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Globalist Behind Refugee Invasion

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Members of the UN-run International Organisation for Migration oversee migrants coming ashore on the Chucunaque river after crossing the Darien Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama.


Biden, China, UN, churches run migrant invasion of US: Chinese military infiltration suspected

 Members of the UN-run International Organisation for Migration oversee migrants coming ashore on the Chucunaque river after crossing the Darien Gap jungle between Colombia and Panama.

A map showing the multiple stop over points for millions of migrants currently being pushed across the US border in a highly-organised mass invasion operation against the US.
Michael Yon in his former role as a Green Beret.

THE UN, the Biden administration and China are the three major players driving the mass invasion across the US border. Working with them are six church-supported organisations – predominantly Catholic – but also including Lutheran, Episcopal, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the multi-denominational organisations Church World Services and World Relief.

The involvement of China has raised the suspicions of on-the-ground observers of a covert military operation with mostly military-aged, well provided for men and some women, who have been shipped into Panama to enter the US among the other mostly Central and South Americans.

Joe Biden has repeatedly lied that he can stop the cross-border invasion if the Republicans simply support a “bipartisan bill” to provide more border agents and other resources. But the US military and federal border patrol agencies are actively involved in bringing the migrants across the border.

The Georgia Record newspaper has reported that a State Senator Colton Moore and staff were assaulted by US military personnel at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport on the night of January 31st when the Senator and his staffer uncovered and filmed a migrant trafficking operation through the airport.

According to US independent journalist Anne Vandersteel, the US enlisted personnel were leading 30 military-aged migrant males through the airport. The Georgia legislative staff were assaulted when trying to ask questions, and had to wrestle back the phone with camera footage.

One of the major Panama migrant camps photographed by Michael Yon’s drone. Below: The camp before it was dramatically expanded.

According to investigations by former US Green Beret //" data-type="link" data-id="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Michael Yon and friends, the religious organisations are being paid large sums of money to facilitate the path of these migrants from around the world across Mexico and into the US. According to figures provided by Yon, the combined revenue of the organisations is $US2.386 billion.

The main UN agency involved on the ground in Panama is the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) that describes itself as “the leading intergovernmental organisation promoting since 1951 humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all.”

The flow is also being facilitated by Chinese entities, who have published a video showing the migrants the paths they can take across Central America and Mexico. Yon and US biologist Brett Weinstein recently spent time in Panama and the notorious Darien Gap observing the flow of migrants.

Weinstein, who previously studied in the area, told Tucker Carlson that he and Yon saw numerous military-aged Chinese men outside the San Vincente migrant camp. Yon spoke to a man who claimed to be Korean, but he was “tripped up by Yon” into speaking Chinese. Others simply did not want to communicate. There were some women, but no children at San Vincente Camp.

Weinstein said he began to suspect that the Chinese migration was actually being cloaked by the economic migration coming from South America. These Chinese had been shipped directly in to Panama and did not have to make the dangerous and mountainous Darien Gap jungle journey on foot as most other migrants from Colombia and Venezuela do.

Weinstein said he and Yon were easily able to communicate with migrants at other locations, but he felt a distinct hostility from the Chinese at the San Vincente camp. He said he felt sympathy for migrants and saw Chinese generally as victims of an oppressive government, but “the hostility I felt from the Chinese was particularly unsettling, given I know where they are headed.”

Yon wrote on his Substack page: “Catholics, Jews, Protestants, and everything in between are being shilled by their own or people pretending to be by putting the pious mask of religion on a cruel and evil human trafficking operation.

“Worse, the human trafficking is only half of the evil story. In the name of Christ, Moses, Buddha, etc, these false fronts are aiding and abetting criminals and terrorists from the worst CCP and Cartel mobs to be placed everywhere in the US. With US Government assistance!”

Yon said Catholic charities were everywhere over the border in Texas and were hiring “fascist thugs in uniform, both private security and corrupt cops, to protect their human trafficking operation in the Rio Grande Valley.”

“HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) is everywhere in Panama building invasion camps for the US with Secretary Mayorkas, a former board member along with Sergey Brin (Google’s Father) putting massive political and informational power behind them,” he writes.

He said it appeared that the current rate of flow through Darien Gap was about 1000 ‘migrants.’ “The vast majority are military aged males. Roughly 90% of those I saw yesterday and most days are military-aged males including teenagers.

“Increasing numbers of Mainland Chinese are coming. I am here this time with two Chinese translators. One speaks Mandarin, the other Cantonese. The about 50 Mainlanders we encountered yesterday were all speaking Mandarin, none Cantonese.

“They are from many parts of China including places like Xian. They are flush with cash and appear to be middle class. They wire money to themselves in advance so that when robbed they do not have too much risk to the nest eggs.” Indians told Yon they paid US$20,000 to get to Panama and were heading to Los Angeles. Most of the Chinese also go to California. A Chinese man said he paid US$7000 for the trip.

“One yesterday from Logar said he worked with US Special Forces and an American friend from the Army is paying his way, so the Afghan did not even know how much this costed so far. I wanted to know more but some Chinese and others crowded in to tell some of their stories.”

There were also Pakistanis, Nepalese, Indians and others from Asia, massive numbers of Haitians, Africans and increasing numbers from South America such as Equador and Peru.

Joe Biden’s so-called bipartisan immigration bill would still allow migrant border encounters of an average 5000 a day, which if passed would require the Department of Homeland Security to close the border, but only to migrants “seeking to cross without prior authorization between ports of entry”. Certain migrants would also be allowed to stay in the US if they were fleeing torture or persecution in their countries.

Another part of this amazing bill is to provide a further few billions for Israel and Ukraine to continue their wars. The Biden-Obama regime is clearly working towards the destruction of the USA.

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The Chinese migrants risking it all for the American dream | 101 East Documentary


 Al Jazeera is Muslim owned and mainly Jewish run.

Pinned by Al Jazeera English
Thank you for watching this episode of 101 East, which is the first part of an investigation into the 'zouxian' phenomenon, where record numbers of Chinese nationals are taking a dangerous route through Latin America to seek asylum in the US. In the next episode, we explore what happens to Chinese asylum seekers once they reach America and investigate the shadowy industries profiting off them:

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One of the weirdest things about this story is that the zero-Covid policy is often cited as a reason for Chinese migrants coming to America, yet the fact that the US also had lockdowns (and contentious political battles surrounding that policy) is never mentioned. These people seem to be pretty uneducated or ignorant about the situation in the US (maybe due to censorship of foreign media in China) and somehow came to the conclusion that America is some kind of utopia. There must be a lot of people spreading this message on Chinese social media for various reasons; perhaps someone is making money from trafficking in persons, like migrants from other places in Latin America and the rest of the world.

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 Jews Admit Jews Behind Refugee Invasion.

Some Jews & Gentiles campaign for refugees into western countries to replace Whites, Blacks and  Pro-White Jews.

Some Jews do not want refugees going to Jewish nation of Israel.


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Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

600 Jewish Groups Sign Support Of BLM In New York Times Ad



An open letter in support of the Black Lives movement signed by more than 600 different Jewish groups was published by the New York Times On the 57th anniversary of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr’s 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Appearing as an advertisement, the open letter was posted on the 17th page of the Times’ main section.

Jews have always supported the Civil Rights Movement in America. People have forgotten how deeply rooted anti-Semitism was in that country until the changes brought about by the Civil Rights Movement. Segregation of Jews was the reason why there were so many separate Jewish law firms and financial firms in America: Jews could not get hired at the “traditional” firms.

Films can be seen of prominent Jewish leaders like the Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel marching alongside the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr in demonstrations. But today, unfortunately, we dwell more on the visions between American Black and Jewish communities.


The signatories were a plethora of congregations as well as some major organizations like the Anti-Defamation League, multiple chapters of the National Council of Jewish Women, the Union for Reform Judaism and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

Detractors will point out that most of the Jewish groups are representative of the more politically liberal Jewish communities in America and there were even some with names like Anti-Zionist Shabbat.

The letter declared: “The Black Lives Matter movement is the current day Civil Rights Movement in this country, and it is our best chance at equity and justice. By supporting this movement we can build a country that fulfills the promise of freedom, unity, and safety for all of us, no exceptions.”

The Jewish groups stated: “We are Jewish organizations and synagogues from across the racial and political spectrum; from different streams of Judaism; whose members trace their lineage from countries around the world. We support the Black-led movement in this country that is calling for accountability and transparency from the government and law enforcement. We know that freedom and safety for any of us depends on the freedom and safety of all of us,”

As Jews, we know how dangerous this is: when politicians target Jewish people and blame us for problems, it leads directly to violence against us. When Black movements are undermined, it leads to more violence against Black people, including Black Jews.

Antisemitism is part of the same machinery those politicians use to blame Black and brown people, people who are immigrants, people who are Muslim, and more. But whether they generate division and fear based on our religion, our skin color, or how long we’ve been here, their goal is to keep us from working together to win the things we all need to survive and thrive.

When Jewish people join together with our neighbors across racial and religious differences, as we have in the past, we can protect each other and build the future of freedom and safety we all deserve.

Jewish tradition teaches us that justice is not something that will be bestowed upon us, it is something that we need to pursue — the pursuit is itself sacred work. We’ll show up for each other every time one of us is targeted because of our differences, and reject any effort to use fear to divide us against each other.”

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Harrison Smith, host of the Off Limits News podcast at points out the hypocrisy of tyrannical governments cracking down on citizens while funneling in diseased migrants meant to break the back of the middle class.

State Of Global Tyranny Ramps Up To Crush Citizens And Protect Economic Migrants

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Jesse Lee Peterson vs Anti American Jew

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US Jews Slam Trump over New “Refugee Checks”

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society—America’s largest Jewish organization working full time to import hundreds of thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees into the US—has slammed the latest “refugee” screening announcement by Donald Trump—while at the same time backing the state of Israel, which refuses to take in a single “refugee.”

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) was originally founded in the late 1890 to help funnel Jews into the US, but, has since the end of the Cold War, focussed mainly on bringing nonwhite “refugees” into America, and has official status with the US government.

HIAS was also behind the February 2017 legal challenge against Trump’s executive order entitled “Protecting the Nation from Terrorist Entry into the United States.”

According to a new statement on the HIAS website titled “Why This Refugee Ban is Just as Bad as the First Two,” Trump’s “original executive order banning refugees on January 27” caused “chaos and the cruelty was palpable.”

“In the weeks and months since, the Trump Administration has continued to relentlessly craft, implement and defend policies that slam the door on refugees, immigrants and asylum seekers, though often times done so away from the spotlight,” the HIAS statement continued.

“Similarly, the new ‘enhanced vetting procedures’ announced on October 24 might appear on the surface to be more benign than the first two executive orders, but these new rules will prevent already-vetted refugees from finding safety here in the near future, or at all.”

HIAS said the 90 day ban for refugees from 11 countries “will mean more confusion and heartbreak for thousands stuck in limbo,” and that the “11 countries—Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen—accounted for nearly half of all refugee admissions in Fiscal Year 2017.”

HIAS’ president and CEO Mark Hetfield said that the “U.S. is decimating the refugee resettlement program at a time of unprecedented global need.”

“In response, HIAS and other advocacy groups are now calling on Congress to step in and reassert America’s humanitarian leadership. For HIAS’ supporters in the American Jewish community, the call to welcome remains paramount. 380 congregations have joined the HIAS Welcome Campaign, a national network of local communities advocating for, and directly assisting in, refugee resettlement,” the HIAS statement concluded.

The actual regulations announced by Trump, as detailed in a statement on the Department of Homeland Security’s website, are “designed to intensify screening in order to keep nefarious and fraudulent actors from exploiting the refugee process to enter the United States,” and not to halt the refugee program at all.

“The security of the American people is this administration’s highest priority, and these improved vetting measures are essential for American security,” said Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke.

“These new, standardized screening measures provide an opportunity for the United States to welcome those in need into our country, while ensuring a safer, more secure homeland.”

The new measures entail “increased data collection to more thoroughly investigate applicants, better information sharing between agencies to identify threat actors, and new training procedures to strengthen screener ability to detect fraud and deception.”

The DHS statement added that “Following the implementation of these improved measures, the administration will recommence refugee resettlement processing.”

In other words, Trump has actually agreed to continue the nonwhite invasion of the US by these fake refugees. All are fake because none are fleeing for their lives, and all have crossed numerous “safe” countries before coming to the US—both these stipulations being outlined in international law as prerequisites for recognition as refugees.

In October 2014, HIAS demanded that the US take in even more Syrians (“A Call for the U.S. to Resettle More Syrians as Part of Multifaith Effort,” OCT.  29, 2014).

HIAS is also an official member of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations”—which is one of the state of Israel’s most powerful lobby in America.

For example, as recently as September 19, 2017, the “Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations applauded the establishment of the first permanent U.S. military base in Israel in which Israel Defense Forces and U.S. military personnel will work together on a day-to-day basis to enhance Israel’s defensive capabilities.”

Yet, as is now well-known, Israel has refused to take in a single “Syrian” refugee and continues to actively deport all African and other non-Jewish invaders out of Israel.

HIAS’s latest attacks on Trump are therefore, just more blatant hypocrisy and double standards—demanding that white Americans accept hordes of fake refugees, while supporting Israel, which has the exact opposite policy.

It is the old rule at work once again: one law for the Jews, another for the Gentiles.

Screenshot 7barbar promote whie gen

Barbara Lerner Spectre on White Genocide is necessary

Barbara Lerner Spectre on White Genocide

After replacing White Christians the mix races will turn on the traitor gentiles, Zionist and create the final Jewish holocaust.

Picture above are Jews campaigning for refugees into western countries to replace whites, true Jews and other races. Many people in high positions of power on the internet, media and political parties are Jewish, they promote hate against whites, Christianity and true Jews. Many Jews are leaving European countries and moving to Israel because the high crime rate by many invaders who are attacking and raping Jews and gentiles. Many Jews want to live peace and love the country they live in and are against the white European replacement, e.g Jews who are against Zionism and Communism.

Many true Jews say that Jews who campaign for the replacement of the whites are laying the foundation for the Jewish holocaust in the future. They say when the whites are gone, Christianity has been replaced by Islam as the main religion and non whites controls the United States, Europe and Britain, etc they will have modern weapons that can be used against Israel.
Jewish communities around the world will be hunted, raped and killed just like the whites in South Africa today. Because of the fact they're actually white and have too much influence in banking, media, organization and politics. The majority of people will not be white and non whites will want to control the internet, mainstream media and banking in the future.

Jews have been mislead by some Jewish rabbis (Priest), Zionist and bankers, who told  that all of them they came from Israel. Jews who studied Jewish history say the majority of Jews did not come from Israel, they're former gentiles who converted to the Jewish Faith. In-fact their ancestors came from Europe and are the same race as white gentile Europeans. Israel is the Jewish religion homeland and Europe is their racial homeland.

The globalist bankers, finance many Jewish organizations to promote their ideas and use the media to promote hate between true Jews, White Christians gentiles and other races. They promote Jewish rightwing nationalism to control the Jews to use the Jews to destroy White gentiles, Christians, true Jews, blacks and other races. The globalist wants a world government and campaigns to remove all national boarders to allow free movement of all races all over the world to destroy unity. They use left wing socialism, communism, and liberalisms to destroy the nations and promote conservatism to stop people from building powerful organizations to fight against the globalist bankers.

The Australia population is about 25 million people, and the Jewish population is about 100 thousand people.

The following link is about true Jews who fight for our rights

False Zionist Promote hate against Jews to control them

 Screenshot 5gentile animalsScreenshot 5zionist jew hater

The Holocaust was used to dupe Jews to establish a "national homeland" in Palestine. In 1897 the Rothschilds founded the Zionist Congress and arranged its first meeting in Munich.
At the meeting at Basel, Switzerland that took place on 29 August, chaired by Theodor Herzl, who later stated in his diaries:

"The anti-Semites shall be our best friends"
Leaders Herzl 006

What he is saying is to create false hate information against Jews to make them become nationalist and directed their hate against whites, pro white true Jews and all races, so they can be used to work for the Zionist bankers who control the mainstream banks and the media. Hate conflict between Whites, Jews and all races helps the bankers achieve their goals.

BUT not all Zionist are Jews some are Gentiles.
Joe biden admits to being a Zionist - video


The New World Order

There is alot of information available today online and in books regarding The New World Order (Globalist or the Establishment). The head of The New World Order are the world bankers with their influence, wealth and organizations, and mainstream media, which they promote their globalist ideas to the world which we follow subconsciously. But this is changing because we have the internet and "We the People" of the world are now waking up to the truth and challenging them.
Eight globalist families control the USA, Federal reserve bank and the American economy.

The globalist banker, media and political parties support the invasion into Australia

White Traitors committed treason against their own families, Australians and Australia.

Most white Australian political parties are gutless when it comes to fighting for their white families, they will not represent the white population and are allowing Australia to be invaded by other races who will take over the country in the future.

The Deep State is working behind the scenes in the political parties and mainstream media to promote hate against whites by promoting bigotry and negitive thinking between white Jews, blacks and Asians against whites, by making laws to stop whites from representing themselves and teaching white children to hate themselves.

 Screenshot 1jewish antifa

 Screenshot 1afity

Nationalist Jews use communism (Antifa) against all Christians, whites, other races and pro white Jews

  ANTIFA Parody Song

Screenshot 7antifaKarl Marx was born Jewish though he renounced Judaism and on a whole appears to be quite anti-Semitic with much evidence to suggest that he did not care at all about true Jews or the Jewish faith. There was a series of letters between Karl Marx and Baruch Levy which has a highly interesting quote about the Jewish and the New World Order.

"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order, the 'children of Israel', will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled in which it is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."       

Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574

https://Antifa Tied to Communist Revolutionary Groups, Shows Documentary 

The majority of countries do not allow the invasion of different races, cultures, or religions into their countries and only race haters in white countries do that.

Screenshot 1 kScreenshot 1eu

Below article taken from the following link.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - jewish genocide of the white Peoples ...

New World Order

In 1922 he founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. Among the first supporters, including Czech politicians and Zionists Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš and, the jewish banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took the responsibility for leading the “Pan-European” movement. Later, French politicians, such as Léon Bloum, Aristide Briand,  Alcide De Gasperi, etc will offer their help.

With the rise of National Socialism in Europe, the project was abandoned and the “Pan-European” movement was forced to dissolve, but after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B’nai B’rith and major jewish newspapers like the New York Times, the plan manages to be accepted by the United States Government.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, confirms the Warburg(Rothschild) family financing of the Pan-European Union in his later autobiography in which he states,

“At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us. To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks, to tide the movement over for its first three years.”


Below article taken from the following link.

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan - The genocide of the Peoples of Europe

This article is a translation of an Italian article, originally posted on Identità.

Mass immigration is a phenomenon, the causes of which are still cleverly concealed by the system, and the multicultural propaganda is trying to falsely portray it as inevitable. With this article we intend to prove once and for all, that this is not a spontaneous phenomenon. What they want to present as an inevitable outcome of modern life, is actually a plan conceived around a table and prepared for decades, to completely destroy the face of the continent.

The Pan-Europe 

  Few people know that one of the main initiators of the process of European integration, was also the man who designed the genocide plan of the Peoples of Europe. It is a dark person, whose existence is unknown to the masses, but the elite considers him as the founder of the European Union. His name is Richard Coudenhove Kalergi. His father was an Austrian diplomat named Heinrich von Coudenhove-Kalergi (with connections to the Byzantine family of the Kallergis) and his mother the Japanese Mitsu Aoyama. Kalergi, thanks to his close contacts with all European aristocrats and politicians, due to the relationships of his nobleman-diplomat father, and by moving behind the scenes, away from the glare of publicity, he managed to attract the most important heads of state to his plan , making them supporters and collaborators for the "project of European integration".

 In 1922 he founded the "Pan-European" movement in Vienna, which aimed to create a New World Order, based on a federation of nations led by the United States. European integration would be the first step in creating a world government. Among the first supporters, including Czech politicians Tomáš Masaryk and Edvard Beneš and the banker Max Warburg, who invested the first 60,000 marks. The Austrian Chancellor Ignaz Seipel and the next president of Austria, Karl Renner, took the responsibility for leading the "Pan-European" movement. Later, French politicians, such as Léon Bloum, Aristide Briand,  Alcide De Gasperi, etc will offer their help.

 With the rise of Fascism in Europe, the project was abandoned and the "Pan-European" movement was forced to dissolve, but after the Second World War, Kalergi, thanks to frantic and tireless activity and the support of Winston Churchill, the Jewish Masonic Lodge B'nai B'rith and major newspapers like the New York Times, the plan manages to be accepted by the United States Government. The CIA later undertakes the completion of the project.

The essence of the Kalergi plan

 In his book «Praktischer Idealismus», Kalergi indicates that the residents of the future "United States of Europe" will not be the People of the Old Continent, but a kind of sub-humans, products of miscegenation. He clearly states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and colored races, thus creating a multinational flock with no quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite.

 Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Who is is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:  

 The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It's not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution]
 Although no textbook mentions Kalergi, his ideas are the guiding principles of the European Union. The belief that the peoples of Europe should be mixed with Africans and Asians, to destroy our identity and create a single mestizo race, is the basis of all community policies that aim to protect minorities. Not for humanitarian reasons, but because of the directives issued by the ruthless Regime that machinates the greatest genocide in history. The Coudenhove-Kalergi European Prize is awarded every two years to Europeans who have excelled in promoting this criminal plan. Among those awarded with such a prize are Angela Merkel and Herman Van Rompuy.
 The incitement to genocide, is also the basis of the constant appeals of the United Nations, that demands we accept millions of immigrants to help with the low birth rates of the EU. According to a report published on January 2000 in «Population division» Review of the United Nations in New York, under the title "Immigration replacement: A solution to declining and aging population," Europe will need by 2025 159,000,000 migrants.

 One could wonder how there can be such accuracy on the estimates of immigration, although it was not a premeditated plan. It is certain that the low birth rate could easily be reversed with appropriate measures to support families. It is just as clear that it is the contribution of foreign genes do not protect our genetic heritage, but that it enables their disappearance. The sole purpose of these measures is to completely distort our people, to turn them into a group of people without national, historical and cultural cohesion. In short, the policies of the Kalergi plan was and still is, the basis of official government policies aimed at genocide of the Peoples of Europe, through mass immigration. G. Brock Chisholm, former director of the World Health Organization (OMS), proves that he has learned the lesson of Kalergi well when he says: "What people in all places have to do is to limit of birthrates and promote mixed marriages (between different races), this aims to create a single race in a world which will be directed by a central authority. "


 If we look around us, the Kalergi plan seems to be fully realized. We face Europe's fusion with the Third World. The plague of interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race: "The children of Kalergi». Under the dual pressures of misinformation and humanitarian stupefaction, promoted by the MSM, the Europeans are being taught to renounce their origin, to renounce their national identity.

 The servants of globalization are trying to convince us that to deny our identity, is a progressive and humanitarian act, that "racism" is wrong, because they want us all to be blind  consumers. It is necessary, now more than ever, to counter the lies of the System, to awaken the revolutionary spirit of the Europeans. Every one must see this truth, that European Integration amounts to genocide. We have no other option, the alternative is national suicide.

Screenshot 1k3

The Kalergi in his own words:

"(European) man of the future will be mixed races. Today's races and classes will disappear due to the disappearance of space (nations) and time."

It is said that the supporter of the plan of Kallergi is the Soros. mainstream media  and traitor gentile policial parties.    By the way, in the European Union there is a special Charlemagne Prize and the first one awarded is "Kallergi".

In his works, Kudenhove-Kalergi showed that if there are no nations, then there will be no borders - therefore a single community will be created.

Brock Chisholm, first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), told the USA Magazine on August 12, 1955: "The priority of European countries should be the control of fertility and the promotion of the ideal of interracial unions in order to create a single race in a single world [one unipolar] subordinate to centralized power" .

In "Practical Idealism" the main inspirer of modern united Europe has directly written that in the future Europe will be ruled by a spiritual elite, the core of which will be the German aristocracy and the Jews. At the same time, the leading role will remain for the Jews, whom he calls "the leading spiritual race of Europe," "the nobility of the brain," and "the spiritual aristocracy."

As for the rest of the population of Europe, in the future it will, according to Kalerga, become a homogeneous Eurasian-Negroid race, the nations will disappear, mix with each other and - very importantly - with a LARGE number of MIGRANTS.

 Screenshot 1mergel

For Services Rendered — German Chancellor Angela Merkel accepts the Coudenhove-Kalergi Society's "Europa Prize," which is awarded every two years to leading figures who have done the most for European "integration" and the Jewish world project. With the chancellor are Austrian politician Josef Hochtl (centre), representing the president of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Europa Society, and Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein (right).

Britannia: The Murky Past of Angela Merkel

Merkel's Right-Wing opposition Says She Belongs In Court

Watch: Merkel’s Right-Wing Opposition Says She Belongs in Cour


Screenshot 5mix allScreenshot 5 all well come

Genocide Whites & all Races


The definition of TREASON.

 Globalist, Non white invasion will never stop is high TREASON.

Joe Biden on Europeans becoming a minority - "That's a source of our strength."

Source: Former "Vice President Joe Biden Remarks on Extremism and Terrorism" on February 17, 2015 TRANSCRIPT: ...and the wave still continues. It's not going to stop. Nor should we want it to stop. As a matter of fact, one of the things I think we can be most proud of. An unrelenting stream of immigration. Nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me who are Caucasian, of European descent, for the first time in 2017 we'll be an absolute minority in the United States of America. Absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then on will be white European stock. That's not a bad thing. That's a source of our strength."


Atlantic Magazine Admits Jewish Role in Slave Trade




Atlantic Magazine’s Jeffrey Goldberg
Admits Farrakhan is Right on Jewish Role in Black Slavery

The Atlantic Magazine’s Jewish editor Jeffrey Goldberg has posted an article that details the Jewish role in Black slavery. He confirms that Minister Louis Farrakhan is correct in the assertion that Jews “frequently dominated” the slave trade. The article by John-Paul Pagano was posted on The Atlantic website and contains the following reference material:

“…. During slavery, Jews were slave masters, slave traders, merchants, peddlers, and state[s]men. In general, Jews were everything in the Old South except abolitionists…

Goldberg once Interviewed Min. for FOUR hours, leaving their meeting “fighting himself over how impressed he was.” Apparently, he was so impressed that he finally had to acknowledge that Minister Farrakhan was RIGHT about the Jewish role in Black oppression. See below:

The Atlantic article says this about
Jews and Black Slavery:

“Black and Jewish race relations within America were a microcosm of the greater Black-White race problem beginning in the Colonial Period. The initial Jewish contact with Blacks was an extension of the Dutch Slave Trade in which the Dutch tried desperately to eliminate “Jews and Jobbers” from the Slave Trade. Jewish history in America shows that Jews played an active role in the institution of slavery. Almost from the beginning there were Jewish slaveholders in New Amsterdam [New York]. Rhode Island history shows that Aaron Lopez and Jacob Rivera, refugees from the Spanish Inquisition, were well-known slave traders of colonial Newport. For the most part Jews in the North adopted the prevailing patterns of the people in the North. When slavery died out in the North so did Jewish participation in the institution.

“As a group, Jews did not adopt a position toward slavery in the manner which Quakers made their position clear. When the abolition movement surfaced the Jewish community remained aloof and took no concerted stand on the issue.

“The majority of Black and Jewish contacts in Colonial America was in the southern Colonies, especially South Carolina and Georgia….Jews, as a result, were quite prominent in this colony [South Carolina] as well as Georgia. This fact did not cause Jews to treat Blacks any better than other colonial Whites. As historians Bertram Korn and Jacob R. Marcus indicated, the Jewish treatment toward Blacks did not differ from their fellow white Gentiles.

“The presence of the southern Jews complemented the system of slavery; their mercantilistic interest made slavery a more effective labor system. While most Jews were not to be found on plantations, their activities made the plantation a self-sufficient unit. What was not produced on the plantation was delivered by Jewish merchants. The southern Jew had as much, if not more, to gain by maintaining the system of slavery as any other white segment within the South. During the Civil War Jews defended the system which insured them acceptance and success in the South. Neither the Civil War nor Reconstruction changed the southern Jews’ perception of Blacks as an animal to be used and exploited.

“The belief that Jews were superior to Blacks was not alien to Jewish circles. An article in a Jewish newspaper in 1863 illustrated that some Jews had a strong leaning in the direction of white supremacy:

‘We know not how to speak in the same breath of the Negro and the Israelite. The very names have startling opposite sounds—one representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years; the other, the days when Jehovah conferred on our fathers the glorious equality which led the Eternal to converse with them and allow them to enjoy the communion of angels. Thus the abandoned fanatics insult the choice of God himself in endeavoring to reverse the inferiority which He stamped on the African to make him compeer even in bondage of His chosen people. There is no parallel between such races…The judicious in all the earth agree that to proclaim the African equal to the surrounding races would be a farce which would lead the civilized conservatives of the world to denounce this outrage.’

“The above blunt opinion reflected Jewish sentiment about Blacks after slavery ended.

“In the New South Jews were deeply ingrained in the southern system. Historian John S. Ezell stated:

‘Probably in no other region of the United States have Jews been so integrated with the general population or subject to less discrimination. Most came into the South after a period of assimilation in the North. They were welcomed because of their business connection which fitted in well with the philosophy of the New South as they quickly occupied an impartial position in the retail dry-good business.’

“Often in the New South, success of Jewish merchants depended upon winning Black trade. Jewish merchants appeared more courteous…than fellow white merchants. Blacks were often the victims of sales pressure when Jews refused to accept no-sale for an answer. …. ‘Jewing Down’…. The Jewish merchant received his desired price and the naïve Black went away with the over-priced goods.”

[end of excerpt from The Atlantic]

—From “Historical Impressions of Black-Jewish Relations prior to World War II,” in Strangers & Neighbors: Relations between Blacks & Jews in the United States, edited by Maurianne Adams and John Bracey (Amherst: Univ. of Mass. Press, 1999), pp. 34-36.

The statement above on the Jewish involvement in Black slavery and Black oppression was presented by Jeffrey Goldberg, editor of the Atlantic Magazine. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has presented precisely the SAME history and yet he is called “anti-Semitic.”


 In 2006, a remarkable article—and admission—appeared in the Israeli news source Ynet News. Titled “Stalin’s Jews” and written by Jewish columnist Sever Plocker, this piece confirmed the terrible crimes which Jewish Communists had committed under Stalin.

Screenshot 1plocker

 Screenshot 1picture of ploker

Jewish writer in Israel Sever Plocker

Israel Media Reveals The Secret Behind Communism

This historical video shows a mainstream Israeli news-site, YNET NEWS and a courageous Jewish writer who discusses who led the worst genocide and mass murder of all time. It shows the ethnic hatreds behind much of the communist genocide and the same mindset that accompanies the genocide against the Palestinians", Blacks, Asians, Whites, Muslims and many White Jews.

"From "Monster: A Portrait of Stalin in Blood" (5 part mini-series) 1992 Executive producer: Alexander Ivankin International producer: Maya Toidze"

Stalin's Enslavement of Rural Russia (full documentary)

"Walter Durante got a Pulitzer prize for printing in the New York Times that the starvation and kulak murders were exaggerated myths. Everything is great in Stalin's New world!"

"The Russian did the very same thing to my family in Bulgaria in the late 1940's. They were Kulaks who owned a 1000 acre farm in Varna. The communist took it and told my family they were now part of the collective. They ran the farm for the government. When communism failed in the early 1990's they gave the estate back to my family. My cousin now owns and runs it."

For those who have studied the character of the Russian government, knows that the Russian government is governed by mobs and gangs, where power is concentrated in a few hands. And wherever such a concentration of power exists, there you shall find great crimes and great criminals – that is to say, psychopaths. This is the character of the Russian government. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed, a power remained concentrated in a few hands. The government was not really accountable to anyone. Despite this underlying reality, everything was arranged so that it all appeared to be moving in the direction of democratic capitalism and proper checks and balances, but nothing of the kind ever happened. The objective of making the changes in the first place was to fool the West. The problem of today’s Russia goes back to 1917 when the country was taken over by gangsters who called themselves “communists.” We must not be naive about the idealistic terms the Russian communists used to describe their “mission.” They murdered, they stole, and they oppressed the Russian people, Baltic people and the Ukrainian people, and the people of Central Asia and the Caucasus, etc. The communists made themselves into a new ruling class under Stalin and his successors. As such, the system was an enormous criminal enterprise in which tens of millions of innocent people were killed.

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