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United Nations Lobby

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United Nations Lobby needed to represent We The People.



United Nations Lobby

During the last 70 years, we have not seen many advances for the various racial groups, and this is especially true with White Europeans. During this period, different right-wing groups promoted the idea of abolishing the United Nations. As a result of this attitude, they have lost representation in the United Nations and are not recognized as a White European Race, furthermore losing their rights and countries. 

 Save Europe - Stop Kalergi Plan @notokalergiplan Ho

It's time to change this thinking as the United Nations is not going to disappear tomorrow. We need to set up organizations and connections in the United Nations for all racial groups, including for the White European Race.

Whites can accomplish more if they're working for their rights and everybody else's rights on the planet. You'll get from point A to point B much quicker; you'll make a lot more money and gain a lot more support.

Ethnic interest group

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An ethnic interest group or ethnic lobby, according to Thomas Ambrosio,[1] is an advocacy group (often a foreign policy interest group) established along cultural, ethnic, religious or racial lines by an ethnic group for the purposes of directly or indirectly influencing the foreign policy of their resident country in support of the homeland and/or ethnic kin abroad with which they identify.

According to Thomas Ambrosio, most ethnic identity groups have connections inside their host country.[1] These connections can be derived from membership in a diaspora, with ethnic kin in their historical homeland (e.g. Anglo-Saxon Americans and Britain, Italian-Americans and Italy, Armenian-Americans and Armenia, Arab-Americans and the Middle East) or scattered among many countries (e.g. Jewish-Americans, Palestinian-Americans), or based on perceived similarities with others even though they may share little or no common ancestry (e.g. White Southerners and Afrikaners in South Africa, African-Americans and black South Africans, Muslims worldwide.) Because of the concern of the ethnic groups for "kin" in foreign states, many ethnic interest groups focus on influencing the foreign policy of their host countries to benefit there foreign "kin" and thus act as foreign policy interest groups.

 If you look at today's lobbies, there is a minority of racial groups who are representing themselves. E.g., Indians campaign for Indians, Australian Aborigines campaign for Aborigines, Palestine and the list goes on. This is a flaw as power is greater when unite them into one organization than walking as individual groups.

We don't have lobbies for the majority of different racial and cultural groups worldwide. e.g., White south Africa, China, Japan, Welsh, Irish, British, German, Polish, Russian, North Africa, and the Middle East, including Syria, Palestine, just to name a few. 

About - TIBET LOBBY DAY 2020

This year Tibetan-Americans and friends of Tibet will come to Washington, DC for the 12th annual Tibet Lobby Day on March 23 and 24. The success of Tibet Lobby Day depends on the participation and efforts of Tibet supporters like you.

We need to set up organizations representing the majority of racial and cultural groups from around the world, which all come together as a umbrella group which is called a congress. 

Goals listed below but not limited to

  1. To have self-determination for all races worldwide 
  1. Each group has control of running their media and what is promoted.
  2. Each group has control over what corporations can operate in their country. 
  3. The people of the country should have the power to stop leaders from taking them to war. 
  4. To abolish all political party gangs
  5. To develop a political system where all people have a say in what happens in their country and if the leaders are to disobey, the people will have the power to remove them from power.

Eventually, if this is all done, we can abolish the present structure of the United Nations and have representatives elected by the people to represent them in the United Nations.

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