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World Zionist Congress

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 The Zionist World Congress are meeting in Jerusalem Israel this October 2020.

What Is The World Zionist Congress?

Less than 5% of the population, but with 10s of thousands of Jew NGOs. How many European people (centered) NGOs are there. I suspect, none.

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The people who hate Israel:

1. Liberals.
2. Marxist professors.
3. Democrats.
4. Atheist liberal Jews.
6. Muslims.
7. Nazis.

So why was Israel justified in attempting to sink the USS Liberty?

 Exposing Zionist Crimes



Zionist Federations

World Zionist OrganizationThe World Zionist Organization maintains a global presence in numerous countries around the world. The WZO’s headquarters are located in Jerusalem, Israel, and its employees work in conjunction with local Zionist Federations, shlichim (emissaries) and activists in cities with significant Jewish populations. The Communications Center coordinates a global network of Zionist activists which aim to counter Antisemitism anywhere. Here you can follow up on Zionist activities and Antisemitic events by country. We invite you to join our global network and report Antisemitism in your country.



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