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The Forum of Young Global Leaders Update 2.

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Alex Jones breaks down the evidence showing Dan Crenshaw to be a globalist political puppet.

Dan Crenshaw Exposed as Globalist Puppet

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The Banking Cartel's School For Judas Goats


These deep state/dark cult globalist members need to be exposed? The Forum of Young Global Leader's website lists those who have attended, where they work and their photos.
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Great report Reese! I didn't know those such as Newsom, Buttigieg, New Zealand PM were members of the Young Leaders Forum- Very interesting and insightful. Thank you.


Schools of socialism is nothing new because that method of changing societies takes time if it's going to work long term. If they didn't have such training, I'd be shocked. At least it's a matter of record that can be used in the vetting process, i.e. where did they go to school, who have they worked for, etc.
The tragic part is that those young people don't realize yet how they are and will be used by their teachers. Klaus saying there will be angry people sounds like foreshadowing to serve as plausible deniability for future socialist antics. That's not the banking cartel, it's stone cold socialism indoctrination.
The banking cartel, as always, finances both sides, so they also fund the indoctrination of capitalists on the right. The bankers need volatility for the system to work. They could care less where the highs and lows come from, so long as its there. And they need people to participate in the system or they don't make money. The more people are financially obligated to the banking system, the more the bankers make. If you remove one side from the system, it will collapse, because if there is no conflicting ideologies, there is no volatility, and no profit.


This is Europa: The European Civilization

Tribute To European Art and Architecture

Europa Nostra - Tribute to Europe

WE, The European People!

This is Europa - We are Europe

European Awakening!



CNN Succumbs To Meme Warfare - Vol. IV

CNN Gets Pummeled: Great CNN Meme War Entries Vol 3

Devastating: Trump Responds To The Great CNN Meme War!


Les Brigandes - Antifa (nouvelle version après censure)

Les Brigandes - Antichrist

Les Brigandes - Le grand remplacement

Les Brigandes en concert - Antifa

Jean-Marie Le Pen & Les Brigandes pour ses 90 ans (30 juin 2018 à Montretout)

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  Les Brigandes - Le retour des Héros


  Facebook Preparing to Ban Conservatives Before Midterm Elections



Ann Coulter At The Breitbart com vs The Big Tech Masters Of The Universe Town Hall... Full 

Google Tech Can Pick Voices Out of a Crowd   

                           Zuckerberg Suppresses Dissenters In Vietnam, China & USA


TWITTER SUSPENDED ME ? And You Won’t Believe Why!

'Unsafe' Diamond & Silk: Facebook still 'restricts' page of viral pro-Trump social media duo

Salon Catches Alex Jones In A Whopper Of A Lie

Facebook Testing Downvote Feature For Comments Section

Tucker REACTS to Mark Zuckerberg's Testimony (Day 1)

Zuckerberg and Deep State Control

Watch Diamond & Silk Testify Before Congress And All Hell Breaks Loose(VIDEO)!!!

 The following is good of example of YouTube controlling free speech

YouTube no longer allows ads on these videos

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Student DESTROYS Feminist Teacher With FACTS #2


Ann Coulter At The Breitbart com vs The Big Tech Masters Of The Universe Town Hall... Full


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