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Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine Makers CEO is Jewish

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 Johnson & johnson Covid 19 drugmakers  CEO Alex Gorsky is Jewish.


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Trump Booed For Bringing J&J Vaccine Manufacturers On-stage At Rally

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Look folks. Either Trump is a total sellout or really stupid for bragging he's friends with the demonic JJ heir. Somebody that stupid with such bcc bad judgement is not fit to shine my shoes
Wake up folks. Trump is a total narcissist like the demonic globalists. He never finished the wall and never cleaned the swamp. His AG was Barr who is a cia puppet. Trump won't even spend a nickel to get Biggs and other Jan. 6th patriots lawyers. Trump is lying scum like Biden

  A history of Johnson & JohnsonScreenshot 17alex g


⁣Johnson & Johnson's CEO, Alex Gorsky, is a jew.

https://worldtruthvideos.websi& Johnson's CEOAlex Gorsky, is a jew. Teva is an Israel pharmaceutical company. Regeneron Pharma CEO, Leonard S.Schleifer, is a ...


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Johnny Racist


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