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Australian League of Rights

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l "All I am going to say about this multicultural business is, it's the greatest hoax of all time.


"All I am going to say about this multicultural business is, it's the greatest hoax of all time...

the Reverend Cedric Jacobs, one of the genuine aboriginals... has been lecturing on multiculturalism... He said, "It has taken my people about 200 years to come to grips with this new culture... but now without even consulting us you want to bring a dozen different cultures in. How are we going to cope with this?" And of course we won't cope with that. All part of the planned surrender of Australia. And you are not supposed to have a say on this. All parties now tell you that immigration is off the agenda. It's all been decided for you, all part of surrendering this country... We can do absolutely nothing until we go back to these absolutes... that governments belong to us, we don't belong to governments... They don't have a problem with immigration in Switzerland... to become an immigrant in Switzerland, you have to be accepted by the people in the local Canton where you are going to live." (Butler, 1986)

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 The League encourages and equips individuals to independently exercise their own initiative in the service of freedom.

 Australian League of Rights, circa 1963

The League of Rights was formed in South Australia in 1946, with a national organisation launched in 1960.

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