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Clive Palmer on the AEC and issues with the voting system  Clive Palmer talks about the issued faced in the Australian 2013 election with voting and the electoral process and highlights some key improvements to help keep integrity within the voting system.      
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 West Papua Conflict, Replacing Black People. We must be careful we do not develop tunnel vision when it comes to white genocide when in fact it's happening in other countries. The following article is a good example: The black Papua's have lost their country because of heavy…
    AUSTRALIA FREEDOM RALLY      Russian Ethnotourism Booms - In-Country Holidays, Discovering Roots
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  UK government confirms triple-vaccinated account for 76% of COVID deaths   The U.K. Health Security Agency quietly published data showing that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths have increased among the vaccinated population but declined in the unvaccinated in England. In all, the reports stated that the vaccinated population…
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