false flag attacks against their own allies. Just like they did during the Cold War. And right now they are using this military conflict in Ukraine to impose sanctions. Ha, sanctions. And who are they to impose sanctions? You know, it's incomprehensible to the mind - they neglected the UN for 30 years. They imposed sanctions themselves, which is absolutely illegitimate. And they convinced the Europeans, I mean the European Union, because the Russians are also Europeans, so they convinced the EU countries to impose sanctions against themselves. So right now Germany is no longer importing gas from Russia. And in a few months there will be no electricity in Germany. It will become a third world country. And if Germany collapses, it will pull the entire European Union along with it.


The US is run by Globalist  jews, the EU is run by Globalist jews, WeF by jews... of course they want to destroy Europe.


Sorry, European Union screwed themselves, we just helped.


The Bolsheviks that the US helped 'win' WWII had taken over our country by 1913 with their ✡Federal Reserve✡.
They took over Russia in 1917 & called it the USSR. They took over China from 1929-1948 through Mao, & the ✡People's Bank of China✡. *>It appears that A.H. WAS EXACTLY RIGHT about the ✡Communist✡ intentions of destroying Germany & taking over Europe.


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Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa claimed that his mother had Jewish ancestry.  Under man made Jewish law Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is Jewish.

It’s time to start moving out of one’s box, start exploring the world – LLOA CEO

 Zelenskiy ?️Today, President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and I spoke, first of all, about our defense and security cooperation. I briefed Mr. President on the situation on the battlefield, as well as on the defense needs of Ukraine. Portugal confirmed its readiness to join the training of Ukrainian pilots and engineers on F16s.

Thank you for your visit and for supporting Ukraine!


Early life

Born in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa is the eldest son of Baltasar Rebelo de Sousa (1921–2001) and his wife Maria das Neves Fernandes Duarte (1921–2003). He has claimed that his mother had Jewish ancestry.[3] He is named after his godfather, Marcello Caetano, the last prime minister of the Estado Novo regime.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa became a professor and publicist specialized in constitutional law and administrative law, earning his doctorate at the University of Lisbon, where he taught law.[4]


  President Novák meets with leader of World Jewish Congress


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Global Warming Scam Claimed Ice Free Arctic By 2014 Hungary's Orban Says Western Values Mean 3 Things: Migration, LGBT, and War


If Hungary had a connection to international waters it would have left the EU long ago with this guy. He only has to put up with the E.U and US garbage because it's a land locked country and it's obligated to trade with Europe.


  Pictures and Memes

 Above Jews for open Boarders.

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The world will be thrown at the mercy of the pharmaceutical industry

the practice of holistic health will help to save us from these barbaric monsters. Medicine has gone the wrong way. if one eats garbage and thinks negatively and turns their back on God, the result is an unhealthy being, full of fear and lacking in love. The only solution for them is to go to the doctor who usually only gives them a drug which is often just a concoction of big pharma to make them feel a little better for a while. Big pharma and doctors in general know nothing about healing. they only know how to give your disease a name and give you whatever drug big pharma supplies. .Take your health in your own hands. Learn how to eat healthy, think positively and return to your creator. Then the barbarians who will fail eventually will begin to choke in their own slime...


Screenshot 5dutch jew hates whites

Itay Garmy is Jewish and he does not represent native whites in Europe.

Meet the 27-year-old Israeli-Dutch Jew who just led a new

AMSTERDAM (JTA) — At 18, Itay Garmy made an unconventional choice for graduates of his large public high school in Amsterdam: He moved to Israel with plans to join the army.

Garmy, whose parents met in Israel, entered a pre-military preparatory program in the Negev Desert with massive ambitions.

“I wanted to become the prime minister of Israel,” he recalled. 

But he quickly became disillusioned by the country’s polarized politics and headed home.

“I spoke to people on the extreme left and the extreme right and realized peace was not feasible,” he told NIW, a Dutch-Jewish weekly, earlier this year. “I missed the Netherlands. I didn’t feel comfortable.”

Less than a decade later, Garmy has notched his first major political win in the Netherlands: A new progressive political party, Volt, won three seats in this week’s national election. Garmy ran the campaign.

Volt is a pan-European party with chapters in many countries that launched in 2017 after British voters backed Brexit. Its goal was to prevent further ruptures in the European Union. The party is galvanizing young voters especially to back a vision for a “United States of Europe,” and the Dutch election marks the first time its candidates have gained seats in a national parliament.

Garmy will not represent the party in the parliament — Volt would have had to win four times as many votes, something no one expected, for that to happen — but will continue to build it up. He said he was drawn to Volt’s vision because he is a Dutch Jew, an identity he embraced on the campaign trail even amid attacks from far-left anti-Israel activists.

“After the horrors of the Holocaust, the European Union was established to promote transnational politics,” Garmy told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. “Yet today we are seeing mostly national politics being played out inside the European Union. We need to change our politics to be really transnational, as the founding of the European Union intended. Europe has the solutions to all the challenges.”

The Dutch vote, in which the ruling center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy of Prime Minister Mark Rutte reemerged as the largest and likeliest to lead in the coming four years, was widely seen as a referendum on the country’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Garmy pursued campaign rhetoric calling attention to generational gaps, distinguishing Volt from practically all other parties. 

“During COVID-19, young people were told to show solidarity with older people, who are more vulnerable to the virus,” Garmy said. “But older voters have not reciprocated. Climate, which is especially crucial to the young, has been sidelined in the programs of parties with older voters.”

Volt’s campaign under Garmy relied on reaching young voters at their hangouts during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in nighttime curfews in the Netherlands. On weekends, Volt campaigners toting boomboxes have camped out at food markets, one of the few commercial environments to remain open, and Garmy even made an appearance on Twitch, a streaming gaming platform, to appeal to Dutch voters there.

As Volt’s profile in the Dutch elections grew, so did criticism of the party. Those on the right called attention to the fact that the Open Society nonprofit started by George Soros, the liberal Jewish philanthropist who has supported pan-European causes, gave $25,000 to support the party’s founding. Meanwhile, far-left activists picked up on Garmy’s connection to Israel, accusing him of being a “Zionist activist” and an “Israeli stooge.”

Garmy said the attacks on him on Twitter “symbolize exactly the kind of old politics, the old thoughtless dogmas of right vs. left” that made him join Volt in the first place. He responded by emphasizing his identity, writing a blog post on Volt’s website describing himself as “young, Jewish, Israeli, secular, politically engaged and Dutch.” On Twitter, he lamented that he should “come under attack for the combination of my identities.”

His response reflects Volt’s hands-off approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which many other progressive parties have made a central issue in their foreign policy.

“It’s just so far away from what Volt is about, that having this discussion is not relevant,” he told JTA.

Garmy is personally critical of many of the policies of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Volt favors a two-state solution for the conflict. But the party “is very careful not to leap headfirst into a debate where precious few of us have any semblance of a local connection to Israel or Palestine,” said Joel Boehme, a Swede who sits on Volt’s international board.

It’s a lesson learned from the Labour Party in the United Kingdom, Boehme said, where involvement in the conflict started out of “genuine wish for social justice, and then got perverted into anti-Semitism so horrifically fast.” Boehme is not Jewish. 

Before he joined Volt, Garmy, who studied political psychology and worked as a cybersecurity consultant, supported the Dutch Labour Party, the political home of many Dutch Jews.

“But I increasingly became disappointed with Labour,” Garmy said. “It does politics in an old-fashioned way. I think we need to rethink how we do politics more broadly, for a new generation.”

Garmy is used to veering off the beaten path. As a teenager he left the Maimonides Jewish high school of Amsterdam, where most of his friends studied, mere months after beginning his studies there.

“It felt too much like a Jewish bubble,” he told NIW. “I moved from a school with 100 students to a learning factory with 2,000 students from different backgrounds.”

Garmy’s family has been in the Netherlands for decades. His father, an Israel-born Sephardic Jew of Yemenite descent, and mother, an Ashkenazi Jew born in Brazil, had moved there from Israel, where they met. Even after leaving his Jewish school, Garmy, who has a brother and a sister, remained an active Jewish community leader, becoming the chairman of the Habonim Netherlands Jewish youth movement and the representative of young Jewish community members with the Central Jewish Organization of the Netherlands.

As a political activist, Garmy has adopted some positions that are at odds with some interests of the Netherlands’ Jewish community. He wants to end the public funding for religious schools like the ones he attended. He also opposed the Dutch government’s decision to name a special rapporteur for the fight against anti-Semitism, arguing that this form of hate should not receive special attention over others.

“I understand that we Jews because of our history look at anti-Semitism differently than at discrimination, but that doesn’t justify a separate approach. What if every other minority group gets their own anti-discrimination coordinator?” Garmy wrote in a column for NIW.

“I don’t get the feeling that Itay or Volt, which is essentially a left-wing progressive party with an EU emphasis, represent the interests of the Jewish community or Israel in any meaningful way,” said Esther Voet, NIW’s editor in chief. “But we’ll have to wait to know anything more because right now they’re the new kids on the block.”

Garmy and Volt have drawn skepticism from some progressives, including some politically engaged Dutch Jews. 

“As a Dutch Jew, I’m afraid of placing a lot of power in one central government, even if it’s democratically elected and especially if it’s less democratically elected, as the EU tends to be,” said Nathan Bouscher, a political activist who was a candidate this week with the progressive Libertarian Party, which is skeptical of the EU. The Libertarians did not win any seats.

Garmy’s enthusiasm and idealism are infectious and “remind me of myself,” Bouscher said. “But there is a reason that the European Union’s popularity is diminishing. Instead of thinking of real solutions, Volt is merely doubling down to offer us even more of the same.”

Garmy is clear-eyed about challenges with the European Union, which he said included “unnecessary bureaucracy and problems of democratic representation.” (The bloc, whose policies are determined largely by bureaucrats and internal discussions, has been taking flak over a perceived democratic deficit since its very inception.) But Garmy believes they can be addressed without giving up on the European project entirely.

Dutch voters this week appeared largely to side with that thinking, giving the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy the most seats, allowing Rutte to cruise to a fourth term. The party had featured pushback against some EU policies in its campaign. 

Meanwhile, the Party for Freedom, which favors a “Nexit” plan to follow Britain’s move and take the Netherlands out of the EU, lost seats and is now the third-largest party. Finishing second was the left-wing progressive D66 party, which is close ideologically to Volt.

That leaves Volt in a good position to make an impact in the Dutch parliament, known as the Tweede Kamer.

We want to “reform the European Union, which has many problems in terms of bureaucracy and representativeness,” Garmy said. “It’s the only way to save the Europe we inherited from the previous generation.”


Screenshot 4nato killed e

SERGEY LAVROV: "Europe has completely lost its independence. Whatever French President Emmanuel Macron may say about “strategic autonomy,” or Josep Borrell may declare about the need for Europe to be more active in the Indo-Pacific Region, Europe has ceded all its positions to the North Atlantic Alliance.
And it has ceded even in a legal sense, having signed a declaration to that effect, which clearly indicates the EU’s place and states the supremacy of NATO institutions. The Americans will therefore decide when and how to use Europe to their advantage.
It is clear that the most aggrieved party (apart from the Ukrainian people) in terms of developments around Ukraine are the Europeans. This concerns the depletion of their budgets and the stance they are being forced to take to pump Ukraine full of arms and funds to maintain a basic budgetary balance and to pay pensions, benefits and salaries, at their own expense. The de-industrialisation of Europe is in full swing."


Screenshot 4us war

Poland's role in the current conflict

 Screenshot 4no ind

 Screenshot 4robert ford

Screenshot 4cia arab spring

 Screenshot 4cia isis

 Screenshot 4private army

 Screenshot 4zb

 Screenshot 4bz jew

 Screenshot 4jhjj

Zbineyew Brzezenski  is Jewish

 Screenshot 4mark bz

Zbineyew Brzezenski son Mark Brzezenski.

Screenshot 4poland nol 

Screenshot 4polist emp


 Screenshot 4poland cwesterb uk

 Screenshot 4cia and poland

 Screenshot 44 c

Screenshot 4poland war a r






rights eec

A message from European Parliament Member Christine Anderson

Screenshot 27free r p

  The goal of the European Union is to confiscate, not freeze, Russian assets

The goal of the European Union is to confiscate, not freeze, Russian assets in Europe, the head of the European Commission said.

But for this it is necessary to prepare a legal framework, von der Leyen explained.

In other words, they want to do something presently illegal.

Screenshot 28usursel Ursula von der LeyenFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Von der Leyen's father's grandparents were the cotton merchant Carl Albrecht (1875–1952) and Mary Ladson Robertson (1883–1960), an American who descended from a planter family in Charleston, South Carolina. Her American ancestors played a significant role in the British colonization of the Americas, and she descends from many of the first English settlers of Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Barbados, and from numerous colonial governors. Among her ancestors were Carolina governors John Yeamans, James Moore, Robert Gibbes, Thomas Smith and Joseph Blake, Pennsylvania deputy governor Samuel Carpenter, and the American revolutionary and lieutenant governor of South Carolina James Ladson.[12][13][14] The Ladson family were large plantation owners and her ancestor James H. Ladson owned over 200 slaves by the time slavery in the United States was abolished; her relatives and ancestors were among the wealthiest in British North America in the 18th century, and she descends from one of the largest slave traders in the Thirteen Colonies, Joseph Wragg. Carl and Mary were the parents of Ursula von der Leyen's grandfather, the psychologist Carl Albrecht, who was known for developing a new method of meditation and for his research on mystical consciousness.[15] She is the niece of the conductor George Alexander Albrecht and a first cousin of the chief conductor of the Dutch National Opera Marc Albrecht.[16]


President von der Leyen joins Jewish community in celebrating Chanukah

2 December 2021 - Ursula von der Leyen celebrated the Chanukah by lighting the candle of the Chanukia in the heart of the European quarter in Brussels, Schuman square, marking the sixth day of the Jewish festival of lights.

Related topics

Combating antisemitism

date:  03/12/2021

permalinkMain URL

See alsoWatch the ceremony

In her speech at the ceremony organised by the European Jewish Community Centre, President von der Leyen stated: 

It is such an honour for me to light a candle on this Chanukia, which will cast its light on the European quarter tonight. (...) It is wonderful to be present here at an ancient Jewish tradition, celebrating a miracle from over two thousand years ago. Chanukah is a story of resilience and perseverance. (...) Chanukah bears a message of hope for all of us in these times of pandemic and recovery. 

President von der Leyen finished by saying: 

I want a Union that cherishes its diversity, where the lights of Chanukah illuminate our cities and our hearts. So on this Festival of light, my wish is that we can all find the strength and the perseverance to build a Union of unity and diversity, where Jewish life can truly prosper.

Chag Chanukah Sameach.


Speech by President von der Le...
(30.0 KB - PDF)



 Article 13 & 11 Copyright European Union Laws

Screenshot 1content id

Explained: Article 15 and Article 17 of the new EU copyright laws ..

 In this video, we take a look at 2 controversial topics, articles 11 and 13 of the European Copyright Directive, and how they may affect your internet useage.

I think it's quite simple really. Anyone who publishes anything on the internet, should do so knowing that they will automatically forgo any right to any kind of copyright law. Once it's on the internet in a public access domain, it automatically becomes public property. In effect, '' If you don't want it stolen, don't put it on the internet'' E.g You would'nt leave your wallet, car keys or cell phone in an obviously easy place for them to be stolen, would you?

Without relatively free and open access to information, the internet may retreat into a situation that requires a black market. The Dark Web exists to give access to content that is usually considered illegal, but with the actions of hackers and creative engineers there may be a situation where internet users switch their online habits to extra-legal (aka illegal) browsers, defying control, and making copyright laws useless. The tighter governments squeeze, the more tech savvy people will find ways around the situation, but without open content the attitude of users will become darker and more rebellious. Governments want more control over opinions, controlling the narrative and access to embarrassing information, but technology has made it impossible to put the genii back into the bottle. And the harder people have to work to get this content, the more hostile they will be to the gatekeepers.

I was introduced to the internet in 1987. Then years passed, as I did not care to own a computer, nor did my parents. But I was around many friends that owned computers and had internet throughout the 90's. In 2004 I got a computer as a present, along with internet. I can honestly say that the internet has become very much like television. I can literally see the decline in the freedom within it. I got rid of cable four years ago. It might be the internet next. The golden age of the internet to me was the later 1990's up to around 2005. After Facebook it has slowly declined. Try to find raw amateur footage of a catastrophe, let's say..and all you'll find is major news corporations flooding pages. Ads and more ads....pretty soon, it's like what's the use of having this internet anymore.

Parodie's and fair use for Journalism are still safe, so is comedy.


California and Indiana have laws to Copyright Faces to prevent society from placing them on any media publicly, including Youtube. Simply don't expose anything which is not your own work, even a Logo on your keyboard, or computer, or a picture in the background, or a T-Shirt design. I'm new on Youtube, and hope to start a channel, and since the passing of Article 13, I'm fully aware of this. We all have about 2 years to adjust. Personally, I don't care or require to show other's materials, and nobody has a right to show mine without my permission.


Screenshot 1 article 13

How does ARTICLE 13 affect YOUTUBERS? - VisualPolitik EN

 "This is a special video. Here we are talking about a topic the affects, one way or another, all the YouTube channels, including, of course, VisualPolitik. We are talking about Article 13. This is a piece of EU legislation that might make all of our viewers from European Union unable to watch our videos. But What is, exactly, Article 13? What does it really mean for us? Is it really such a big threat for the online content creators? In this video, we will answer all of this questions".

European Media

 Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia


Content Creators Lobby

As a former lawyer at the European Commission who is now a YouTuber, I have to say that this is a great video explaining the European legislative process and the need for a content creators' lobby in the EU. Let's discuss how to push this forward. My email is


European Jewish Congress: Zionist Globalist Run

 Screenshot 6european jewish congress in e

Screenshot 7pre of jewish congDr. MOSHE KANTOR  Pres. European Jewish Congress

European Jewish Congress 

The European Jewish Congress or EJC (formerly known as European Jewish Union or EJU) is a non-govenrment organization based in Brussels, Belgium, Europe.  The aim of the EJC is a unit structure for all Jewish communities and organizations throughout Western, Eastern and Central Europe. The European Jewish Congress was the brainchild of Ukrainian billionaire Vadim Rabinovich and officially established in 1986. The European Jewish Congress is the most influential European organization in Europe, representing around 42 national Jewish communities comprising more than 2.5 million Jews in Europe. Jewish community base organizations are so well developed that  2.5 million Jews have more power then the total European population of about 743.1 million (2015) people living in Europe and have more power then all the European Governments in Europe.

World Jewish Congress                                                                                                                                                                              

The European Jewish Congress is affiliated with the World Jewish Congress, and their headquaters are in New York City, United States and the organization maintains office in Paris, France. Before the establishment of EJC, European Jewish issues were dealt with by the European branch of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Today the EJC is the regional affiliate of the WJC as the sole political organizational representative of European Jewry in Europe.

The Former European Jewish Union


The European Jewish Congress formally known as the European Jewish Union is a non-Government organization based in Brussels, Belgium, Europe and was founded in the spring of 2011.  Its stated aim is to be a uniting structure for all Jewish communities and organizations throughout Western, Eastern and Central Europe.  The European Jewish Union established a European Jewish Parliament comprising of 120 members from 50 countries and is modelled on the Israeli parliament called Knesset.  This parliament says that its aim is to represent the concerns of the Jewish Diaspora in the European Union and other European Countries.

The EJC protects the interests of its affiliated communities, working daily with European Union institutions and officials, the Council of Europe (where the EJC has participatory status) and national governments and parliaments.  According to Wikipedia:  "The EJC intends to protect human rights, fight xenophobia and anti-Semitism, promote interfaith dialogue, implement cultural and educational programmes, and remember the Holocaust and other events that killed millions of people. To meet these goals, the EJC has initiated and organized several large international projects, in particular the Let My People Live! international forums.....Another important issue on the EJC's agenda is preventing nuclear terrorism."

Aims of the European Jewish Congress

Many Europeans, including Jews say that this organization is actually promoting racism and anti-Semitism against Jews and are using Jews as a smoke-screen to hide their illegal activities in making money and gaining  power. They say it is a Zionist organization that has been set up to achieve Zionist goals. That is, to protect Israel from third-world non-Jewish infiltrator migrants moving into Israel. Behind the scenes it is pushing the European Economic Community (EEC) to open its borders and allow Europe to be flooded by infiltrator migrants, i.e. it is actually a secret organization working with the European Commissions to destroy European culture, language and history. 

When Europeans resist, the EJC campaign with Governments and the European Commission, the media, and Left-Wing Socialist/Communists to prevent native Europeans from campaigning against genocide and destruction of their countries Christianity and history.  Many European Jewish organizations want to eradicate the entire European population by promoting inter-breeding with Arabs and Africans with the aim of diluting the population.  The Genocidal EU Plot and the Jews Behind It

The EJC campaigns against anti-Semitic Jews yet it is promoting it by allowing Europe to be flooded with Third-World immigrants who hate and are attacking Gentiles and Jews. The immigrants become increasingly confident and many believe that one day in the future, Islam will rule Europe and European Jews will be driven out of Europe or killed.

EJC Holds General Assembly in Brussels:  European Jewish Parliament Members Represent Europe's Jews
In May 2012, the newly
elected European Jewish Parliament held its first general session in Brussels...    

European Jewish Parliament Members Discuss Jewish Issues during Inauguration in Brussels in Belgium
The European Jewish Parliament is now called:  European Jewish Congress. Television's Jewish News One (JN1's), Sivan Raviv spoke with members of the European Jewish Parliament (EJP) in Brussels during its inauguration on February 16th. The EJP includes 120 elected Jewish leaders from across Europe – the same number of members as the Israeli Knesset – and provides European Jewry with a platform for dialogue with the European Union and world leaders. Over 400,000 Jews voted in the parliamentary elections in late 2011, and the newly elected leaders will now work to impact legislation and political agenda. Their first EJP Annual General Assembly was held in Brussels on May 15 and 16, 2012. 

Zionist Plans for Europe

International Council Of Jewish Parliamentarians–

Part One – 'Jewish Parliamentarians' 

Jeremy Wootliff directs and writes this feature length documentary introduced by Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP.  Four other parts of this documentary are available on YouTube, or in broadcast quality on a DVD from The Pears Foundation.

Official Website of Tal Ofer Working Hard for UK Jewish Community

Member of European Jewish Parliament Tal Ofer Discusses Boycott on Israeli Cultural Events

Lawmakers Worldwide Mobilize in Defense of Israel

International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians/World Jewish Congress
The International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians (ICJP) is a World network of Jewish Parliamentarians from different countries supported by the Knesset (Israel Parliament), the World Jewish Congress, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Forum who come together to share and develop ideas that can be promoted in Jewish organizations, policilatal parties and media in the countries they came from.  The ICJP was founded  in 2002,  headquarters is in Jerusalem, Israel, to involve Jewish Parliamentarians from  United States, Britain, France, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Tunisia, Canada, Brazil, Hungary, Australia just to name a few. 

The Jewish  Parliamentarians supposedly represent the Jewish voice.  Many Jews say ICJP cause anti-Semitism against Jews because they promote hatred against Christians, Gentile Europeans and are promoting Third-World immigration into all European countries and working toward  Racial Genicide of Europeans Whites,  abolishing borders in European countries.  

Many say these politicians may be elected in a country that do not always represent the gentiles (non-Jews) and the Jews who elect them.  The  Parliamentarians promote Laws  back in their own countries which are not in the best interests of the Nations, affecting Gentiles and the Jewish population, so these Jewish Parliamentarians are causing treason within the country they are elected to represent.

The Jewish Parliamentarians are sponsored by the World Jewish Congress, a 'steering committee' representing Jewish Politicians (Lawmakers) from all over the world. 



The Bristol Uni Professor who Calls out “ the Zionist Lobby”

Professor David Miller is no stranger to Harry’s Place. In a students only meeting organised by the Palestinian student group Olive he made the following comments (recording of the whole event is here):

“One of the things we’ve come up against is that when we trace back the funding of some of these neo conservative think tanks in this country, Policy Exchange, Henry Jackson Society and others we found that many of them are funded by foundations that are run by people who also are engaged in funding activities beyond the green line in the occupied territories and so what we’ve noticed is that there’s a connection between people who fund the occupation and people who fund essentially hatred against Muslims.”

Then there was this:

The Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund and Keren haYesod all of which are engaged in supporting the occupation either directly or indirectly and not all of their work is done in the territories some of it is in Israel proper. So we find that a lot of the organisations in this country or in the US that are funding those three elements of the occupation are also engaged in funding neo conservative and Islamophobic organisations including two, including the EDL and Tommy Robinson, the Middle East Forum has been funding Tommy Robinson’s legal fees, the funding for the Middle East Forum comes largely from conservative pro-Israel sources.  And so you have this huge funnel of money going into both the occupation and the encouragement of Islamophobia in this country in the US and in other places too.

According to Miller the Jewish charity Keren Kayemet Hayesod is connected to Tommy Robinson and the EDL. Exactly how remains unclear. But wait, there’s more, the Israelis are even behind the Pittsburgh shooting…kind of:

The Pittsburgh case might be the best way to put it. The idea, the conspiracy theory that the Muslims are taking over that there’s an attempt to Islamise the UK, Germany, France the US and that that Islamisation, creeping Sharia as they call it, is something which should be opposed, which is an indication of that Muslims will never believe in our values and all that kind of crap but it also underlies astonishingly really much of the rise of the new antisemitism. So the Pittsburgh killer killed the Jews because they were encouraging the Islamisation of America and the Hungarian antisemities, they’ve got the same analysis; the Jews, the Jewish conspiracy, is encouraging the Islamisation of Europe. Isn’t it extraordinary you should go and have a look at that, I’ve never written that yet but it’s a new thing I’m just about to go into this, but that’s an indication of some of the ideas that underline this so you have the curious situation where people who are extremely pro-Israel, pro settlement, pro occupation are actually also funding organisations that are in some ways antisemitic. It’s…we see Netanyahu and Victor Orban, that’s an actual thing.

But there’s more, surely Israel must be involved in antisemitism in the Labour Party:

“I want to go on from that to talk about how this relates to what we’ve seen in this country in the last two years which is the attack in particular on the Corbyn leadership of the Labour Party, and the weapon of choice has been antisemitism. Now how does that relate to us and what we’re talking about? Well it relates in the sense that much of the attempt to paint the Labour party and especially Corbyn’s supporters of the party as antisemitic has been pushed by pro-Israel groups in this country sometimes funded in this country but sometimes also as we know from the al Jazeera documentary funded directly by Israelis from the million pound slush fund that they brag about. I think you can see that in the last 2 or 3 years. These new groups, these new hardline pro-Israel groups who have sprung up who are critical of the Board of Deputies for example North West Friends of Israel, Sussex Friends of Israel or kind of people who are active online who try to suggest that the labour party is more antisemitic than anything ever in the history of the universe which is clearly impossible. Let’s be clear there is antisemitism in the labour party there are people who are actual antisemites very, very few of them, a much larger number of people who occasionally say things that might be seen to be potentially antisemitic by accident but..I admit that’s true but by and large most of the allegations of antisemitism in the labour party have been false.”

And then:

And the weapon of choice has been antisemitism and one of the key ways through which it’s been implemented is the IHRA definition of antisemitism which actually as you’ll hear, as you know is a fairly short definition with examples which although the press didn’t report this very much the Conservative party hasn’t adopted. And of course what’s happened in relation to this is that the Labour Party has been effectively bounced into a position where they’ve had to accept all the illustrative examples as well as a definition of antisemitism proposed by the IHRA which in itself was a politically motivated attempt to pushback pro-Palestinian activism. Let’s be clear about that, that’s what it’s for, so far it’s done that very well it’s led to all sorts of splits within the pro-Corbyn wing of the party so now there are some elements of Corbyn’s supporters who now accept that there is widespread antisemitism within the party and it’s also meant that Israel’s attempts to drive a wedge into the Corbyn movement have been partially successful.

The Jewish Chronicle wrote of the meeting:

Prof Miller went on to say, in response to a question about Jewish students feeling unsafe on campus, that “it’s absurd if Jews genuinely feel unsafe as a result of Palestinian rights, well then you’ve got to ask questions about who they are and what they’re talking about.

“It’s not Jewish students who feel unsafe, it’s specific Jewish students who are part of a particular political tendency who are saying that they feel unsafe.”

He went on to say that “these are not students who are spontaneously threatened”, alleging that “it’s propaganda which they have been schooled with… there are organisations Israel lobby organisations Zionist movement organisations, some allied to the Israeli government, who have devoted huge amounts of time to do messaging to working out how to combat, in particular, BDS.”

Ah, now it all becomes clear. It was Israel who made Jeremy ignore the mural, it was Israel who made Jeremy hang out with Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, it was Israel who made him make his infamous comments about Zionists” and “irony” at a conference advertised by the armed wing of Hamas. It was Israel who made him invite blood libeller Raed Salah to tea in Parliament. It was Israel who made all those Labour Party councillors share antisemitic material on social media, it was Israel who forced him to refer to his “brothers” in Hamas and his “friends” in Hezbollah while sitting next to abu Jahjah a man who has shared such virulently antisemitic images that only Jeremy Corbyn would ever have given him a platform in the first place. It was Israel who, on Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 forced dear Jeremy to ignore events hosting hundreds of Holocaust survivors commemorating the genocide and honouring the victims in favour of the one survivor who used the occasion to call Israelis Nazis.

What is Miller, author of such game changing works as :‘the alleged chemical attack in Douma on 7 April 2018, and other alleged chlorine attacks in Syria since 2014’ where he strongly implies poison gas attacks on civilians never happened:

    “In a widely-publicized incident in Sarmin on 16 March 2015, the deaths of a family of six were allegedly caused by a chlorine barrel bomb. For this incident the alleged munition is implausible, the alleged mode of delivery is improbable, and the images of the child victims in hospital are consistent with drug overdose rather than chlorine exposure as the cause of death.”

even doing at Bristol in the first place? Thanks to Miller that prestigious university now soils itself with links to the pro-Assad conspiracy group the so called  Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and the Media. The Times exposed them a while back saying:

Senior British academics are spreading pro-Assad disinformation and conspiracy theories promoted by Russia, The Times can reveal.

And that:

Another SPM academic, Tara McCormack, a lecturer in international relations at Leicester University, has tweeted that it is “an established fact that a) the White Helmets are basically Al [Qaeda]”. Dr McCormack has also argued that the death of the former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic while being prosecuted for war crimes in the Hague “brought an end to the farce” of his trial.

The first briefing note published by SPM, titled “Doubts about ‘Novichoks’ ”, questioned whether Russia’s secret nerve agent programme ever existed. Britain has blamed Moscow for the poisoning of the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury last month.

I suppose if we asked Miller he’d say it was “parts of the Zionist lobby” that got him the job there, it’s his answer to every other question after all.

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Thursday 27 October 2022


European Union or European Economic Community (EEC)


Disclaimer:  This article was originally written and published on the Nationalist Asatru News on March 19, 2014.

 Many people say the twelve stars on the European flag represent the 12 Jewish tribes.

From the start, the European Economic Community (EEC) or European Union (EU) has been nothing but a means for the false Jewish to strip the European nations of their sovereignty transferring it into the hands of our historical enemy, the false Jew and leftwing white gentiles

One cannot completely and totally oppose the EEC without mentioning it has an anti-European agenda, the origins of which are undeniably and self-evidently Jewish.  They are the staunchest promoters of a dysgenic, anti-European:  ‘United States of Europe’ today and historically.

The way the EU is set up in terms of internal policy creation results intentionally in a situation, whereby, interest groups have more influence on the actions of the European Commission, than the national interests of each member state, this is openly admitted in academia.

This means groups like the European Jewish Parliament, European Jewish Congress, the international Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and numerous other Jewish-centric organizations and lobby groups who are led by singular individuals, such as Moshe Kantor, co-author of the policy suggestion paper: ‘Model statutes for the promotion of Tolerance,’ have more influence than any singular nation state on the formation of EU Centeral Government Commission policy.

The democratic deficit, (technocratic dictatorship), inherent in the EEC has also openly admitted within academia, that the lack of democracy was a deliberate part of the European Economic Community up until the formation of the European Parliament in 1979.  This is self-evident, as from 1953-1979, the predecessor of the European Parliament was not even directly elected, neither was any part of the the EEC as a whole in its prior formations showing that the project for a federalist Europe, pushed by Jewish-Supremacists, was designed initially and intentionally without any direct democratic accountability, so it could literally ignore and over-rule the opinions of the people of Europe and push 'integration,' the rapid destruction of each unique European state and its people.

As it still does to this day, in the same fashion that the Judeo-Bolshevik government of Russia and Ukraine ruled without any democratic accountability resulting in the genocide of around 20 million of its European population.  This also included upwards of 7-18 million deaths in the Gulag-Achipelago and upwards of 14.5 million deaths caused by deliberate periods of artificially creating starvation or 'socially fair economic policies,' particularly engineered by agricultural collectivization and regulations. n introducing the Black Book, lead author Stephane Courtois, Director of Research at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Paris, offers the following rough breakdown of the numbers of people that communism killed:

Author Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was born into a family of Cossack intellectuals in Kislovodsk, Russia, in 1918.  He fought for the Soviet Union in World War II, achieving the rank of captain of artillery.  In 1945 he was arrested for writing a letter in which he criticized Joseph Stalin and spent eight years in prisons and labor camps.  In 1956 he was allowed to settle in Ryazan, in central Russia, where he became a mathematics teacher and began to write.  He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970.  Following the publication of the first volume of The Gulag Archipelago, he was exiled in 1974. His Soviet citizenship was restored in 1990 and he returned to Russia in 1994, where he now lives.

The end-goal envisioned by Jewish-Supremacists for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which has already resulted in the economic closure of thousands of farms in the UK since 1973, the destruction of tens of thousands of farms in Germany, France and all over the European continent since 1962.

Only  Globalist Supremacists intent on using a governmental structure to deliberately exterminate the people within its borders through demographic warfare.  They deliberately construct its own governmental structure to go against public opinion, as was the project for a federal Europe from the start.

‘Communism is Judaism for the masses’

In addition to this, by definition, creating a “single European identity” is genocide.  What is not often stated, is that this European identity is designed to include no ethnic European element and thus, pave the way for an actual genocide which will make the Judeo-Bolshevik holodomor and USSR Gulag exterminations look insignificant in comparison.

The false Jewish ‘founding fathers’ of the genocidal-by-definition concept of the EU

Jean Monnet is considered the intellectual father of the European Economic Community.  He is also quite evidently Jewish, having been born into a Jewish merchant family, living in France, Jean Monnet spent his early life travelling around between trading centers for his family's company and the rest of his life espousing and promoting a European federal state, with the aim of destroying the European people.  He is openly called an ‘internationalist’ in academia.

The Jewish international pressure to enforce anti-white, (masked as anti-racist), legislation into a future European federal state.  The very idea to found a European federal state, were clearly evident from as early as 1940, where Jews who "had been putting pressure on the Roosevelt Administration on this very point" (F. Fransen, “The Supranational Politics of Jean Monnet:  ideas and origins of the European Economic Community," Greenwood publishing, 2001, p54), were holding meetings with various future heads of state, such as post-war French Prime Minister De Gaulle, to force the acceptance of the idea of a European federal state into the political elite before they were accepted into government, in the same way academia forces pro-EU sentiments into future politicians when they are still students, except the minority of students are aware like myself, or past figures such as Margaret Thatcher.

The Globalist are attempting to create a singular European state, although much older dating back to the founding purpose of the entire Jewish:  League of nations, which was also the same governmental body, (alongside our traitorous monarchy), which marked out the Mandate of Palestine.  As always, the genocidal ambitions of the Jewish people are clear and obvious for all to see in relation to Europeans and Palestinians alike.


The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe The Coudenhove Kalergi Plan Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972), was an anti-European racist, he espoused that the founding purpose of a European federalist state would be to destroy the European people, not simply through reducing internal differences but through destroying Europeans entirely and replacing us with “a mixed race of Asians and Negroes."  Image result for Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972)                                                                                                                                                                                        THE OTIUM POST

The quote below is a horrific revelation and one that has been covered up by the mainstream media and academic even though Kalergi-Coudenhove is mentioned in lectures on the origin of the European Union, the majority white Politics students who study the EU in todays universities are evidently never told this fact, that the very same people they are taught advocated for a European federal state as early as 1925, did so for the primary, malicious, abhorrent, criminally genocidal aim of destroying the European people themselves, directly.  Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the 1922 pan-European movement, with the support of B’nai B’rith, the Jewish international support agency for Jewish political interests.  B’nai B’rith helped push Coudenhove-Kalergi and his vile, anti-European racist ideology into the political mainstream at the top of political circles.  In 1932, Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi composed a preface for a new edition of his fathers condemnation of anti-Semitism, and in Praktischer Idealismus, in which he said the following:

“Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice.  The Eurasian-Negroid race… similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples…Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will… Turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negroes… through this artificial selection process.”                                                                                                 

The Coudenhove-Kalergi legacy is still strong in pro-European circles at the top of government, even though the average, nieve pro-Eu student has no idea of its existence, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded to heads of state and technocrats who ruthlessly push the EU.

Notably President Van Rompuy, otherwise known as the “Damp Rag” was awarded this prize.

The Communist-East German educated Chancellor Merkel, (a Christian-Democrat), who was also awarded this prize in 2010.

Proving Jewish international lobby groups and awards groups use such prizes, and international manipulation, to force heads of states to work in accordance with fundamentally Jewish genocide plans.  This is beyond dispute.

Altiero Spinelli (31 August 1907 – 23 May 1986), Altiero Spinelli short film with English Subtitles is another inborn communist who is known as one of the "Founding Fathers of the European Union."  It is no surprise that he was a member of the Italian communist party, as he and another communist subversive, Ernesto Rossi, wrote what is known as the 'Ventotene Manifesto', which advocates a United States of Europe, in order to hold Germany down under the facade of preventing war, and overcoming the so-called, ‘German problem’, (the problem from the Jewish perspective that Germany is innately pure and brilliant, and its existence has in the past prevented Jewish power over Europe).

Putin confirms that Jews were responsible for the horrors of Communism.

World War II is used as the excuse for the expansion of the EU, under a facade of preventing war, in actual fact, it is simply about preventing individual European nations, especially Germany and England, from rising up against Jewish power as we have done throughout our histories, by dragging us down and attempting to destroy our very existence, as Coudenhove-Kalergi’s book, “Praktischer Idealismus,” outlines and admits in its genocidal hubris.

Like the legacy of Coudenhove-Kalergi, Spinelli’s communist legacy is still worshipped and followed by Jewish subversives to this day in the form of theSpinelli group.  This group, in the European Parliament, led by subversives like Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Guy Verhofstadt, Spinelli’s aftermath lingers like a foul anti-European odour in intellectual discussions within academia, although it is not often taught that Spinelli was a Communist subversive, who was imprisoned for his communist subversion.

Deutsche is another one of the Jewish Founding Fathers of the EU:

“Karl Wolfgang Deutsch (1912–1992) was born in Prague in 1912 to Jewish parents”

His mother was a Czech Jew elected to Parliament who was known for her anti-Nazi rhetoric and activities, (or anti-Germanic racism, because she as a Jew, did not want Germanic folk to have a government that cares about our existence).

Deutsche himself was disallowed to return to university due to his vile anti-Germanic activism.  Not only was the manipulatively named Karl ‘Deutsche’ a proponent of the anti-Germanic and anti-European federalist idea of a United States of Europe, he was also a participant in the San Francisco conference that was crucial in the founding of the United Nations in 1945.

Karl Deutsche is also appealed to as a Jewish ‘political scientist’ on the subject of the EU.  He has also spent considerable effort in defiling nationalism during his time in academia.  Jews like Deutsch, partook in the academic manipulation of public opinion, (through manipulating the opinions of students), on subjects such as the EU and the UN.

David Mitrany is another Jewish so called intellectual, who’s modern teachings, (that lie about and hide the true genocidal reasons), explaining EU expansion has been instrumental in ensuring pro-EU support of the political and academic classes.

“David Mitrany’s strong internationalism, and ability to feel at home in Germany, Britain and the United States, was probably the result of being born Jewish”

Who is Mitrany?  David Mitrany (1888–1977) was a so-called leading scholar in Political theory, specialising in explaining how the EU came into being and continues to expand, under a school of thought called ‘international functionalism.  This internationalist tradition favoured integration and the development of international, rather than national institutions as a solution to the human problems of want and war which attempts to diagnose the reasons why the EU was founded and has since expanded to include 28 states and continues to grow in its domination of legislation (the EU produces 80% of all our legislation), and blame a complex series of abstract functional reasons and factors rather than the the obvious reason:  Jews pushing and promoting the EU for over a century, as is clear and obvious to anyone who can look outside the controlled academic ‘debate’ (or facade) on the EU.

Ernst Bernard Haas (1924 – March 6, 2003), is a Jewish academic, who founded the ‘neofunctionalist’ approach to the EEC in an effort to divert away from the Jewish origins of the concept and genocidal plan for a federal European union, Haas was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1924 to a secular Jewish family, (like the majority of the founding teachers at the infamous Frankfurt school), he believed in undermining European states, especially Germany, for the intention of destroying and controlling them, out of sheer anti-European racial bigotry and supremacist delusions.

Another Neo-functionalist manipulator was author Leon N. Lindbergh among other manipulators who diverted discussions of the EU away from the obvious international Jewish lobbying and intellectual and governmental corruption causes are  Stanley Hoffmann and Andrew Moravcsik. They who all Front Coverespouse a federalist EU, and who deliberately divert the discussion of the origins of the EU into pointless academic circular discussions about economic causal factors, when the reality is visibly and undeniably as a result of Jewish lobbying, intellectual and Governmental corruption efforts, motivated by sheer anti-European and especially anti-Germanic racist, in-fact genocde hatred, that emanates from these Jewish ‘scholars’ and ‘intellectuals’, who terrorized and pressured European academia and therefore all future (mainstream) government officials into accepting their account of the history and rationale behind the EU.

The entire academic facade on the EU has been controlled by Jewish Supremacists.  David Mitrany himself is an ethnic Jew of Romanian origin and it is clear that this control of the EU debate ensures all elected politicians (as they all go through the same pro-EU classes at university as I am going through right now), leave university with the same world-view of the EU and are taught that EU expansion is natural and good, when in fact as history has proven and this article details, it is un-natural and is enacting an un-deniable genocide of the European people.

The Jewish control of academic discussion through the Jewish self-promotion or creation of ‘leading-scholars’ on the subject, whose artificial authority is then used to dominate all discussion on the EU, prevents students from finding out the truth about the EU, through discovering its self-evident Jewish origins and then contrasting that with the fact that the EU is destroying our race, nation, economy, military, environment, history and culture.

The more visible the alien Jewish power becomes, the less the EU is trusted by the European people.

The academic false-dichotomy between the Jewish theory of international functionalism or neo-functionalism and the Jewish theory of inter-Governmentalism, is set up to deliberately deny students the possibility of discovering the genocidal, and anti-democratic truth behind the EU, and the fact that these theories exist only as a facade, is to prevent students from seeing the truth about the EU.

This is important, as it is the fundamental reason why our entire political establishment supports the EU, as they have all been educated in the Kalergi-Coudenhove, Jean Monnet or David Mitrany schools of thought, about the processes and purposes of further genocidal EU expansion.

The reality of expansion of the EU and its origins cannot be explained in either the Neo-functionalist, international functionalist or inter-Governmentalist approaches, why? — Because all of these theories cannot work.  They ignore the single biggest causal factor:  Jewish international lobbying, and the systematic and generational corruption of politics through academia by these ‘Jewish-intellectual’ appointed ‘Jewish Intellectuals’.

The reason academia cannot analyze and come to an agreement or even a coherent theory about how the EU has maintained so much support as a concept through all of the Political class and then as a reality since the 1950s, is because academia, through Jewish activism, literally occupying academia as much as Jews occupy Palestine, is part of the reason why the EU retains political support and why it even had support as a concept back in the 1920s.

Academia is also disallowed by the Jewish intellectual and physical occupation that exists within it.  Discussing the self-evidently and undeniably ethnically Jewish ideological founding fathers of the federal European Union and their racist anti-European motivations and anti-German ethnic obsessions, thus the mainstream arguments analyzing why the concept of a European federal state was created in the first place, and why the EU now exists in the form it does.  And why it finds so much support in the political elite and decreasing support among the general public are prevented from getting near the truth, and being diverted by the false dichotomy that exists in academia, between two Jewish ideological schools of thought:  neo-functionalism and inter-Governmentalism.

In essence:  The Jewish-authored theories dictate the type of question asked about the EU and thus, dictate the type of answer that academia is allowed to find.

The  Jews hatred of Germany and all White people goes back a long time ?.

The Jewish ideological anti-Germanic and thus, anti Noble-European sentiment is clear, as it is openly admitted that the EU was about containing the ‘German problem’.

The racist double standards of the liberals in academia is obvious, instead of the ‘German problem,' Germans were replaced with Jewish (‘Jewish problems’), all these liberal academic staff would complain and call it anti-Semitism, but when Jewish-Supremacist lecturers and tribally-appointed lecturers have manipulated the entire debate into literally focusing and legitimizing anti-Germanic racial political ideas, they do not even notice, let alone complain.

At its core the EU is anti-Germanic and anti-Noble-European, this is the truth.

All these Jewish theory’s divert around, in order to maintain generational support for the EU, in wave after wave of student, who then go on to become political staff and politicians who take this Jewish created false-dichotomy to Westminster or Brussels with them, resulting in the horrific, culturally and racially genocide expansion of the EU, despite even periods of so called ‘Euro-sclerosis’ or natural public increases in Euro-scepticism.

The EU as an undemocratic anti Noble-European institution.

The Council of ministers drives through legislations at the behest of interest and lobby groups, regardless of the opinions of national states and their population, with the rubber stamp parliament of the European Parliament doing nothing but debating in futility on legislation it cannot substantially alter, if the council of ministers so desires.  ‘Supra-national actors’ play a major role in the formation of EU policy, and Jewish supra-national (above national or ‘international’), actors indeed created the entirety of the EU, and every prior format, existed as and the very concept of a United States of Europe as early as the 1920s, arguably since 1866, with the creation of the failed Latin monetary union‘, again driven by Jewish-Surpemacists, which collapsed in 1927, which coincided with the main start of efforts to establish a Europe wide federal state as articulated in genocide terms by the likes of Coudenhove-Kalergi, as aforementioned.

The ECSC was designed not in order to benefit the economies of Europe, but in reality, as admitted in academia, it was an effort to remove the control of core industries essential for heavy industry and to ‘place them in the hands of international agents’, especially the German Ruhr coal mining area.

This was enacted under a facade of preventing war, by ‘confiscating’ resources essential for war, and putting them in the hands of impartial international-governmental bodies, in order to literally make it impossible for European nations to go to war, not just against themselves, but against the newly formed Jewish state, a line of anti-European ‘logic’, that is followed today with institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund). and World Bank, which can crush European nations finances within hours, as it routinely does to Greece.  It also set up a system of redistribution from wealthy Germany, Sweden, Denmark, UK and France to the proportionally less productive, (wealth is a measure of productivity), Mediterranean EU countries.

The European Court of Justice and European Court of Human rights, are instrumental to the anti-European European Union, under the facade of human rights and ‘justice’.  They rule in accordance with the EU constitution and European convention on Human rights, which is not in accordance with natural rights or real justice, they in their effect, do nothing other than rule against governments and individual groups that attempt to slow down or obstruct further expansion of the political hegemony, leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others, of the EU.

They care nothing for rights or justice and are legal bodies that ensure the destruction of European rights and European nation states and the people within them, gradually ruling by ruling.  Every aspect of the EU and in all its prior formats from the ECSC and EEC have sought to do nothing other than to pursue the anti-European ideology of their Jewish founding fathers.

Our leaders were puppets of the Jews back then, just as they are now.

Timeline of the expansion of the creation and expansion of the anti-European genocidal EU:

1948:  The European union of Federalists, led by Jews and their corrupted European followers outlined the ‘need for a European union’ following on from prior private meetings.

1948:  US Marshall aid program put as one of its requisites: that European states seek further integration.

1948:  Israel declared as a state, Jews then have their own homeland, from which they can freely spite Europe without regard for the conditions internally within European states.

1949:  Council of Europe convened its meeting and the “Schuman proposal was issued.”

1949:  Israel recognized as a state by the Jewish-Supremacist dominated US Government, that also pushed for the creation of European internal integration efforts.

1951:  The European Coal and Steel community came into existence after the 1951 treaty of Rome, which openly states its aim was to create a ‘technocratic revolution’:  “to lay the foundations for an ever closer union among the European peoples.  And by establishing a common market progressively approximating the economic policies of member states.”

The treaty of Rome sought to remove barriers to the Marxist degeneration plan of ensuring free movement of peoples, capital and goods inside Europe to undermine the homogeneity of Europe ensuring a dysgenic situation and slowing down technological and scientific development by reducing competition between states, which had previously been the engine for the success of European innovation.

1957:  Treaty of Paris, outlining what Winston Churchill* advocated:  “a United States of Europe.”

It is well known that Winston Churchill’s financial debts were written-off by Jews after a substantial Griffin-like debt accumulation in the 1930s, resulting in his obedience throughout the rest of his life.  Winston Churchill also wrote in his autobiography, “the Jews always get want they want in the end”.  Winston Churchill was a depressed, stroke-afflicted pessimist, warmonger and war-criminal, who betrayed the English people and all European people by advocating for a “United States of Europe.”

1965:  the EEC (prior vesrion of the EU) pushed for control of its own budget, showing its tyrannical objectives, this was defeated by the French President De Gaulle resulting in the ‘Empty chair crisis.’

1967:  De Gaulle Vetos the UK EEC application, saving us from so much damage that would have occurred had we joined the EEC that early instead of in 1973.

1973:  UK, Denmark and Ireland join the EEC, under a manipulated pro-EU political class, all at the same time after international Jewish lobbying, starting the destruction of North-West Europe inside the EEC.

1987:  Single European Act: creation of a single market, a further removal of trade duties.

1992/3:  Treaty on European Union /Maastricht Treaty:  Created a singular European security and Foreign policy, overriding national interests and created the Euro, gradually replacing  the native currencies of successive member states of the EU.

1995:  Schengen Agreement:  the removal of immigration controls in numerous EU member states.

1997:  Treaty of Amsterdam:  preparation for the genocidal expansion of the EU, bringing in South Eastern European nations into common borders with Germanic, Nordic and Frankish Europe.

2001:  Treaty of Nice, enforcing the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy).

2004:  Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (TCE); rejected for its totalitarian measures of establishing an EU constitution by the French and Dutch in 2005, it never passed.

2009:  Treaty of Lisbon (Reformed treaty).  A version of the EU constitution re-packaged from the failures of the TCE in 2004/5, enforcing an effective EU constitution by stealth.  The EU now makes 80% of laws and has increased immigration inside the EU to genocidal levels by over 2800%, (by removing all of the internal borders of each of the 28 member states, now including Romania and Bulgaria).

2011:  European Jewish Parliament established.

2013:  The rise of UKIP and majority anti-EU sentiments all over Europe.

2014:  British’ Jews launch formal ‘Jewish EU Manifesto’


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