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New Websites "Social Media For Free People"

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Alt Tech CEO Predicts New Websites Will Flourish As Big Tech Falters

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  Snow falling in pine forest from window ❄


Listen only to the sound of my voice. Let your mind relax. Let your thoughts drift. Let the bad memories fade. Let peace be upon you. Surrender yourself to your dreams. Let them wash over you like the gentle waves of the bluest ocean. Let them envelop you. Comfort you. Imagine somewhere calm. Imagine somewhere safe. Imagine yourself... in a frozen forest. You're standing in a clearing. The trees around you so tall they touch the sky. Pure white snowflakes fall all around. You can feel them melt on your skin. You are not cold. It cannot overcome the warmth of your beating heart. Can you hear it? You only have to listen... Do you hear it slowing? You are slowing it. You are in control. Calm. At peace.
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