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Hakeem Anwar from Above Phone joins Maria Zeee to expose the ways in which governments and big tech are spying on us through our phones, apps, browsers and more, and how we can take back control of our technology!

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Last I checked Qualcomm is listed some places as contractors for Pepsi. If you are one of the people whom has watched Pepsi amasse private military force. If more buy-outs have happened since this might be hard to find. But it's important to understand how the depopulists were planning on taking Australia. Stealth unlisted numbers to white helmets posing as un white helmets... Above phone might help, but I want to say communications may get difficult to maintain because I'm being honest but I'm not a depopulist shuffling the pawns, just trying to show where I have found out people have been, maybe not now but were fucking around. Qualcomm has place in China which means open to China, and probably Pepsi open backdoor to Chin, at least at some point. People worried about false flags...? I'm concerned but less so because well now you know.
"Time to kill the globalists" who run the media, declares , who then says he he wants those who run to be "arrested and deported or hanged."
siraj hashmi
Just white nationalist and alt-right darling Nick Fuentes saying that he wants CNN reporters to be “arrested and deported or hanged.”
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