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Dr William Bay - Whats his story?

On 7th August, Dr. William Bay stood up at an AMA (Australian Medical Association) conference and started TELLING THE TRUTH in front of dozens of doctors. A heroic thing to do! If only 30% of doctors were like him, we wouldn’t be in this position right now.

He had a hearing with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) yesterday, 16th August, which he was not permitted to attend in person.

So, instead, he held a protest outside the AHPRA office in Brisbane and attended the hearing via zoom with hundreds of freedom-lovers…it was quite the scene ?

If you live in Sydney and want to meet him and hear him talk at the Freedom Summit on 25th August, he’ll be there – SEE MORE DETAILS

AMA conference video (36-minute mark) –

Livestream hearing protest –

Support William

Website –

FB –

The saddest part is all the other doctors who cower in their fancy clinics and do not come out and support their colleague who is sacked for speaking his truth . Some may agree with him, some may not , the point is his right to speak freely. There should be a mass walkout by doctors but they are either too brainwashed or too gutless to bother . Ahpra could decide tomorrow that the earth is flat and most doctors would just say ' sure, its scientifically proven '. RIP our culture that once cherished bravery and freedom . This doc is a hero in my book .




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